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Tum mera ho.. Episode 7

Hello friends…? how r u all??? Sorry for the late update guys… Ok let’s get into the episode…

The episode starts with Pragya and bulbul conversation..


Pragya: bulbul..why rockstar Abhi is telling me as fuggi???
Bulbul(she could not tell her anything): That is Di because he used to call his gf as fuggi.. She looks like you Di.. So that he may be behaving like that Di..
Pragya: how do you know that??
Bulbul: Abhi’s brother Purab is my friend…
Pragya: Friend or boyfriend???
Bulbul’s eyes widened…
Bulbul: Di…. What are you speaking???
Pragya: Don’t act Bulbul… I know everything…
Bulbul: you know everything… I mean everything???
Pragya: yes..
Bulbul: Jiju… You know Di…
Pragya: I didn’t hear properly..

Bulbul: I mean Abhi Jiju…
Pragya: yes…
Bulbul: when Di?
Pragya: just before 1 week… I got my memory back… I was not confirm about Abhi… So I thought to get it from you… That day when I spoke about that mobile… Your face changed… Then I saw you was speaking to Purab..
Bulbul hugs Pragya…
Bulbul: I am sorry Di….
Pragya: it’s ok my princess…
Bulbul: ok why u didn’t exact when u saw Jiju..
Pragya: He scolded me na… That’s why.. I was angry on him..
Bulbul: but Di… Bulbul explains whatever Purab explained to her..
Pragya had tears in her eyes…Pragya goes to meet him..
Pragya: bulbul at this moment I have to meet My Abhi..
Bulbul:wait Di… Do you think that u have to remember your bitter days???
Pragya: No… I don’t want that days to come between me and Abhi…

Bulbul: Then… What about starting a new romance with Jiju??
Pragya: It sounds cool…
Bulbul: Then maintain yourself like this Di…but Di… How will Jiju luv u???
Pragya: hey Buddhus… He still loves me… And I am sure that he will be taking some step to get back his fuggi…

And Pragya blushes..
Bulbul: I think so someone is blushing here( teasingly)
Pragya:hey don’t kid me bulbul..
Bulbul: Okok..
Then ok Di… What we are going to do that Tanu…. She is in Paris only Di..
Pragya: I have an idea and tells something…
Bulbul: oh Di… Your idea is wonderful than my idea…
Pragya: that’s Pragya…

Next morning..

Tanu is in her shooting spot..
Tanu’s assistant comes to her..
Tanu: Alka… Why didn’t the beautician did not come still now…
Alka: Mam the beautician has gone to her native place for some reason madam.., so she arranged her assistant Fathima to do makeup for you madam..
Tanu: when will she come??
Alka: At 10:00 madam
Tanu: But it is already 9:57.. She has not yet come.. Don’t you know that I have shoot at 10:30?? Tell her to come soon..
Alka: yes madam..
And Alka goes..

The episode ends here…. And friends today my friend is reading this text…and my friend pls comment here… And guys I need ur sweet comments too…And guys thank for ur support… Meet you tomorrow….

Luv u all guys..????Until than take care bye..

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