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Twinj Rab miliya episode 53

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Recap : twinj cute moments with kriya
The episode starts with uv telling kunj about some preparations n they left for work
In midway uv gets a call n gets happy n smiles
Mahi : waht happen yuvraj ??
Uv : mahi mom n dad has reached India
Twi : wow it’s good Anita aunty came
Kunj : who will pick them from airport
Abeer : don’t worry kunj I am going that side only I’ll pick them in morning
Kunj : ok Abeer n they left
Next morning
Everyone wakes up n does their breakfast n running here n there for the preparations
Anita n surjeet comes there n mahi n uv happily hugs them
Anita : thank you so much for this good news mahi
Surjeet : god bless u beta
Anita n leela hug n congratulate each other


At night :
Twinj villa is shown with fully decorated with small bulbs n flower screen shifts to twinj room
Twinkle comes there wearing a pink coloured saree n makes her hair tied like a bun
Kunj comes there n looks at twinkle n passes flying kiss to her Twi smiles
Kunj comws n back hugs Twi n says whenever I see u I feel like eating u twinkle
Twi : u shameless kunj ??
Kunj : u called me shameless what I did now ??
Twi : don’t u know what u have done she kisses him on cheeks
Kunj : no I don’t know n smiles looking at him
Twi : ok then leave it kunj she turns again
Kunj holds her by waist n makes her face him n says u kissed me cheek what about lips
Twi : that’s y I called u shameless ?
Kunj : whatever he comes closer n they have a passionate lip lock kunj opens Twi hairs n makes her more closer
After sometime they broke the lip lock n smiles
Twi again takes her hair to tie
Kunj : let ur hair open u look more beautiful with open hairs
Twi : ohh as ur wish my lovely hubby
Kunj : hayee I don’t wanna go but have to see decorations also
Twi : yeah n smiles looking at kunj
Kunj : I am going I will meet u in sometime he gives peck in Twi lips while she smiles

In the hall

Guest start coming Abeer n kunj welcomes them ??
Anita n leela meets everyone n smiles
Leela : where r these girls guest have come
Kunj : I’ll go n call them ma
Leela: ok kunj
Kunj moves towards mahi room n comes inside
Kunj : my lovely sister is looking so beautiful today
Mahi : thanks bhai
Uv : n waht about her hubby kunj
Twinj : u r looking like a monkey only
Meher Twi n kunj burst into laughter n uv runs to beat them
Kunj : ok stop I came here to call u all let’s go
They all take mahi to the hall n makes mahi sit on the stage
Everyone smiles n start the eituals by giving gifts n ritual goes on
Kriya comes there n gives mahi a cute teddy as a gift
Mahi : thank u soo much kriya n hugs her
Twinj smiles looking at each other n suddenly Twi feels dizzy n stumbles
Kunj : twinkle u r fine na ??
Twi : yes kunj don’t worry
They smiles n went tiwarda stage but Twi feels dizzy again n faints n kunj holds her
Kunj : twinkle ..twinkle waht happen
Uv : I’ll call doctor
Kunj lifts her in bridal style n takes her to room
Kunj : siyappa queen what happen to you
Abeer : kunj don’t worry she’ll be fine
Doctor comes there n ask them to wait outside
After half an hour doctor comes there n says
Kunj : waht happen doctor ??
Dr : nothing serious Mr sarna ur wife is expecting
Kunj gets shocked n surprised too while everyone gets happy
Kunj : waht Twi Twi
Dr : yes Mr sarna that’s true
Uv n Abeer hugs kunj n congratulate kunj
Kriya : what happen to mumma

Meher : nothing kriya one more cute baby is coming
Kriya : wow two two babies she smiles
Kunj n others comws to twinkle n smilws looking at her
Twi : waht happen. Kunj
Kunj : Twi thank u soo much for this happiness
Twi : what is this true she too gets happy n they hug each other
Leela Anita everyone congratulate Twi n goes to hall
Only twinj were left in room
Kunj : thank u soo much Twi I’ll promise u I’ll give this child only happiness
Twi : I am to happy kunj they smile n joins their heads
Kunj : I love u my siyappa queen
Twi : I love u too My sadu sarna
Kriya comes there n says
Kriya : mumma I am so happy
They trio hug n smiles …………..
Days passes kunj is seen taking care of twinkle
Kunj : twinkle U’ll not eat these samosa
Twi : oye sadu I wanna eat it
Kunj : I don’t want my baby to become fatso like u
Twi : oye sadu what my baby he is our baby
Kunj : but I’ll not let u eat samosa
Twi : u sadu I’ll have to pay for snatching my samosa
Kunj : oye fatso first looks at your figure
Twi : huh dint worry I’ll loose wait ….
Kunj : ok eat these but only today
Twi shows him tongue n snatch samosa n smiles
Screen freezes

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:::::;;:::::::::::::::::::: ISHQ FOREVER::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I know u all must be thinking what is this ishq forever hai na guys
Ishq forever twinj promo
Lil Twinkle/jasmin : we will always stay together na Sid
Lil Kunj/sid : yes we will always stay together jas
Leela &Rt : we will never have relations with sarnas
Usha& Manohar : I’ll never let my sid go near them
Then it’s shows that lil Twi n kunj plays in park when there parents comes n separated them
This is promo only
I’ll continue it only if u all wants n yeah do comment
Then I’ll give intro+concept of story
Ok guys I am going now
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