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Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan (part 4)

Part 4
The Sarna and Taneja are in TM waiting for guruji to take out an auspious date for the marriage. He is also checking Jai and Priyankas kundlis. He looks at the Kundlis and says everything is fine but there is a problem . He told them that Jai and Priyanka will need perform a Pooja after their engagement to make sure that no problem comes in their marriage life. The engagement was decided for 3days later and the wedding would take place 3 months later after all the children did their exams. It was also the only next marriage date. Priyanka and Jai looked at each other and smiled. Kunj ,Twinkle,mahi,Vikram,aarohi and nimi were really happy to know that there will be a wedding happening soon.

The enagement preparations had started and everyone was busy preparing . Kunj was busy talking to mahi about the engagement. Usha called him and told him that he had to go with jai shopping to pick and engagement ring.
Ring shop
Kunj and jai were selecting rings and then they were greeted by Priyanka and twinkle. Leela had sent priyanka and twinkle to select a ring.
J=if you 2 don’t mind can me and Priyanka be alone for some time.(this made Priyanka blush)
Twinj had agreed as this was a great opportunity for them to spend time together. They were holding hands and went to the car park as they deced to go for a long drive.
In the car
T= I cant wait for their marriage
K= I know after their marriage we can then tell our family about us
T= yeah but you promised that we will only get married after I have established my career and that will take another year

K= I know baby… We have waiting for 4 year s another year will do then we can tell our children our love story .(twinkle blushed)
They were interrupted by jais phone call who told them that he will drop Priyanka home . Twinj took this opportunity and rang their respective mothers and made-up and excuses saying that they will arrive home late .
T= so Mr sarna where are you taking me
K= it’s a surprise the future mrs kunj sarna
T= Kunj you are soo boring I don’t know what I saw in you and fell in love (suddenly it starts to rain and kunj stops the car)
T= what happened?
K= the car stopped working ….punctured tire I think
Kunj calls the mechanic and he said that it will take 1 hour.(it was stil day time)
They see the gola vendor an decided to have gola they looked at each other and smiled

T= you don’t even know how to eat gola properly
K= just shut up first of all I don’t like it and you are forcing me to eat it
T= just shut up sadu and look to me (twinkle was showing him how to eat gola)
Flashback ends
T= do you know how to eat gola ? she asked checkily
K= ofcourse I do now… but I still sont like it
T= kunj your taste is so bad!
K= are you trying to say your bad cause your my taste(choice)
They look at each other and smile.
The mechanic arrives and changes the tire. They go back home and start to do some engagement preps .
Precap = Jai and Priyanka engagement. twinj secret romance. AaroVi(Aarohi and Vikram) suspicious on twinj and they believe that they are dating.

I hope you liked it
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