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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (29)


after watching movie .. they start heading towards their cars…
both were feeling embarassed but suddenly twinkle started laughing…
kunj was staring her like anything..(confused h bechara_)
tw- haha … sis… u… ghosts… i cant .. haha.. believe.. hahaha..
k- stop it twinkle now… otherwise i will leave u here alone on the road… n yes i know that u dont know the routes of mumbai also… so dont be oversmart..
tw- what!! how dare u.. how.. how c.. can u .. leave me alone on the road.. that too at night… dont u have shame to leave a girl alone.. (somewhat scared)
k- (now its his time to laugh) hahah.. twinkle… hahaha… look at ur face.. hahah… u were soo scared.. hjahah..
twinkle started beating him playfully on his chest… kunj grabbed his soft little hands… a sweet little eyelock took between themm…(aww.. so adorable couple)
their eyelock broke due to horn of a car..(becoz they were standing in the middle of the road)
they both left from there n started walking towards parking…
k-(broke the silence between them) so.
tw- (confused) soo??
k- soooo
tw- ye kya so so laga rakha h..
k- i was asking what next?/
tw- vo m.. vo i mean.. i .. i m hungry… (innocently pout face)
k- (unknowingly admiring her cute antics)
tw- siddd..(shaking him.) kha kho gaye..
k- what!! are twinkle are u mad.. have u seen the time.. its already 12:30 at night n u wanna eat something at this time…
tw- (innocently) vo to i know… but isse kaise samjhaun..(pointing towards her stomach)
k- smiled.. ohkeyy.. let me think something..(index finger of his right hand patting his head)
tw- smiled at is innocence..
k- i dont know… i m also hungry… n jab mujhe bhuk lagti h to mera dimag hi ni chalta..
tw- (thinking something… suddenly) i have an idea… come with me..
k- where..
tw- to my flat..
k- what!! ur flat.. but u to live in hostel na..
tw- haa.. but my big bro (talking about adi) have business here.. so he come here ocassionally n he have a flat here…
n u kniow the best part is.. today only i have given notice in my hostel that i will leave hostel… n bhai have made arrangements for me in his house.. from today i will live there only..
k- but why so suddenly!!
tw- are buddhu… aab when i will work in ur house then i will be late na.. in taking care of mahi’s health n what abt her night medicines n breakfast n u to know na.. that my hostel gets closed after 8 in evening..
k- ohh.. thats good..
tw- to chalein..
k- ha chalo..
they went towards their car but found its tire punctured..
tw/ k- together… ohh shitt!!…. (looking towards each other) now what!!..(suddnly started laughing )
tw- lets goo.. we will take lift from somebody..
k- u think at this pont of time u will get someone on road to hgive lift to this syappa queen..(scarastyically)
tw- atleast we can try.. otherwise we will go by foot
k- what!! have u gone mad..
tw- do u have any other choice..
k- haa… vo bnhi h..chalo..


both started walking on the roads suddenly there were sounds of thunder…
k- its seems.. it will rain heavily.. (saying this he started dragging twinkle saying her to comefast..
k- we have to walk fast.. asit can rain any time…
tw- are to aachi baat h an.. u know i love rain…
when i was child na.. i used to play in rain with my bhai.. u know we used to enjoy a lot..(her eyes were shining imagining her childhood days)
but suddenly her smile faded away imagining herself to be away from her family n her bhai..(taneja family not sarna family.. n her bro karan..)
kunj her her moist eyes n asked her out of concerned..
k- what happen twinkle.. u were so happy before sometime n now ur moist eyes.. any problem..
tw- she supressed her tears n fake smiled.. no nothing but just missing my family…
k-(to himself) i know twinkle.. there is something which is troubling u.. i promise i will find it soon..
he came out of his thoughts by twinkle’s vpoice..
tw- aab chalein… abb late ni ho ra h..(taunting)
after walking 5 more minutes theyh got lift n they reached the colony where her house has..
they reached the garden area… but suddenly it started raining heavily..

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