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Twinj: Immortal struggling love Chapter 01

Chapter 1:

Place:Royal palace of London,England.


A big lavish hall fully decorated with candels filled heavy lights, lit up the whole area of the ball (party hall).
Brightness splashed everywhere and more brightness was seen on the dance floor at one corner where many girls and boys were busy in couple dance for the sweetest melody of olden days.
A girl dressed in maroon long bubbled gown with silver matching accessories caught everyone’s attention.She was the only heir of the royal family,Twinkle.
She was enjoying the dance when all of a sudden her heart started to pound she was not afraid or sick but it was a sign of something which she couldn’t guess.

As she closed her eyes tight and kept hand on her heart trying to controlled her weirdness.She moved out of the ball and went to her room and stood near balcony.

She thought…what’s wrong with me??For the first time I am feeling like this…is it a sign of something….!!!
She was lost in her thoughts as her maid came in.”Princess,your mother is calling you to the ball right now.”

Twinkle nodded and followed her to the ball as she was about to enter it again her heart beat popped.She could feel that.
Without her consciousness her eyes were searching someone even she don’t know whom she is searching.She slowly went and stood with her mother.

Then twinkle ‘s father, King announced:I am proud to declare that very soon the person who marries the only heir of this province wil be declared as the next king of this province.

Twinkle was shocked to hear her marriage announcement without her consent.She didn’t had any option she just faked a smile.

Within no time she moved out of the ball as she was restless and was moving so furiously and bumped into pillar she fell down.

Oh jeseus,what’s wrong with me??someone he held her head in pain.
Who the hell built pillar in the middle of the path.

She slowly looked up as she was mistaken she didn’t bumped into a pillar but a handsome boy dressed in black n white suite.He forwarded his hand to help her.

Hi frndss so hws it..??I am back
Hope u all support me like before.. u remember me right..
Whose dat guy??any guess???

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