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Twinj Love Strategy (SEASON-3)Episode 3

missed me..?miffeed with me na?but kya karun ajj hi free huvi that too fully..so i m continuing..
btwn guys now left to u..choose one among it..oky?
either i ll post 2 episodes per week that too lamba wala….
or alternative days i ll post the ff..
but not lamba chuda oky?

so lets begin..
guys i m not wasting my time in recap..
refer below link for detailed episode…



Twinj Love Strategy (SEASON-3)Episode 2

sid(i.e our kunj )is walking in the coridor lst in the taughts
—– kunj aka sids pov —–
no no kunj beta..what d hell i m thinking yar..
i just met her..
not even talked to her properly for about may be less than 15 min..
and suddenly the word love that from ur mouth
i m just hating it…
it better if i stay away from her now..

his taughts are bought to hault…
as some beauty dashed him..
u might have guessed na ki kya huva hoga…
and who might be the girl..
zyada mat cahloo apna chota sa dimag
yup ur guess was right..
it was our siyappa queen..
but han han..he dn catch her..nor fell on her..
in deed he caught hold of the pillar so that he shd not fall..
n left our twinkle to fall..

izzat ki bhi tho koi chhez hoti hai na!

t-u idiot…
K-idiot aur mai?all girls r same just want to fall on me..i taught u r different but u?
t-ohh hello…i m twinkle kumar..khud ka ek std hai mera..
n tere sath takar marne se phele..
i would like to die..
u monkey
K-u donkey
T-gadhe tu hai
K-ghada n donkey both r same
t-u moron..
huh lev it..

a person is shown his back is shown..
he is talking to a person on video chat..

person-so my princess level-1 complete
girl-s bhai..
person-twinkle..u know na its not easy what u r doing..
t-i know that very well bhai..
its just start i ll make Mr sid..ur Mr sarna urf the son of kunj sarna..
suffer for his deeds..
we lost so much coz of him..the most precious perl of our life bhai..
we lost her..
i lost not only that perl of our life but also..
(and starts crying)
person-dont cry baby..ur not any crying baby..hai na?
u must be strong..
n if ever u feel shatered..
u just c ur face in mirror twikle..
T-u r right i shd not get week..
by the time u return all the steps ll be taken n u ll further take the final step..

shoked with the going track?
well must be..hai na?
share ur views…!

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