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Twinj Rab miliya episode 54


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Recap : twinj cute moments mahi baby function n twi expecting news
The episode starts with kunj taking care of twinkle
K : siyappa queen eat this organic vegetables it’s good for ur health
Twi: kunj I don’t wanna eat these I want ice cream
K: no Twi no ice cream
Twi : plshh kunj I want ice cream
K: see the time it’s 11 how will I get ice cream now eat this veges n sleep plz
T: no kunj I want ice cream she makes puppy face
K: I can’t win over you ok if u eat this I’ll get ice cream
T: pakka kunj???

K: pakka n gives peck on Twi forehead
Kunj makes Twi eat all the veges while she makes faces n eats it n kunj just smiles looking at her
T: done now bring my ice cream
K : ok I’ll be bback soon
T: ok n smiles looking at kunj
After sometime kunj comes there with ice cream n they both happily feeds each other n smiles
Next morning
Twi wakes up n doesn’t find kunj n sees here n there n thinks where is this kunj now
Kunj comes there with breakfast n says
K : go get freshen up we have to go for check up also
T: ok she says n went to get freshen up
After sometime Twi comes n eats breakfast with kunj when kriya comes n wishes her all the best
Twi : thank u soo much kriya love u soo much
Kriya : love u mumma she hugs Twi

At hospital:
Twinj comes there n twi gets inside for ultra scan
After careful examination doctor comes there n ask kunj to meet her in cabin
K: what happen doctor is there something serious
Dr : actually Mr sarna due to that accident (alisha wala) ur wife has become so weak u have to take care of her
K : ok doctor I’ll take care of her
Dr : I’ll prescribe these medicines
K : thanks doctor
Kunj comes out of cabin n twi ask him what happen
Twi : kunj what happen is there anything serious
K: no jaan nothing let’s go home
Twi : ok kunj n they left from hospital
Days passes kunj is seen taking card of twinkle giving her medicines on time massaging her legs n does everything like a cute hubby
Finally the day arrived n twi has to go for her operation
Everyone was waiting outside the icu while kunj was hell worried about Twi health
Leela : kunj calm she’ll be alright
K: yeah maa

Suddenly they hear a sound of baby crying n kunj gets happy
Doctor comes out n congratulates him saying it’s a baby boy
Kunj : can I meet twinkle
Dr : yes u can Mr sarna
Kunj comes n sees Twi lying n says
K : twinkle thank u so much for giving this happiness I love u
T : no kunj thanks to you for taking care of me I love u too n they hug
After some days Twi comes back from hospital
N sees house fully decorated with balloons
Mahi n uv comes there with there baby girl meher n Abeer with ishan n kriya n leela n babee
Leela does their aarti n tie them safety threads
Kriya : wow baby he is so cute so small fingers
Twi : u were also like this baby
They all have a cute family moment n they all decides to do naming ceremonies of babies
Screen freezes

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