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Twinj: Immortal struggling love Chapter 04 (date of twinj in 1770 s style)

Chapter 4:

Next day both met and were very happy to see each other. Both of their eyes were full of eagerness and passionate love.
They talked for a long while as the time passed distance between them left them alone. Even the nature blessed them with lovely environment. They both had no bounds for their love.


Twinkle came in pink long elegant gown her hair had a curls n a simple front hair band which was pink she was the beauty of nature where as kunj was in white shirt n black pant (as u remember attire of Jack in titanic)Though kunj was a prince he loved to be simple that’s y he was roaming freely with his passion.

K:gud mrng……
Twinkle heart was waiting fr one more thing….in his words…
K:gorgeous. ..
Twinkle blushed.
T:a very gud mrng
K:u look like an angel
K:don’t waste ur thankqq now keep it with u as u need it in the end of the day.
T:wt?I didn’t get u (with confused face)

Kunj immediately goes down his knees..
Twinkle took few steps back with shocked expression as she had no idea what he was doing.

K:myself,kunj the prince of french dynastywould like to have the privilege of taking twinkle the Princess of London for a date today…..what say miss????

Twinkle was full red due to blushing….it was all new for her but she tooo wanted it.

T:(with a million dollar smile) the Princess of London would love to go on a date with the Prince kunj.

She gives her hand to him who was sitting on his knees.He woke up and held her hand and made their way on his horse.
(Lovely ppl no bikes or cars in 1770s only mode of transportation is…u knw I don’t need to tell na…)

Kunj took her into a beautiful rose garden.
T:ohh. …god roses….I love them, thankqq for bringing me here….I. …wanted…..

Kunj cut her.
K:u wanted to come here na…
T:ya how come u know..
K:I know everything as I am kunj
T:ohh. ..don’t praise ur self. .
K:then u do it na i would love to hear it from u than me.
Twinkle blushed.
K:let me bring u some roses
T:i wil also come with u let’s go around the garden
He opened his hand and they both went around the garden hand in hand.
After finishing the whole garden trip
K:I am very sorry twinkle
Twinkle was boggled.
K:I couldn’t get u a rose from here.
Twinkle took a sigh of relief
T:Why? What happened thr are many roses here na…
K:bt the most beautiful one is just in front of me.
She started looking everywhere.
(Buddu twinkle)
Kunj held her hand and dragged her towards him they were close to eo. Twinkle freezed for a while.
K:look into my eyes.
Twinkle hesitatingly looked into his eyes which were so passionate for her.
K:are u able to see the most beautiful rose?
Twinkle gave out a million dollar smile n blushed hard.

They spent their whole time in rose garden where kunj kept on admiring her beauty and twinkle kept on blushing and enjoying it.

Precap: date is not yet finished.

Thankqq lovely ppl for ur cmnts….
I missed u all a lott na ur cmnts made my day n I am delighted. .thanks sssss a lott till love u all

The twinj date is not finished more romantic scenes to come….wait n read

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