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Twidhant..ss episode 2


Episode 2
Yuvi slightly touched his hair
Yuvi: aaaaaaaaah…..and he started jumping like a rabbit..
Kunj who couldn’t tolerate it pour some of twinkle’s strawberry juice on top of Yuvi…oops..
Twinkle:Kunj!!!!!!!!!!! Are you mad….I waited for that strawberry juice for sooo long and you just poured it!?!?!?!?!?
Sid:ya twinkle calm down..let’s go eat…
Twinkle(to make yunj jealous):yup let’s go enjoy our date..
***attention*** ***attention***
A eclipse is going to happen(I know it might be the most stupidest thing but oi just remember that they’re on lunch and date happens on night isiliye)


Twinkle:wowwww….this seems like a real date right Sid and winked?

***date table***

TWIDHANT was just sitting facing each other…staring nervously actually..
Sid got up
The date setup was really cute..

Sid: to the beautiful lady he said while the food arrived..
They ate in supreme quietness…until the eclipse happen….twinkle started to jump..and spaghetti on top of her mouth and Sid showed it to twinkle took a pic of it without her noticing to..

***to be continued***

I know that was really short and boring but forgive me…I just wanted to tell you a bit more of me….
My full name is not Angita but Sai Angita..I’ve a twin her name is shrita..I’m a really big bookworm!.I’ve gotta puppy..new one named tango..my twin has rabbits..and any questions you can ask me..

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