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Tum mera ho.. Episode 4 and 5

Hi!! know guys that u are angry on me as iI did not update on Thursday.. so today I decided to give you dual episodes.And i really love ur comments… It has boosted me up to write this episode.

The episode starts with Purab calling to Bulbul.
Purab: Why this girl is not attending the call.
Purab: Hello Bubul
Girl: Bulbul??? my name is Sakshi.
Purab: Sakshi??? But this is Bulbul’s number..
Girl: sorry.. But this is my number..
Purab: ok.. and cuts the call
Purab in mind]From last year I am trying to call this bulbul.. but she is not taking.. I think so she changed my number.. I know very well that she loves me.. whatever happens I am not ready to loose my bulbul.. and moreover I need to see happiness in my bhai’s face..
Purab goes to the receptionist
Purab: Can you tell me which is Ms.Pragya arora’s room?
Recptionist: Sorry sir.. But I cant tellu that
Purab: No no.. Her sister Bulbul is my friend… if u cant give me the room number.. then no problem.. Pls call to her sister Bulbul and pls ask her to meet me in the garden.
Recptionist: But I cant do that sir
Purab: pls pls pls pls pls..
Recptionist: ok sir.. I will tell
Purab: don’t mention my name.. tell her that one of her friend…
Recptionist: ok sir..
Purab: thank you so much….
Recptionist nods his head..

Bulbul[ in her mind] who is that edyad told me to come here???
Purab: comes from behind and tells.. that idit is me..
Bulbul gets shocked and thinks how did he know what was I thinking in my mind???
Purab: because I love u..
Bulbul: but I don’t love you..
Purab: is it so??/
Bulbul: ok did u call me here to waste my time??
Purab: no . I came here to tell u one thing…
Purab narrates everything to bulbul…
Bulbul: I wont leave that TANU DEVIL… If she alone got in my hand….
Purab: don’t worry I will show you her.. and winks at her.
Bulbul looks confused
Purab: Ok now do u love me or not??/
Bulbul: I always love u bhuddus.. and hugs him..

Other side
Pragya: Why do I feel attached to this phone??? The member who owns this is he close to me?? She takes the phone.. she sees 50 missed calls..
50 missed calls?? I think so he is crazy.. ok let me call him..she calls
Abhi who was waiting for the call takes it in a ring..
Pragya: Hello is this abhi??
Abhi: for a second he stands still.. he could hear.. his fuggi’s voice..
Pragya: Hello? Hello??
Abhi: yes I am abhi speaking…
Pragya: my phone is been exchanged with you sir.. And I have ur phone.. ok where are you??
Abhi: I am in Paris..
Pragya: I am too in Paris… ok can we meet in hotel Paris Vendome tomoroow so that we can get back our mobile..
Abhi: ok.. how do I find you??
Pragya: I will be in a pink saree.. ok bye..
Abhii: hello by the way what is your name??
But the call has ended already..
Abhi: her voice… it was like my fuggi’s voice… no it cant be.. as I was thinking abt her.. I thought it was her voice.. ok don’t think overy abhi..go and sleep..

Precap: Surprise…

Ok guys let us see what will happen when abhigya meet.. And I performed my exam very well. Thank u for ur wishes guys.. I thought to drag it.. but I cant as I want abhigya together as soon as possible like u guys… I Promise u that they will ubite soon.. and drop down ur comments guys… Bye ..

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