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Twidhant..ss episode 1

Episode 1
Episode starts with Sidhant starring both of the hubbys shocked……
Kunj(Naman):yaar twinkle would you like to follow me to lunch???
Yuvi: bilkul bi nei….you’ll come with me na twinkle for lunch..
Twinkle: vo sorry guys mujhe sidhant keh saath lunch jaana heh…..to much to discuss and she side Hug’s him…but agar you both wanna come I DON’T MIND…
Sidhant was a bit disappointed…. Who’ll not…only if he’d knewn that he’s up to witness some comedy?

***at a restourant***
Kunj, Yuvi, twinkle and siddhant are sitting…Yuvi or Kunj beside each other aur TWIDHANT are sitting beside each other…staring yunj…
Sid: vo twinkle mujhe toilet Jana Hai..urgently.. And he goes..
Then some goons with guns enter…Han han bata hai ki yeh boath weird heh but pls..I wanna give you guys some comedy?..


The goons are walking past twinkle’s table when suddenly Kunj watch fell down..right in front of the goon…here Kunj and Yuvi sits scared while twinkle is giving the what the hell wale look….the goon try to smashes the watch but Kunj holds his ears bhaiyya bhaiyaa you’re very good na that’s my favorite watch.don’t break it bhaiyya pls….the goon was now confused..the other goons had already stolen the money…and from far one of the cheff throws an egg and it hits the goons head…and the small boys in the area took it as it Yuvi did it…and the goon was so furious that he held twinkle very tightly..likin twinkle toh twinkle hai.. She took the pepper bottle and threw pepper into the goon’s eyes while he screamed…twinkle quickly ran and his behind her ex hubbies but both of them were terrified..Kunj mustered some courage and went to the front

Kunj(stammering): I’m an boxer…try hit him
Goon: Han Han I know you look like the boxer dog only?
Dushum…no no guys was not Kunj but Yuvi took a plate of noodles and threw it on goons face..this was enough for the goon and he took his gun and fired…Yuvi and Kunj stood like a penguin…since Yuvi s hair was so long there was a hole in it…twinkle didn’t find it scary and started laughing holding her stomach…the goon felt humiliated and chatak….no guys sidhant who came back slapped him…quickly took the gun to….but our siyyapa queen wanted to create a siyyapa and showed a tounge to him…to make the goon angry..he broke the table where they were sitting and left…the manager quickly ran to them…sorry sir but only two tables is left and its a date kind of setup table

***to be continued***

Precap:TWIDHANT date

Hey guys Angita here…this story will not have a twist and sorry but I’ll make yunj seem a bit like an idiot and comedy…siddhant is the hero but there’ll be a small upcoming twist…I know all my scenes are so nunreal but forgive me for that..chappals are welcome.. But sorry guys I won’t be able to post very frequently as I had a really bad cut on my palm…I know careless me..my sis is helping me type this

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