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Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 20)

After 2 months

The episode starts with Ishani talking to Ranveer on phone and says I’m not feeling well. Ranveer says that’s why I’m telling you to rest. Ishani says no im very unstable right now. I’m the baby is kicking me so hard. Ranveer says hold on I will call the doctor. Ishani says that the whole
city is flooded and ya no one will come at this time. Even ritika who is a doctor is stuck in traffic, suddenly she screams in pain and she collapses.


Ranveer gets
shocked and asks are u fine. Amba comes into her room and calls the doctor. Ranveer leaves from his office. Thankfully the doctor had come and says that the delivery will happen hear only. Afterwards Ranveer too arrived there and says to Ishani be strong and just some times more. Ishani was in extreme pain. The doctor asks him to leave the room. Everyone was extremely worried. Amba was doing some pooja. Ranveer to was praying to God. Finally they heard the crying of child. The doctor comes out with the child and says it’s a baby boy. (Guys this sequence will be according to the suggestion given by DHRUVA and she is very nice writer) the family gets delighted. Ranveer asks how is Ishani.

The doctor says mother is not well. It can take somedays to recover. Ranveer holds the baby and smiles. He click his pictures. The doctor says I admit Ishani in hospital or here at your place? Amba replies over here. Doctor says them u will have to take care of her and I will send nurse also. Ranveer with is baby goes go Ishani. Ishani was semiconscious. Ranveer holds her hands and says see Ishani it’s baby boy. He is so cute and chubby.ishani smiles. Ishani holds the baby and kisses him. Ranveer clicks a selfie. Parekh family to come over there and congratulated them. Baa says so are u coming to parekh house? Ranveer replies she is not well and she will be admitted after sometimes. Falguni says no problem we can shift it over there. Baa says it’s a ritual too. Ishani agrees. Ranveer frowns.

Them everyone leave the room to let her rest. Ishani stops Ranveer and ranveer asks she needs something. Ishani says yes. Ranveer asks what. Ishani says my husband I don’t where he is lost. Ranveer sits besides her and hugs her and says things happened so quickly in wink of an eye that I don’t know how to react. Ishani says even I didn’t want go to parekh house but for their sake…….Ranveer says no problem have these medicines and then leave. Ishani says even u come there. Ranveer refuses and says but I promise I will come there every morning and evening and it’s a matter of just 7 days. Ishani faints Ranveer says wake up my drama queen. Ishani wakes up and says how did u know. Ranveer says i know u well. Ishani says what will be the name of baby. Ranveer says it’s quite confusing this we will think and decide later. Ishani says okay.

Precap:— I’m confused I thinkt I will bring a major twist but Ull to help me na plz???

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