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tumse milne ki dua zindagi ban gayi (ragsan os) by priya15 with an apology note…

Hii priya here after a loooooooooong time ..tq so much for the support which u people gave for me in my last two os..i m surprised ..thank u so much for that guys..so here one more os for u people…hope u people l support me like before…one big sry for not cmntng in many ffs…actually i was busy with my studies but guys I M READING UR FFS AS A SILENT READER..i mean MEGHA123 DI, AZURE DI, PARI , SINDHU DIS AND MANY OF THE FFS BUT AS A SILENT READER as i couldn’t get time to cmnt..so sorry for that my sisters.hope u people can understand..yet u people r angry with me then i m so sorry for that..now let us go into the story….
p.s: its a very long os…

There was a big gate inside it there was two houses but without wall..(guys it has one gate)..in which the name board is written FRIENDS VILLA…..

In the lawn:
One boy and girl are sitting(they are of 15 years old)…their face clearly shows that they are crying….the girl wiped her tears and turned to the boys side and said “SANKU,u have to go with ur parents…u know what we should leave our parents ever..i will miss u so much my friend..but uncle ke liye tumhe jaana hoga…papa keh rahe the ki uncle ke liye yeh offer paana bachpan ka sapna tha…..so pls don’t cry go with them..” sanky said “ i m happy that i m going from here u know na that i hate this place… but i have my frns here..i don’t want to leave them and go”..he turned to her and said “RAGU…we cant be with each other…papa said that we cant come back after going there as he l be busy…and getting transfer from that company is difficult ..u know na u r my best friend i cant be without speaking to u for one day too”.. ragini said to him “ha..sanku i know but ????? okay..tum mujhse milne ke liye aa nahi sakte ho toh kya hua..lekin mei toh tumhare paas aa sakti hun na??( she winks her eyes ) i promise u ..once we will complete our college and we will be settled in one job..i will come and meet u ..YEH MERA VAADA HAI TUMSE…i l surely meet my best friend after that” a warm but weak smile appeared on both their faces…
Dp: shekar u know that i don’t want to go from here but this is the best for sanskar..i m n fear that whether sanskar stays here then he l be depressed more ( guys actually there is one fb ..dp has said a lie to both that they r going to USA bcoz he got transfer ..the reason is different ..notice at the ragsan convo sanky said he hate this place???so that is the reason they r going…i l reveal that reason down)
Shekar : ya i can understand..even i think the same..sanky is happy when he stays with ragu but after the time when he stays alone..he is thinking of that incident..so even i think change of place is the only way for him to come out of that incident..
Ap and sumi: ya thats the right thing …
( ap, dp and sanky r leaving on next day flight)
Next day mrng:
Sanky comes to ragini’s room and give her one box and say to her open it after i leave..ragini too gives him one gift…. ragsan hug each other and cry as they cant see each other..
The maheshwari’s left to USA…

AFTER 8 years…
One girl comes out after taking bath with pink anarkali and opens one box( the same box which sanky gave)…which has bracelet and it is written “ FRIENDS” ..( that girl is ragini)..She wears it and says “ i l be coming to meet u soon my dear sanku..just wait for me”
One guy is sitting in the chair by seeing some files..he gets a call from his maa…
On call:
Ap: beta ! wr r u ???
Guy: ma i m n office…i l come late today as i have a lots of work..
Ap: okay but come soon sanskar!!
Sanky: okay ma..i l come after finishing my work soon..
He kept his phone in which his watch had hit the table..he suddenly took his hand and saw his watch whether it has some scratch ?? and said “ thank god watch is fyn “ (the watch is gifted by ragini to him remember ragini gave one gift to him..that watch contains his and ragini’s childhood photo in it , so sanky is conscious about his watch..haha)
Ragini came out of the room and went and took aarti from her mom..
Sumi: ragini finish ur breakfast and go.
Ragini : nahi ma i l manage ..i m getting late..
Shekar: no first finish ur breakfast and then go..
Ragini : papa..mujhe der ho rahi hai..i want to go..
Shekar : ek din der hone mei kuch nahi hoga….
Ragini : papa! Ek din late jaane mei kuch nahi hoga balki office ki pehli din late jaane mei bahut kuch ho sakta hai…so bye for now
Ragini entered her office …receptionist says to her that MD has called u to his cabin…ragini is hell shocked ..she things in her mind “ y he called me in??i came to office at the correct time..hare yar yeh ho kya raha hai??”
She gets in the cabin..
Ragini : may i get in sir?
Md : yes ms. Gadodia .
Ragini : sir u have called me ??
Md: ya actually meine aapko yeh kehne liye bulaya ki aap yahan kaam nahi kar sakte ho..
Ragini couldn’t understand anything..she is shocked..
Md continues..: i have read ur internship certificate and called mr.sinha ..he said that “ ragini is capable to train staffs..she is one of the best trainee student i have seen”
So ms. Gadodia i have decided that u l work in our USA branch…as we seriously need a staff like u there as we r facing a big loss there for past few years…..will u pls go usa ..u can return after one month..bcoz i know that u l clear everything soon there..
Ragini was happy she is dancing in..and said “ ya sir! Sure”
She went to her house and said to her parents ..they permitted her..

Sanky is lying in couch and seeing his phone for each n every min like a mad..suddenly he got a msg ..and his face glows like a 1000w bulb..( Thats ragini msg)
Ragini : hii sanku !! wt r u doing ??
Sanky: hii ragu !i m just lying in my bed and ….( sanky is abt to type the other ..)
Ragini : and seeing ur phone whether u get a msg from me??am i ryt buddu??
Sanky : ha ..did u have kept any camera here??
Ragini : noo….Y r u asking so??
Sanky : then how can u say so crctly??
Ragini : hahah…mr. sanskar maheshwari i m ur best friend..i know what will u do at the mrng , at eve and at nyt.. to say in simple..i know everything abt u..a-z…
Sanky : seriously?? Great!!accha batao how was ur first day…
Ragini : very good ( she was abt to say that she is gng to come to usa but she thinks that late it be suspense)
Sanky : oh really ??i m so happy..chalo ab tumhara photo send karo..( guys actually sanky and ragini planned that they l send their photo to each other once rag gets a job)
Ragini : no …pehle tum..
Sanky : ohkay ziddhi ki dukhan..( sanky thinks y l i send her my photo lets play a prank!!)
Ragini receives one pic with the quotation “ chalo send kar diya..ab tumhara pic bejo “..she is so excited to see her frnd..but she is shocked to see the pic..its SHARUKH KHAN…( that too of ddlj look)
Ragini : (thinks) u l not send urs then y i l send mine..no mr.buddu maheshwari..wait n watch!
Sanky receives a pic he is excited but that pic……its of KAJOL( ddlj look )he is hell shocked..
Sanky : whats this??
Ragini : ur reply..
Ragini : chalo good night..i want to go to office tomorrow…bye..
Sanky: good night ki bacchii..ek din aavoge na ..tab samjathi hun tujhe..bye…
Ragini smiles…that day l come soon sanku…( thinks)
Next day ragini went to USA..
Days passed..but she is busy with her work..she thinks to search sanky but the work load never goes from her head..and the reason why ragini went to usa was successfull..she has taken that company out of the continuous loss..so now ragini has to return india…

At that day night :
Ragini’s POV:
When i got to know that i want to go to USA…the thing why i smiled is …i m going to meet u ..i m going to fulfil my promise..i was happy that aakhir meri intazaar khatam honewaali hai… u don’t know sanky “ TUMSE MILNE KI DUA meri ZINDAGI BAN GAYI ‘’ u r the only person i share everything..but this destiny …its playing its game…(she cries)…suddenly she wipes her tears..ragini y r u crying u have one day..u can search for sanky.. i m sure ur frndship is not that week that u cant even identify him..no i l search u sanky..

Next day :
Ragini went out in search of sanky..
Sanky was walking in a road by speaking to somebody through phone…they both didn’t notice each other..while going their hands touched ..i mean they hit each other..both felt something..but sanky doesn’t take it serious as he is busy in call…ragini suddenly stopped after that moment and turned ..TUMSE MILKE AISA LAGA JAISE APNA KOI PLAYS….
She runs through the way where he went..suddenly she noticed sanky standing outside the mall …dont know y but she felt something …she runs to him and called.. ”excuse me”
Sanky turned : ya! ( don’t know y unknown smile appeared in sanky’s face)
Ragini thought “yeh smile aur awaaz toh bilkul sanky jaisa hai “
Ragini said with tears flowing in her eyes “ SANSKAR….”
Tears started to flow from sanky eyes too…” RAGINI ..” they both hugged each other and they were happy that they both have met each other…
They went to the park which is nearer..
Sanky was in deep thought..
Ragini : Kya hua??kya soch rahi ho
Sanky : bas yahi ki how did u identify me??
Ragini : oye! We r frnds i can easily identify u …i m not that much duffer ki mei apni dosth ki smile, awaaz sab kuch bul sakthi hun…
Sanky : thank god !!! aakhir hamare dosthi ki naam lekar tumne yeh toh accept kiya kit um duffer ho…( sanky laughed…ragini raised her eyebrows and asked)
Ragini : u??i have identified but u were teasing me..buddu …
They started their nokh-jhok..one point they stopped and laughed..
Sanky asked ragini what a sudden surprise that u came to usa..that too its just one day u have joined in office??
Ragini said everything to him..sanky said “ WAHOO..ms. ziddhi ki dukhan…i m proud of u”
ragini gave him a angry look ..
sanky : what???
ragini : what what??..tumne kya kaha mujhe..ziddhi ki dukhan??
Sanky : ya u do alot of zidh na thats y ziddhi ki dukhan ..haha..
Ragini said ..u r really an buddu mr.buddu maheshwari..
Sanky : mei buddu hun ???
Ragini : ya..buddu buddu…

sanky gets a call from dp ..but he cut it.ragini sensed that he become angry..she asked what happend…sanky said to her “ papa wants me to accompany him “ ragini exclaimed “ where??” sanky said with anger “ KOLKATA”..” u know na ragu i hate that place..then how can i ??” ragini said “ y cant u ??sanky pls erase ur past and come there..okay come for me??plss” he wanted to deny it but as he saw her innocent face that too in a pleading manner “ okay..i l come there forever..but just for u “ ..ragini gave him a warm smile..( guys actually sanky sister was died there..she has got cancer in which she died…dp said na that sanky is in depression thats bcoz of that only..sanky loves his sis alot..he cant believe that his sis left him..dp and ap got afraid that whether their son l be like this forever..so they both want to take sanky far away so that he forgets that incident)
maheshwaris returned to india..and gadodia and maheshwari family stayed friends forever…..
one day dp and shekar thought to make ragsan married..but they denied by saying that we both r best friends…but after sometime they both said okay we will marry…after marriage they started to love each other..eventhough they both started to live as a couples and started to love each other..their friendship never ended..they always stayed as a best friends for each other..they both were friends first then only hus and wife..whenever any couple fight occur in them ..they sat as a frnd and discuss it..then they patch up..
so here is the end of my story…hope u all loved it..sry if its boring….and ya i know this is so long..say ur views..pls silent readers do cmnt as i just write an os..ur cmnts boost me..pls cmnt…so that only i can improve myself..so pls do cmnt….

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