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Twinj Rab miliya episode 49

Hello guys how R U all ??? Theek Hi hoge na agr theek na ho to jaldi theek hojao ok ??
Thanks to all the guys who commented on my previous love u all yaar
Special thanks to fan angita siddhanshi sonali
srija kruti purnima aamu sayeeda shreya
shreya098 shatakshi baby sidmin thanks for always being my support system
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To guys kya lagta hai kya hoga aaj twinj ki kahani khtm ya burai ka anth janne k liye come with me

Recap : twinkle n Alisha cat fight kunj searching for twi n hits Twi with his car
The episode starts with kunj being shocked
seeing Twi lying on floor n wincing in pain
Kunj : twinkle twinkle
Twi : ku…kunj she winces in pain ahh
Kunj : nothing will happen to u Twi I am with u
right don’t worry twinkle
Twi : kunj I don’t think so first promise me something
Kunj : Twi first come with me to hospital then
we will talk
Twi : shh kunj first u have to give me a promise then I’ll come with u
Kunj : now leave ur stubbornness ok say what
Twi : kunj if anything happens to me U’ll take care of kriya n family and will remarry also
Kunj : nothing will happen to u my siyappa
queen nothing
Twi : first promise me kunj
Kunj : ahh ok I’ll promise u bas now lets go
Twi : I love u kunj n she with help of kunj tries to
get up from there
Kunj makes her lie in the car n drives towards hospital
On the other side
Kriya n family members r seen praying for
Kunj : don’t stop talking twinkle say sometime
Twi : kunj u know u r worlds best hubby
She keeps blabbering but suddenly she gets
Kunj : Twi Twi ??
He turns n gets shocked seeing twinkle
On the other side
Leela : Babaji why I am getting this negative vibes plz save my daughter
Meher :maa dint worry Twi will be fine
Leela : plz take me to twinkle
Mahi : control yourself maa u know na di is very strong
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle who gets faint n get shocked he comes to hospital n they take
twinkle to ICU
Kunj informs this to family n tbey also left for hospital
Dr : mr sarna fill this form
He goes to fill the form other family member comes there n ask kunj about Twi
Kunj : she was inside ICU maa n cries
After some time doctor comes out n says
Dr : this is a miracle after having so much injury the patient fights for his life j have never seen any brave patient like her ding worry Mr sarna
ur wife is absolutely fine
Everyone gets glad n thanks God for this
Kunj : how is she now doctor ???
Dr: she is fine we have destroy that poison n
bullet from her body now u need to take care of
her Mr sarna
Kunj : thank you dr
Dr : it’s ok saying this he left from there
Everyone comes n looks at twinkle she gains
Consciousness n meets everyone
I week passes
Kunj is seen taking care of twinkle at uv farm
house n everyone pampering Twi
On the other side
Alisha says now twinkle has gone I think her body is eaten by animals ohh very sad I wanted
to see her dead infront on me now it’s time for
second plan
At farm house
Kunj : we have to punish Alisha for her deeds
Uv : we will not leave her
Mahi : yeah she has to pay for her deeds
At twinj villa
At night everyone comes to twinj villa with Twi
when they here knock on the door
Abeer : I’ll see who is there
He opens door n finds Alisha there n looks at her
Kunj : who is there ??
Abeer : Alisha
Twi gets inside so that Alisha doesn’t see her
Alisha : sorry I came here late night my car
broke down n I saw kunj house so came here
Babee : I have done good beta by coming here she smirks at kunj
Kunj : yep it’s good to see u
Alisha : ohh I am glad meeting u all but where is
Kunj : I told u na last time she went for business meet
Alisha : oh right n thinks nobody knows that
their twinkle is dead idiots ok I’ll leave now
Babee : where u will go this time see it’s raining heavily outside stay here for a night n the leave
Alisha : ok babee she smirks n thinks now I’ll
not leave from. This house
Kunj shows her first room n goes towards mahi room where Twi meher n all others r present
Kunj : sikhar khud yaha aagya (deer has came
for hunt ) they all smirk n discuss their plan
Twi : what I have to do
Kunj : scare her so much that she confess her crime from her mouth only
Twi : but will I able to do this
Kunj : u r my strong siyappa queen n hugs twinkle
Abeer : ahha ahha we r here also
They all years twinj for their love n smiles
At night 12:00
Alisha is seen applying hee lotions n says wow
nice house U’ll stanch this too I will not leave
from this house now she smiles suddenly she hears sound coming from her bathroom she gets up n goes inside
She gets inside the bathroom n sees blood
coming from. Tap she gets shocked n shouts
No one will help u know says twinkle from behind Alisha turns n looks at Twi n says u
Twi : u have killed me I’ll not leave u now
Twi moves forward with knife in her hand while Alisha shouts n closes her eyes Twi goes from there
Kunj n others comes there n ask Alisha what
Alisha : kunj see blood is coming from there
Kunj : see Alisha it’s water I thing u have saw a bad dream they all joke m left from there smirking leaving a tensed Alisha behind
Screen freezes
So guys like the epi ??
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Love u all
Take care
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