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Twinj..a magical land (episode 4)

Episode 4

Precap…on choosing chairs..twinkle’s turn
***episode starts***

***Kunj POV***
She slowly walked towards the chair…..she sat on one of it..there was no movement..up to the second one but the same third and forth…still no nothing…could see that my teacher was confused..rather disappointed… But when she sat on the fifth one which was actually the dragon there were flashes of dragons and the whole of dragons was trembling.. All my friends and students was confused at least until the whole of dragon started to collapse…we could all been hurt but our teacher made a magical sphere appear and it protected us…all the powers in the chain started going in a round and it all collapsed on twinkle…god I was so shocked..crying actually my teacher sent all of us out but I still came back in and with my teacher’s help we both found her..she was so terribly injured..

***teacher’s POV***
I was so shocked..never in my life had I dealt with this type of situation… I had to be brave..we all rushed her into the TREATMENT.. The hospital to be understood well…the Dr was also shocked to see her state
Dr: oh my god..what happened to her..she’s in such a terrible state that her possibilities of survival is actually less.

Mr teacher:(suggest a name plsh)well nothing much just the whole of dragons collapsed on her..
Kunj: wait before that why did that happen I really must know!! With tears in his eyes
Mr teacher: I’m sorry Kunj ..I’m afraid I can’t answer this one and walked away
Dr: her roommate will have to stay with her to take care of her..she’s got a lot of broken bones we used the bonezep to check that…
Kunj:I’m her roommate
Dr: okay take good care of her then..

Twinkle …..

Hey guys sorry for really short episode but I’m giving it only as a bit of promo..I’ll post the next one tommorow for sure..I know I’m really really late but sorry ..my exams have just completed..anything confusing pls ask…pls pls pls comment yaar guys

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