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To jane na (swasan os) by samaira

Hello guys. I m a swasan fan. This is my first os. Hope u like it.
***tu jane na***
hare we can see girl. A gang is around her. A boy is talking to the girl.
Boy: so swara (yes the girl is swara) how was the suprise.
Sw: sanskar why u did this. I loved u n…
Before she could say anything sanskar give a tight slap on her face.
San: it is the gift then at ur first day u slap me.
A fb is shown-
sanskar is holding a girls hand n was traying to kiss her. But at nik time he got a slap. It was swara.
Sw: how dare to tuch a girl.
She ask the girl name.
Sw: whats ur name.
Gal: kavya.
Sw: lets go kavya.
Fb end.
San: so i bet with my frinds that u will be in my bed in 1 month. See i win the bet.
Sahil: dude i think i also need her.
Sw: sanskar why did this. Why u played with my feelings. I trusted u so much.
A fb –
sanskar come to swara and says sorry. Swara accpect his sorry. Slowly swasan become farnds n swara foll for him. Once sanky call her in farm house. Then he proposed her. Then he come closer to swara n ask permision. Swara give permission. They make their love.
Fb end.
Sw: i hate u. Ì hate u sanskar maheswari i hate u.
Saying this she ran.
Sanskar fell someone cuted his heart in mellion peices. He ignore the feelling. He was making fun of her. But his heart was agisnt it.
Time pases with swaras pain.
8 month leap.
Swara was prenegnt.
Her parents live her. She is leaving with her frnd ragini and her hasband laksh.
Here sanskar undersand that he loves swara. A room was filled with swaras pic. He was crying at roam nd talking to swaras pic. His phone then ring.
San: hello.
Prsn: sir today have metting in delhi with mr. Laksh sinha. Ur flight is in evening.
Sanskar: ok.
At next day sanskar was standing in front of a mansion. Yes he is invited in lak house.
Lak: . Bhai come
San: ya.
After some talk they go to take dinner.
@ dinning table.
Ragini n swara comes taking bowl.
Both was socked.
Lak: ragini see he is my bhai. Actully i live my home for papa. But after 3 years i meet bhai.
Rag: sanskar u come here to. Why u are leaving swara.
Lak: what are u saying ragu.
Ra: lacky u knw about swaras past na. The person is none other than sanskar.
Lak: bhai. Is it true.
San: (guilt) hmm.
San: swara m so…
Before he could say swara ran.
She was about to go upstairs but silped. Swa shout with pain. Ahhh.
Sanskar jump and hold her. they take her to hospital.

@ hospital
sanskar was crying kneet down. Ragini come n make her stand.
San: plz forgive me.
Rag: m no one to forgive u.
Saying this she left.
Doctor come.
Doc:congo. Mr. Maheswri its twin babies but
san: what but.
Doc: ur wife has less time.
San:what do u mean by less time.
Doc: we ask her that she want baby or herself.
San:so u didnt ask us once.(holding doc’s colar) how dare u.
At that time a nurse come n says she calling to sanskar.
Sanskar rush at swaras cavin.
Sanky kneel down.
San: m sorry swara. Plz dont leave me. Plz.plz i will di
before he say swara placed her hand in his lip.
Swa: take care of my children. I will forgive u.
Saying this she closed her eyes. Sanskar shout
7 years leap.
Sanskar was playing with a boy n girl of 7 yrs.
Sahir, sasha eat this .
They both shout. Noo.
A girl from behind: plz.
They turned it was swara.
San: swara plz fed them. M teird.
Sw: ok.
After some time swara came in swasan room.
Swa: now to ur thinking of past leave.
San: how can i forgot that. U were in coma for 3 yrs.
They both hug each other.
The end.

Sock. M swasan fan so how can i seprate them. For sanskar panisment swara was in coma. Hw is it. This is my first os. So plz cmnt.

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