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Twinj..a magical land (episode 2)

Niya’s office
Prutosh:_Niya vo will you pls let twinkle join us in the football match please..
Niya:but why yaar..twinkle you’re a girl..why’d you wanna take part in such activities… I’m sorry I’ll not allow you…head back to your rooms everyone
All of us:_but…
Niya:_no ifs or buts.

***twinkle’s POV***
I head into the dragons….I was surprised by the sight I saw.. When I entered three small fire dragons surrounded my head…granting permission I guess…but the spark that lit on my neckless made me shiver..the room was big…spacious too..two beds..I didn’t wonder why 2 but I just tossed my clothes on the floor….to my surprise it hanged itself…that’s when I heard this knock on my door..it was Prutosh.. Yuvraj..they came to call me out…I invited them in..
Yuvraj:don’t you know twinkle??
Me:know what?
Prutosh:the dragon never let’s anyone who is not choosen by it to come in…and where’d you get that necklace…I’ve seen it Kunj’s diary..
Me:where are the rest??
Yuvraj and Prutosh: aarav and rahul are at the savegons(a jungle type magic area composed by me)hunting prey I guess..Kunj.. He never tell us where he goes…its weird…he’s also a newcomer just like you..rude he is but still our friend…we don’t know where his room is even…we wanted to invite you to see the park…magical of course..
Me:sure…I’ll love to..
***end of twinkle’s POV***
(Guys some dialogues will be in twinkle POV or any POV and some will not..if not it will be like this:_)


***Kunj’s POV***
This girl…what’s about her..her necklace ..is she the one I’m looking for?..no it can’t right!..I’m confused…my pet ran towards me..flew actually(Cheshire cat..who watches Alice in wonderland?)
Twinkle Prutosh and yuvraj were very keen in looking at all! Around them….there was a pet adoption center(sorry guys love pets to much bear with it)..magical pets..many unicorn..dogs in a complete different form..
Prutosh:_wanna adopt any pets twinkle?
Twinkle:_I’ll love to..and went to a small dragon..this one
Prutosh: dragons??
Yuvraj:_bro she stays at the dragons remember!?
Prutosh: yes but the dragon must choose you..not the other way around! You’re suppose to walk surrounding the dragon thrice..it it shines it allows you but if not..
But the dragon shines immediately..
Yuvraj.. Prutosh.. Twinkle:_were shocked..yeah kese

***twinkle’s POV***
I took the baby dragon and that minute my necklace shined….it seems the ‘pets’are independent themselves..
It was night
I gave my dragon(u guys pls suggest a name for it)
Food and lied and sat on their bed. Food appeared by itself steaming hot…. I took a bath first so that the food cools down but it didnt,..I said to,myself how I wish it cools down and the minute I said that the food temperature was just great….ooh magic I thought to myself….it was quite late so I just lay on my bed….hoping to fall asleep… But I couldn’t ..flashback was keep on flashing…it was me with a girl…I cry…I’m at a river…that’s all…suddenly I heard the sound of the door cracking open..I panicked… It was dark…
Person: guess you never thought of the second bed..did you twinkle?
Kunj I said….yes he was Kunj….I can’t believe he’s my roommate..well I said hello…can we be friends??
I got a really rude answer in return…it was why are dying to be friends with me…I’m dead…not to be your friends…I didn’t understand actually…good night I said as I fell asleep…well kind of…keep on thinking of Kunj…I knew he knew I was awake…I was really surprised when he spoke to me..
Kunj:you’re really lucky to be in the dragons you know..others might not but I do…that necklace..
There was firmness in his voice…the voice which made a shiver run down my spine…ooh well I thought..suddenly there was a really loud shriek…it was my dragon(name required)..
Kunj screamed: who brought this guy here,,…don’t you know we were enemies…well actually I want to kill him
I was just laughing looking at his state…my dragon on top of him..both of them totally wet(don’t ask me how)….his hair fully messed up…..his clothes scattered down the floor and his look..
He looked so charming…..his eyes conveying innocence cuteness behind the rude guy…hum duno eyelock seemed very lovely….as if he was my…..
I went into the washroom…wanted to slam the door but meh bulghayi ki yeh magic land heh…the door closed itself aah…
Don’t hide Neja..I heard Kunj screaming…
Neja..I thought what does he know about me?
I went out only to see that he was unconscious..
Kunj I screamed while running to his aid
***twinkle’s POV ends***

***Kunj’s POV***
I was still unconscious but I’m weird…I know what’s happening around… I didn’t mean to call her neja..I don’t even know what it means..,but I know she’s attached to my past…though I don’t know how…looking at her concern for me I had a few blur flashbacks….
In present twinkle was weeping..for me??
She splashed the heanin water on me(according to my imagination it heals everything)..I knew I knew something about her as she did maybe…..

Hello guys still Angita.. Sorry if you guys find it boring …pls share your views through your comments..do you guys want me to add something in it??? And ya pls suggest the pet dragons name yaar pls pls pls…
I love you guys
If there is any silent reader pls comment.

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