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Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan (part 2)

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Episode starts
Leela comes into the living room and sees that twinkle and aarohi are sitting on the sofa gossiping but suddenly their argument turns into fighting and they both start to hit each other with the cushions when they heard Leela come.
A= di can you please accept your mistakes cause your wrong not me aarohi said trying to hide her grin and acting angry.
T= no I won’t cause I haven’t done anything wrong!!!
L= stop it both of you now. We have guest coming to our house in the next half an hour and you two are here fighting! Leela shouted at her younger daughters. I don’t want anything to go wrong especially today leela told twinkle and aarohi. Everything should be perfect in front of the Sarnas today. Nothing should go wrong. Do you get that?
A= Mum but the Sarnas have come to our house many times before aarohi said cheeckily.
L= I know but today is different


Twinkle and aarohi looked at each and nodded their head leela headed to the kitchen and told twinkle and aarohi that she wanted the sofas sorted by the time she came back.
Dal mein kuch kala hai twinkle said once leela left.
A while later…
It had been 40 minutes since the Sarnas had arrived. Leela told Priyanka, Twinkle and Aarohi to put dinner on the table.
T= mum dinners ready .
Everyone headed to the table and and twinj were sitting opposite each other.
U= leela ji what was the need to make so many dishes .
L= why are you being formal for just enjoy the food.
There was aloo ki sabzi , panner tikka, butter chicken , naan and rice. Dessert was going to be sereved later.

Kunj took advantage of where twinkle was sitting and started to play footsie with her. She had a slight blush on her face as all their family members were sitting there.
Dinner was finished half and hour later . All the youngers were sitting inside the sitting room talking . The elders decided to go for a walk.
V- aarohi can I borrow your notes I just want to check I wrote the right thing .
A= what if I don’t give them to you?
V= I know you will cause im your best friend and you will not want me to fail he said with a pout on his face.
A= I will go bring it for you.
T= I will go and get as I am going to the kitchen to get water and the study is near the kitchen.
Twinkle went to get the notes and kunj pretend to attend to get a phone call but went to the study .
Twinkle turned around and saw a shadow. She was about to scream but kunj put his hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming.
K= siyappa queen don’t do another siyappa I just came give me a hug . he was just going to hug her but twinkle went away saying that someone might see them. She took the notes and went back to the living room leaving an upset kunj behind.
All the kids were talking then 10miniutes later the older arrives.

Aarohi please go bring the desserts leela told her younger daughter.
Dessert was served . There was gajjar ka halwa with ice cream and fruit cake.
M= we would like to announce something kids ?
J= go ahead papa
M= we have decided to turn our friendship into relationship.
Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other and smiled
U= we have decided to get Jai and Priyanka married she said with a smile on her face.
Twinkle and Kunj were shocked but happy at the same time.
Priyanka and Jai looked at each other and then at their parents.
Twinkle and Aarohi looked at each other and smiled as they now knew why Leela was behaving differently.

T= mum is that why you wanted everything to be perfect today naa?
L= haan puttar leela said with a smile.
M= the final decision will be theirs and I am sure that they wont disappoint us
Nimi, Mahi, Vikram and Aarohi already started to make wedding plans
J= dad I need some time I cant decide straight on the spot
P= same here maa please give us time
It was later decide that Jai and Priyanka would meet each other at the coffee shop the next day after work and decide what to do.
Later that night: twinj texting each other
K= I got so happy for a second I thought they were talking about us
T= I know but I hope whatever happens happens for the best .
K= just imagine if they get married it would be so fun all of us in one house
T= I know and then we could get the two best friends married too
K= Vikram and Aarohi lol they argue so much but are always their for each other
T= I know they do look cute together in my opinion
K= what about us ?
T= cuter , hot s*xy I can go on baby

K= I love you jaan mwah
T= I love you too …. I just hope that we get a positive reply tomorrow
They continue texting each other .
The next day was going to be a restless day for both the Taneja and Sarnas

Precap= Priyanka and Jai meeting each other and telling everyone their decision

I forgot to tell you that Aarohi and Vikram are best friends and share everything with each other . they go to the same university and are going the same course
What name would you like for them AarVik or HiRam
I hope you liked it please comment negative and positive I tried to make it longer . Sorry for any mistakes.
Take care love you simiyy

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