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TWINJ: a story of a girl and her saviour (Prologue)


Hi guys I am new here my name is kashish. I am crazy sidmin fan. So here is my first ff on them. Hope you guys like it if yes then please do drop your comments in the comment box. No proof reading there maybe typos and incorrect spellings.


This is a story of a girl who loved a boy deeply madly and unconditionally but what happens when she gets to know that he married another girl. She decides to end her life but a person came there and stops her from doing so. He becomes her saviour. So this story is of a girl and her saviour.
Prologue ends

So guys how was the prologue. Love you all bye take care not to forget to drop your comments and who is your favourite writers in twinj or sidmin ffs. Anyways whom do you think the girl and her saviour are guess if you can till then bye take care see you soon with next episode if I get enough response.

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