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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (35)

hello friends as promised.. i m back with my episode.. so lets start..
Both Twinkle N Kunj went to hospital for mahis reports as doctor called twinkle ..(ha ha jha twinkle vha kunj..) both reached gospital n doctor n twinkle were talking n kunj was just getting bored n cursing twinkle for getting him here.. n making funny faces..
twinkle noticed him making funny faces n asked kunj what happened by raising her eyebrows.. kunj noticed her n turned his face opposite showing as if he is angry with her..
twinkle didnt get anything.. she just shrugged her shoulders thinking .. ‘what have i done?’ n she again concentrated on doctors advice.. after aout half n hour.. twinkle work completed n she greeted doctor n came to kunj.. kunj was in his thoughts when twinkle patted his shoulders..
tw- sid.. (no response) sidd..(again no response)
then she slightly patted hhis shouldersto make him come out of his thoughts..
kunj came in senses..
k- oh syappa queen aa gayi..(in mind)
tw- kya hua??
k- nothing.. aab chalein maharani ji..
tw- weired..
both didnt say anything n left in his car..

twinkle couldnot bear the silence n she started speaking..
tw- heloo mr sadu.. hua kya h aaj tumhe.. itna weired behavie kyu kar re ho..??
k- what!! me n weired.. aur tum puch re ho ki.. itna weired behaive kyu kar re ho?? (memicking her)
twinkle started laughing hearing him mimicking her..
kunj become frustrated n stopped the car in mid..
tw- (suddenly stopped laughing) giving what!! expressions..
k- ho gaya tumhara laughing session..
twinkle became quite n nodded like a child keeping her finger on her lips..
kunj was mesmerised looking her innocence.. but he again brushed his thoughts n again started his car.. (pagal .. kab samjhega apni feelings.. ha ha.. dont worry vo din bhi jaldi hi aayega)
they were going smoothly but twinkle got bored n started the radio..
romantic songs were playing on radio n twinkle was busy in listening songs..
[ khamoshiyan.. jag ghoomiya.. tere sang yaara.. n many more.] twinkle was singing or can say humming the songs n kunj was just admiring her when suddenly twinkle shouted “stop”
kunj came into senses n worriedly asked ..”whathappened’
tw- (pointing towards pani puri stall) making puppy faces..
k- again admiring her innocence but thought to tease her..
k- so what! vha kya??
tw- (slowly) pani puri khana h..
k- (smiled but controlled) have u gone mad! itni raat me koi pani puri khata h..
tw- (excitedly) m khati hu na.. chalo tum bhi chalo.. aaj hum dono kahyange..(dragging him out from car) belive me mr sadu.. apna ye sadu wala avtaar chodo aur mer saath pani puri khaane chalo.
aur vaise bhi.. (putting hands on her stomach) mujhe bhot bhuk bhi lagi h..(dramatically)
k- (agreed)
both went towards pani puri stall on other side of the road..


tw- (running) reached ther first..
k- are twinkle dhyaan se..
he too reached there after her..
(angrily) koi aaise bhag kar road cross karta h.. kitne vehicles h tumher dikhai nhi deta h kya??
agar kuch hpo jaata to.. (twinke was ignoring him n looking towards pani puri with shinong eyes)
tw- kuch hua to nhi na.. aur vaise bhi pani puri ke liye to m mar bhi sakti hu..
k- what!! kya kha.. (angrily) samajhti kya ho tum khud ko.. mar sakti ho..(anhgrily holding her shoulders tightly) tumhari himmat kaise hui ye kehne ki kabhi socha h mera..(suddenly he came into senses)
n he left her shoulders seeing her watery eyes.. his grip was so tight that it left his fingers inpression on her arms..
k- vo vo.. i mean.. (stammering) how can to say casually about your death..(again some anger)
tw- (felt care in her words towards n smiled between her teary eyes )
to lighten the mood she again dragged him to pani puri stall n said..
tw- are aacha baba.. i wont sya about death again.. laking aab agar tumne mujhe pani puri nhi kahne di na to pata nhi m tumher saath kya karungi..
k- smiled at her childshish ness..
k- ok .. but promise me u wont say naything about deatyh anymore.. i dont know what happened to me .. i m sorry for hurting u..(pointing towards her hands marks on twinkle s arms)
tw- ohh.. its fine sid.. n pakka promise m aage se aaisa kuch nhi kahungi.. (naughtily) auur vaise bhi m itni jaldi nhi marne vali.. abhi to bhot kaam h mujhe iss duniyan me.. tumhe bhi to sudharna h.. mr sadu se mr cute banana h..
k- oh shut up twinkle.. m sadu hi theek hu.. aur vaise bhi cute girls hoti h .. boys to handsome n smart hotye h..(raising his eyebrow) aur vo to m hu hi.. to apna jyada dimag mat chalao.. aur pani puri par concentrate karo..
tw- ohh ha.. dekha tumhare chakkar me m apne pyar ko bhul gayi..
kunj heatr feel pain listening ‘apna pyar’ from her mouth..
k- (shocked) pyarr!!
tw- (pointin g to pani puri) mera pyar.. (
tw- (excitedly) bhaiya 2 plates pani puri vo bhi jyada teekha..
k- 2 kyu kitna khhati h yr tu..
tw- ohh mr .. jyada dimag mat chalao apna.. ek tumhare liye h..
k- what! mere liye.. i dont like pani puri..
twinkle making faces listening he dont like pani puri..
hey gys done with one more part.. i hope i will come soon with next part but i m not sure..

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