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Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 16)

Guys I’m sorry for I rarely reply for all ur comments and I do feel sad about it but I have no time and soon after sometimes I will reveal my name too!
And love ull for ur support and I also love all my cricitcs.
From now we will write the ff I mean u guys too comment what should be the next sequence and will select his or her idea with credit too I hoep u like this idea
Dhruvrakha neelam prince ghavya ur my forever supporting readers extra love for ull????

The episode starts with ishani admiring herself into the mirror saying that I know that it will be a boy ranveer says no girl (guys I forgot that in India its illegal to find the gender of baby before birth so I cancelled the idea of baby girl) ishani says idc if it’s boy or girl but baby should be like father. Ranveer says baby be very mischievous and we both will trouble mumma very much. Ishani says then ull have to be ready for punishment too. Ranveer keeps his hands on her womb n says u saw baby before u r born ur mum is planning punishment for u. Then the baby kicks. Ranveer says see baby kicked means he is in my team. Ishani says baby telling u to leave for office. Ranveer says okay I know u don’t want to be with me so ur doing this anyway bye. Ishani hold ranveer’s hand and hugs him and says bye. Ranveer says take care and whenever u don’t feel well just call me Ill be there ishani says sure. don’t worry and he leaves. Ranveer thinks just 2 more months then…and he smiles.


Then the door bell rings. Waghela family has returned from the pilgrimage. Ishani got delighted seeing them. Amba says where is my ranveer she replied he just left for office. Ishani started playing with ahaha ritika’s daughter and says to her go and rest. Amba sas ishani tomorrow is ur baby shower since the lucky day is tomorrow. Ishani says okay but preparations amab SA I have hired event managers they will do thoer work u don’t worry. Ishani plays with ahana in the hall and there enters Milan. Milan was about to touch ahana where ishani prevents him and says first wash ur hands. Riti says I have said 100 times but he doesn’t listen at all. Ishani thinks boys are more troublesome and if the baby went on ranveer then finished…. They will make me psycho.

At night ishani was waiting for ranveer and kept on the couch itself. Ranveer returns home and sees ishani was sleepy on couch and she was about to fall where ranveer holds her in his arms and gently lies her down on bed. Sh wakes up and asks him why he is late? Ranveer replies tomorrow is ur baby shower so I completed my work in advance. Ishani says but plz don’t change ur dinner time coz them ur head starts aching and don’t always sit in front of computer and I suggest u should join gym again and ranveer records all thsi in his phone. Ishu questions him what is he upto he says after ur delivery u will go to ur parekh house then I will again need these instructions that’s why. Ishani smiles and says ur trying to emotionally blackmail me? Ranveer says no actually yes. Ishani says after all it’s a ritual I have u. Ranveer says but u seem to be very happy with the ritual. Ishani says any doubt and smiles and says I’m not just ur wife but even a daughter ranveer says okay okay now go to sleep

Precap:- ishani sees nightmare and starts crying ranveer consoles her

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