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True Love Find Us…. (CHP-1)

Chapter — 1

The wedding rituals starts. The groom’s face was hidden behind Sehra. All the family members were happy. But Twinkle’s eyes was searching for Yuvraj. She cld not find him there. She felt bad that Yuvraj was not there. After sometime, pandit asks the groom to put sindoor & mangalsutra on twinkle. Twinkle closes her eyes. A drop of tear flows frm her eyes. As the groom was abt to put the sindoor on Twinkle’s forhead , she holds his hands & stops him. All get shocked. Twinkle gets up from there.
Twinkle– I am sorry, I cant marry you Kunj, I… I love Yuvraj… I dont want to hurt anyone , but i cant marry you… I love Yuvraj…. I cld not understand earlier, but now i can…
She looks at groom with teary eyes & says sorry & was abt to open the gathbandhan, when someone holds her hand. Twinkle raises her eyebrows & was shocked to see the person. It was non other then Kunj. Others were shocked too.
Twinkle- Kunj… you here… toh…. See looks at the groom.
Groom removes his sehra & it was none other then Yuvraj. He smiles at Twinkle. She hugs him. Kunj smiles.
Usha- Kunj , what is this? And…..
Kunj- I will tell everything.



Before the wedding Kunj was observing Twinkle. He saw that she was happy when Yuvraj was around her, he also noticed that she wld look very depressed when she wld not see Yuvraj even for a sec. Kunj realised that Twinkle now loves Yuvraj & not him, so when today he was getting ready, he asked everyone to go out & called Yuvraj. He told him everything & asked him to get ready.
Yuvraj- But what abt u….
Kunj- I will be happy to be ur & Twinkle’s friend. And honestly I dont deserve Twinkle’s love… You know if i wld have truely loved her i wld have beleived her , I wld not have suspected her…. On other side u always supported her….. I know u love her…
Yuvraj- But……
Kunj- Okay, u dont wanna marry her, then i will….
Yuvraj– Noooo… I will go….
Kunj & yuvraj hugs & he gets ready as groom.

Flashback ends

Kunj- I am sorry twinkle…. He keeps her hands on Yuvraj’s & asks them to complete the wedding. They smile.
Kunj gets down. He leaves frm there silently. Leela sees him going. She goes behind him.

Kunj comes outside the wedding hall. He cries remembering his & twinkle’s moments. Just then one hand comes on his shoulders. He wipes his tears & turns. He sees Leela.
Kunj- Maa…. woh i mean aunty aap…….
Leela- You dont need to hide your tears frm me, Kunj & remember, whether you have any relation with twinkle or not , u will always be my son… Huh…
Kunj Nods & hugs her.
Kunj- I am sorry Maa, I have hurted you too , alot..
Leela- No,how can a son like you can hurt anyone….
Right a voice comes. It was of Usha & Bebe.
Bebe– Kunj you have made us proud today…..
There was tears in her eyes.
Kunj- Ohhooo…. My drama queen, u always say na that god has made someone for everyone…. So he must have made someone for me too… I will wait for her…. huh…..
Now my three drama queens lets go inside & enjoy the wedding…… They all go inside……. Screen splits on Kunj face……

Precap– A new entry…………

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