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Twinj Rab miliya episode 55 (ALVIDA)

Hello guys how R U all here I am back with next epi n the final one so guys plzz read it do comment as it is the end of my journey of
:::::;;::::::::::::::::: TWINJ RAB MILIYA::::::::::::::::::::::
I wanna thank each n everyone who commented on my all epi n encourages me to do my best I love u all guys TU is the best thing bcoz I got u ppl in my life love u sooo much guys
My first fan fic from which I got the identity of a writer ?? so my first fan fic is ending now
So DIl se shukriya

Thanks to everyone sayeeda shatakshi aamu
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Sorry if I forgot anyone name ???
So guys keep supporting all n miss imposter don’t bash taking others name u can’t break our friendship ???
Recap : my ff starts with kunj doing top in college n twi getting angry this makes them fight daily but one day they have became friends after so many troubles they get married mistakenly n then realises their love n confess it to each other but as u know their happiness got evil eye they got separated n met after 4 years then kunj get to know about his daughter kriya
Twi gets to know Alisha truth n once again twinj gets married in that attempt then they realise how much they miss eo in that 4 years n apologise to eo with the promise of staying together till death then yuhi marriage after Alisha kidnapped Twi then kunj finds Twi n they all makes Alisha confess her crime after some days they all get happiness of Twi expecting again they become very happy and finally the day comes when twinj baby boy born ….?
The episode starts with everyone discussing about doing naming ceremonies of babies
Kunj n others does all the works n they all r very happy with the babies
At twinj room
Kunj comes there n sees Twi happily playing with baby he smiles looking at her
Kunj : someone has forgot me n makes a puppy face
Twi : ha when I have a cute baby then how can I transfer others says Twi teasingly
Kunj : u r so bad siyappa queen if u have ur loving son I have someone too
Twi : who ?? Kunj
Kunj shows kriya n says I have my lil angel my daughter right kriya
Kriya : yes papa n hugs kunj
Kunj : dekh liya siyappa queen n shows tongue
Twi : huh sadu sarna kriya u don’t love mumma n makes a sad face
Kriya : no mumma I love you too she runs n hugs Twi
While she shows tongue to kunj n says dekh liya sadu sarna I have my both babies
Kunj : huh u cheater siyappa queen n thy all a cute family moment n hug each other
Leela comes there n ask them to get ready for today function
Twinj nods n goes to get ready
Leela : kriya come with me I’ll make u ready now
Kriya nods n left with leela
Twi comes out after getting ready in a golden anarkali n looks like a princess kunj comes there wearing suit n looks so hot n dashing
Kunj : can anyone tell this that I look after of two kids
Twi : huh yeah u look father of two kids sadu
Kunj : shut up u fatso n teases Twi
Twi : u called me fatso ill show u now she runs behind kunj to beat him n they fall on bed n have a cute eye lock sab tera plays in bg
Kunj : u r looking so beautiful my siyappa queen
Twi : I know that my sadu sarna
They have a deep lip lock but suddenly Twinj baby cries n they get up
Twi : oh my baby is crying she takes him
Kunj looks at Twi n smiles n they left from room
At hall
Everyone was so happy twinj comes there with their baby n kriya yuhi also comes there n they all sit to do naming ceremonies
Leela : so mahi daughter is elder so first we will name her
Twi : ok maa what u thought uv n mahi
Uv : my baby name will be RUHI LUTHRA


Everyone claps n smiles
Kunj : our baby name will be UMm Twi u decide
Twi : no kunj u decide
Kunj : oye Twi I decide na
Twi : no I decide
Kriya : ohh plz anyone decide my bro name
Twinj : ok so our baby name will be KRISH SARNA
Everyone claps when a person enters twinj villa it is revealed to be Alisha
She comes n twinj n others looks on
Kunj : why u came here now
Alisha sits down on her knees in infront if twinj n says I am so sorry Twi I always misunderstood u but now realized my mistake u saved me from Arav but I am so sorry plz forgive me I am moving to new York before that I want to ask fogginess from u
Twi makes her get up says I am so happy Alisha u realised ur mistake n hugs her happily
She bids bye to them n went from there
Everyone does their dinner while kriya n ishan plays with RUHI n KRISH
Some years later
Kriya is shown searching someone she spots a boy hidden behind the sofa n catches him
Kriya : see KRISH I havr catched u
Krish : di u r so bad n makes a puppy face
Kriya : haww what I did today is rakhi
Krish : I know di n hugs kriya
A voice comes from behind mujhe bhool gaye
Krish n kriya turns n looks at ruhi n hugs her
Saying how can we forget u
Mahi : where is Twi n kunj jiju kriya
Uv : yeah where r they

Twinj is shown standing in terries in a Titanic pose
Kunj : jaan I am so lucky to have u in my life
Twi : I am too sweet Heart she turns n hugs kunj tightly
Kunj : wow u r looking so hot today I am feeling like eat u
Twi : haww kunj kuch to sharam karo
Kunj : huh why should I ab jiski itni hot biwi ho wo control kaise karega
A voice came from behind sahi kaha
Twinj gets shocked n looks at mehbeer n says u
Meher : I think Abeer we have broken their romance
Abeer : yeah meher I do think so but what to do kids r waiting for them downstairs
Twinj : ohh we forgot today is raksha bandhan
They hurriedly goes downstairs with mehbeer n meets yuhi
Kriya : Mumma should I start now
Twi : yep kriya
Kriya ties rakhi to ishan n krish n then ruhi too ties him
Kriya : my gift ?????
Krish : huh di u r elder to me so why I should I gift u
Kriya : krish I want my gift
Krish teases kriya n finally gives gift to her n ruhi
Yuhi : ok now lets take a family photo
Twinj : ok u all go we r coming …
Mehbeer : ok come soon
Twi : so ……
Kunj : so …..???
A siyappa queen has fallen in love with sadu sarna says kunj smiling yes kunj i am so happy today n I wanna thank Babaji for each other everything for giving me your love my cute babies everything aaya Twi ” we will always stay together like this says kunj n gives peck on Twi lips “haww exclaimed twinkle
Twinj turns n says Agar RAB MILIYA toh hum fir se hoge aap k saat ek nayi shuruwat liye ……
They goes inside n they all take a family photo
N then they all happily lived ever after

So guys ALVIDA end of my ff

My journey with u all was so amazing that I can’t even describe sometimes I got overwhelmed bcoz of cute comments n sometimes depressed due to less comments
But after that u comments made me continue to this far n I love u soo much for this
Bye bye n yeah Sab se imp baat miss me
I will be back with ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ
Thanks for the lovely comments of that intro too
Lots of hugs from me love u soo soo much
Do miss me ok guys
Bhtt bak bak hogayi aaj bye bye
Take care …….
Ha one req plshh comment today guys who ever reads this ff plshh plshh
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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