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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (33)

hello friends.. i m back with the next episode.. hope u will enjoy.. n yes ofcourse i will try my best to upload regularely but i cant promise.. ? sorry :)… ok ok now come to episode..

days were passing.. twinkle was taking care of mahi n whole family..
twinkle n kunj closeness grrowing day by day without their realisation.. ofcourse along with their nok-jonk..
twinkle n mahis bond is growing stronger.. mahi n uv many time insisted her to stay at their house only but stutborn twinkle never listens to them n always makes execuses not to stay ther..(pata nhi kya chal ra h iss ladki ke man me)
now its become kunjs daily routine to pick up twinkle from her home n to drop her back.. (she lives with chinki in her home.. chinki too got a job somewhere n she to comes back home late night same as twinkle.)


kunj n mahi always make sure that when chinki is not at home she would stay in their house only..(care, u know..)
mahi is now 7 months pregnent n her cute sa baby bump is visible n twinkle takes care of her so much..
day of mahis reports..-
uv n mahi are waiting in doctors cabin for her reports.. as soon as reports cam doctor descried about her condition to both of them..
doc- congratulations mr sarna.. ur wifes reports are much better than 3 months before.. now complications are much less but still u need to be careful as she is still weak..
mahi n uv- (happy)

uv- thank u so much doctor.. now i m releived as u have suggested one of ur intern twinkle…
doc- oh yes i forgot about her.. hows she? you know she is so dedicated towards her work..
uv- no doubt sir.. she is taking proper care of mahi..
mahi- aaakhir sis kiski h!! (proudly)
uv- (saw is confused expressions) yes doc.. she is fine.. u herd it right.. now she is just like our family member… mahi n twinkle share a good sisterly bond..
doc- its soo good mr sarna.. i must say ye ladki jha bhi jaati h kushiyan bikher deti h..
mahi- vo to h.. (mummered) aab humare kunj ko hi dekh lo kya se kya ho gaya h..
doctor cant listen to her voice n uv understood n passed a smile to mahi..
doc- oh yes.. plz mr sarna ask miss twinkle to meet me today evening so that i can explain her about mahis condition n instruct some things to her..
uv- sure doc..

i think we should leave now…
(to doc) thank u so much doc.. greeted him sahaked hands n both of them left from ther..
Twinkle was waiting for them to return from hospital.. tensed n moving here n there in whole hall chewing her nails in tension..(so childish u know)
n kunj was watching her doing these silly things n irritated..
k- (irritated) hey u syappa queen.. plz sit down at one place.. its so irritating watching to moving to n fro.. n what is this..(pointing towards her nails) stop chewing ur nails.. agrhh..
if u r hungry go to kitchen n have something to eat.. its seriously disgusting..

tw- (innocently) m kya karun sid.. mujhe bhot tension ho re h.. mahi ki reports kaise hongi.. n u know jab m tension me hoti hu to yahi karti hu..(showing him her nails) (making pout faces)
kunj saw her childish acts n admiring her innocence in mind but didnt show her..
k- aacha okk. now stop this .. i m assuring u mahi would be fine.. as u have took proper care of her every need.. so dont be tensed everything would be fine..
(kunj went towards her n make her sit on couch holding her hands..) okk
tw- smiled innocently..
but she again started chewing her nails sitting on sofa..
k- (saw her again as he was rreading newspaper) now stop this twinkle,… its not ur exam that u r getting so much nervous..
tw- exam hi to h.. ofcourse i m taking care of her from so much time agar koi gadbad ho gayi to..
she was interupted by a voice..

voice- koi gadbad nhi hogi.. aakhor meri siso ne mera itna khayal jo rakha h..
listening to voice she became happy n went towards the person..
tw- (excited) mahi.. u came? kya hua.. is everything alright? baby is fine na? n your reports.. n what about complications..? (she was saying all this in one go)
uv- are are bullet train thoda saans to le lo.. sab batate h andar to aane do ya yahin door par sab sawal jawab karne h..
tw- (bite her toung n slightly put her hand on her forehead) oh haa.. (holding mahi carefully) come mahi..
she took har with her n make her sit comfertably on sofa n bring water for her..
all settle down on sofa together..

k- haa bhai.. bataiyae sab theek h na.. iss syappa queen ne 2 gnante me mera pura dimag hi kharab kar dia.. aur iske haat dekho bhai saare nails hi kha gayi tension me..
tw- (making faces towards kunj n asked him to shut his mouth) oh mr khadoos.. tum to chup hi rahi.. (faced towards uv) ha jiju aab aap batao.. sab theek to h na..
uv told everything that doc told n listening to this everyone became happy n uv side hugged mahi without disturbing her baby bump…

episode ends on hugging position of yuhi n smiling faces of twinj..

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