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TwiRaj Beauty and Beast full of lust (epi-1)

hi guys i’m new here ..thz is my 1st fanfiction plzzzz do support if liked
and it has full mature content do read on ur risk later don’t bash mee

YURAJ SARNA: a great business men but
a womanizer he changes the girl
like he changes the cloth ..


TWINKLE TANEJA: a innocent and lovely
girl ….who loves everyone mostly her
mom leela …..belongs to a middle class family

other characters intro will be given
according to the storyline


A huge cabin is shown …
a boy is kissing a girl ..biting hrr
everywhere …while she moans

Girl:(moans) aah! …yuvi….aah babe
slowly ..babe …
(yes it is our handsome hunk yuvraj)

Yuvraj:(smirks) u taste soo nice sweety
Girl:(confused) sweety?? ..i’m Reethy
Yuraj:sshhh stop ..1st let me complete
my work

saying thz he holds br*ast and squeezes
it and enters into her

Girl:(moans) aahhh ….yes aahhh wow

just then there was a knock on the

Yuraj:(irriated) whoz tat..
voice: sir ..i’m vinay….actually i came
to inform u tat ur new assitance is choosed
and u can meet her
Yuvraj:hmm k send.
vinay:okay sir
he leaves

Yuvraj:babe now u can leave ..
girl; but yuvi
Yvraj:hey do as i told (angry tone)
she gets scared ..takes hrr clothes ..wears
it and leaves from there

Soon he too wears his clothes …

and sits on his chair in a bossy way
just then his eyes fells on a girl
who was running and coming towards
his cabin …he was mesmerised to see her.
…her br*ast was moving up and down
due to running….he stares it with lusty
eyes …

Girl:may i come in sir
Yuvraj:(comes to sense) yeah come
Girl:(comes in) sir ……Twinkle taneja ur
…new ….p.a

she was saying thz panting heaving …
yuvraj …was just staring her br*ast
which moving up and down as she was.p
panting ..
she feels his gaze on her ….so she immedeatly covers her chest with the duptta …
while he smirks

Yuvraj:(smirks) well miss Taneja ….
ur my new p.a right …(she nodes)
then go get me some HOT (sighs her) coffe

she looks at down cursing her fate
Twinkle:(in mind) agar ma ke ilaj ke liye
mujhe paise nahi chahe hota tho me kabh
bhi iss womanizer ke office nahi join karthi
plzz god give me strength to bear all thz
coz i can do anything to save my maa
Yuvraj:where u lost huh!
Twinkle:(comes to sense) no..nothing sir

how was episode guys plz comment
if get maxmize then only i can continue thz

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