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Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 15)

Episode starts with Ranveer taking the award and dedicating it not to Ishani but staff members. Ranveer thinks Ishani I hate you for this and leaves home. His assistant says what about the party. He replies I’m not well. Everybody chitchat about Ishani not coming with him and says something has happened. Ranveer was driving the car and says I never thought that u would do this to me. He reaches home and parks the car and rings the bell but no one opens. Ranveer says where the hell r u Ishani. Ranveer takes the duplicate keys and open the door and sees that it was dark. The lights had gone.

Ranveer lits the candle and near the door sees something was lying. It was Ishani who had fallen down. Ranveer sees and carries her in his arms and takes her to the hospital. Ranveer thinks I’m sorry for this it was my fault whole marriage life u took care of me but I am an idiot who can’t take ur care even for 9 months and gets teary. He enters the hospital. The doctor takes her for check up and gives her injection. He calls him in and says thankfully the baby is normal but mother is weak. I think she should eat more food which is healthy and this happens due to lack of nutrition. Ranveer says I’ll take care of it and Ishani regains her consciousness and says I’m sorry as I didn’t attend…Ranveer says no need I should be sorry infact I’m very guilty that I’m unable to take care of u.


Ishani says stop these senti talks and says now let’s go home.
After reaching home he repairs the meter work and fixes the fuse. Ishani says be careful Ranveer says u too. Ishani asks why? He replies now when u walk the whole floor starts shaking and he laughs Ishani says very funny and leaves.

Precap:– entry of Ranveer’s granny n too emotionally torture her. Ranveer takes side of his granny

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