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TU MERI RAHEGA _ SSEL SS ( ep 3 part 2)

so.. here i come with part 2…

” suhani ” i heard him whisper .. ” are u alright.. is it paining.. ”
“im really sorry.. it was all bcoz of me.. ”
he sounded concerned as well as guilty..
” i know its all bcoz of me.. if i hadnt left u that day it wouldn’t have happened ” yuvraj said, yes it was him.. for sometime i couldn’t figure out anything..

the nurse came in and asked yuvraj to go out as i needed rest…
yuvraj quietly left not wanting to disturb me…
i was left alone in that room..
i took few breaths in and out…
i slowly started to remember what had happened that day…
flashback:( in suhani pov)
sambhav closed ma pa yuvan and yuvsni in another room
he came closer to me and was about to take my pallu off .. i closed my eyes tightly .. suddenly i heard a thud sound… i opened my eyes.. i saw a manly figure as a shield in front of me.. yuvraj.. he once again became my Savior… i saw sambhav lying on the floor with bleeding nose..
” dont dare touch suhani with your dirty hands.. ” yuvraj told trying to control the violence which was going to overtake the atmosphere..
” wat the hell is ur problem.. she is not ur wife anymore and u need not interfere in my family matters.. understan ” said sambhav getting up. gritting his teeth ..
he pulled me and told me to tell yuvraj to leave..

” yuvraj please go. im telling this for you only “… i said..
“no suhani , i won’t leave you in this condition and go.. ” he said sternly..
sambhavs anger knew no limits.. .he pushed me down with full force.. i fell on the floor and hit my head.. it starded bleeding.. sambhav rushed to the kitchen.. we all were confused.. meanwhile yuvraj helped me to stand up.. ” are u fyn Suhani.. he didn’t do anything to you rite… ” he asked.. i nodded negatively… i remembered the tension i was going through few minutes ago.. the fear of losing yuvraj.. i hugged him as tightly as i could.. i felt really secured in his arms.. i cried out as much as i could.. feeling the comforting warmth of his arms..
flashback ends..

i only remember till here..
i saw yuvraj coming in.. ” suhani do you remember anything that happened..”
he asked.. placing himself besides my bed. ” hmmm.. i don’t remember the whole incedent.. ” l replied..
” yuvraj can u pls tell me what happened.. ”
i asked..
” tell me till where do you remember?? ”
i was hesitant to reply.. bcoz wat i remember last was hugging him.
” ehh ii… re.. remem.. remember ” i stammered.. “suhani, r u alright? ” he asked me with concern.. ” yea. i remember hugging u.. ” i said with the speed of lightning.. it was a very awkward situation..
” hmm.. u were hugging me..
flash back starts..
they both were hugging each other.. suddenly suhani saw sambhav come in with a knife.. she knew what he was upto.. he raised his hand that had the knife and was about to stab yuvraj when suhani screamt ” yuvraaaajjj” and she pushed yuvraj off to one side and she was stabbed..
flashback ends…
” how could he do this to me.. i thought him as a good friend.. who understands me and stood by my side.. but i was wrong in my assumption.. i never wanted a relationship with him.. but he was forcing me.. actually blackmailing me.. he told he will finish u of.. ” but y did u come in front of him whrn he had a knife along with him ” ” iwas frozen when he came to with the knife .. i just thought of saving you”
” suhani r u mad.. did u think of ur parents.. ur kids.. maa… imagine if we couldn’t get u here on time wat would have happened !.. ”

” suhani ” ma along with all the others came in..
” yuban and yuvani ran to me.. their eyes were swollen. i understood they were crying the whole time..

guys hope u all enjoyed it.. pls do comment.

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