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Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan (Intro)

Hi , its me Simiyy. I have been a silent reader for a long time and read mostly ff for a long time and I have recently began to comment on some too.

Taneja family
Leela – Mother of Priyanka , Twinkle and Aarohi. Loves all 3 of her daughters a lot. She became a widow at a young age and has raised all 3 of her daughters alone. She is also a business women and the owner of PTA (Priyanka , Twinkle & Aarohi) Taneja industries and her business runs successfully.
Priyanka – older daughter of Leela. Obedient, shy and caring . she is an interior designer. 24 years old.
Twinkle – 2nd daughter of Leela. Punjabi phattaka recently won Miss Amritsar beauty pageant. She is a bubbly caring and understanding person. She is in her 4th year at uni and wants to become and fashion designer. 23 years old.


Aarohi- youngest daughter of Leela . loves dancing and wants to own a dance academy one day. She is currently doing her MBA in 2nd year. 19years old
Sarna family
Manohar- a rich business man who can do anything to have a profit in business.
Usha – wife of Manohar and mother of Jai,kunj,mahi,vikram and Nimi . loves all her children a lot and can do anything for them. She is a good friend of Leela.
Jai – oldest son on mansh(Manohar and usha ) . he is a lawyer and well mannered person , 26years old

Kunj – 2nd son of Mansh . He owns his own business which he started recently . loves his siblings a lot.
Mahi- oldest daughter of mansh . always saves her brothers from getting into trouble. She is becoming a doctor and is in her 3rd year at uni. 22 years old
Vikram- youngest son of mansh . flirts with girls but never takes their advantage of them. He is currently doing MBA in university. 20 years old
Nimi – youngest daughter of mansh loves to study and is called chashmish by hwe siblings.
Sarna and Taneja have been neighbours for 7 years and get along well . They are deciding to get Priyanka and Jai married .

Kunj and Twinkle have been dating each other for 4 years and love each other a lot . they are unaware that their parents want their siblings to get married .
I hope you liked it.
Please tell me if I should continue or not

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