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Thoughts within Life (KKB) Part 11

Prgya: Okay you again fought with goon!
Tania: Yes di but mistake was his, always he comes and you know na dii
Pragya: You know it is useless for me to speak with you!
Tania was about to say something but a voice came Yes it is useless to speak with her,
Pragya turned and her little smile she had on her face got faded off! Same happend with Tania!
Tania in exasperated tone said: No one asked your opinion Mr Taneja by the way you are here? i mean what a pleasant surprise , why you came here? how can I forget this is your home, you can come at anytime and can go at anytime without informing us, well who are we that you will inform to? Just Daughters nothing else right!
Pragya with brittle voice asked tania to leave the matter
Tania in taunting voice: I m asking to leave this Man forever but dii you ….. Well Mr Taneja i know the reason that you came here for, Virat must be coming back from Australia! of coarse!
The person: Tania this is not the way to Talk with your Fath…. before he could speak more Tania cuts him off and says : No No No , don’t , Father? Like seriously? Mr Taneja who had only one son now is saying that he is our father, great, Mr Karan Taneja please!
Pragya wasn’t saying anything to Tania and so Karan said Pragya beta..
Pragya trying to ignore him said :Sir sorry for my sister’s behaviour , Tania this is not the way to talk with Our So called father, i have much work i will be back and yes i m going to meet Fappy so i will be right back after 10 00 pm!
Karan: Fappy? Who is He?
Pragya: I don’t think i need to clarify who he is! Tania i m leaving! bye
Tania: Better , i also need to go and fresh up , Mr Karan please can you give me the side! Saying this both of them left , Karan sat at couch helplessly..

Screen Shifts to Pragya going somewhere by walk:


Pragya was all lost in her thoughts : Why he comes to spoil our mood, whole life he kept ignoring us, i mean like whyy? what’s the need for false sympathy , till this day if me and Tania could live without him and Mom then why every month he comes to meet us , oh not every month, let RD come back from his trip i will share everything with him.

Abhi sees pragya coming and Calls her loudly, pragya doesn’t responds so he goes to her and shakes her and so pragya comes back to senses
Abhi: Where were you lost pragya?
Pragya in low tone: No where
Abhi: Lying is so easy for you but it doesn’t suits you dude!
A smile comes at Pragya’s face but faded off
Abhi: OKay now for sure something is wrong , tell me….
Pragya: Nothing yaar, let’s go into the park!
Abhi says let’s go , they started walking towards Park
Abhi in between said Pragya you know a offer came to me to attend meeting at berlin but i regected it as it was a long process and so i regected!
Pragya: I can’t even get angry over you because we can now never meet!
Abhi gets shocked and stops walking : What , What, What? are you mad
Pragya continues to walk and says: It is the truth and just my assumption!
Abhi continues and walks behind her and says Wow, great Assumption haan?tu ne aakhir yeh assume kiya kesay Mein ne toh kabhi assume nhi kiya (how dare you assumed this thing even i never did)
Pragya: See don’t get angry!
Abhi in irate don’t Angry? Ha wow!
Pragya: See we can’t meet because i m leaving Delhi!

Abhi: Tu ne yeh bol ne ki zehmat bhi kesay uthai, kyun bhai, kyun Delhi chor kr jaa rhy h, or kya hafte k liyea aai thy jo bas aaj k baad milna hee nhi h ( how dare you said like this? And why are you set to leave delhi? So you only came for 1 week right?)

Pragya: see abhi don’t get angry! Mere jaisay hazaron milenagay! ( you will find 1000’s of people like me)
Abhi: yeh keh kr toh tu ne mujhr or boil kr diya( by saying this you made me more angry)
Pragya says But….
Abhi: Chor matti daal iss baat per, mujhe baat hee nhi krni! Galti hee meri h ( Just leave this matter right here! I don’t want to talk about it! Whole mistake was mine)
Pragya: Nhi galti meri thy k m ne assume kiya yeh ( no mistake was mine that i assumed this)
Abhi just stopped walking and pragya started laughing!
Abhi got confused!
Pragya was clapping slowly and was laughing as hard aa she could!
Abhi: Kya? You were joking?
Pragya controlling her laugh: Tera toh poppat ban gaya!
Abhi got irritated
Pragya looking at his irate expressions says:okay fine sorry! That was worst prank!

Abhi without looking at her continued walking, pragya didn’t followed him and stood at her place, at some distance he looked back and saw pragya holding her ears, he came back to pragya and twisted her ear!
Abhi: khud ko samjhti kya h tun, itna ghatiya mazak koi krta h kya, ( what do you think of yourself haan? Who plays worst pranks like this)

Pragya says ouch, chor na fappy dard ho rha h, maanti hun meri galti h itna ghatiya mazak nhi krna chayh tha, ( Leave me na fappy ,it’s paining ,okay i accept that i shouldn’t have played prank like this)

Abhi, it’s first and last time that i m leaving you ,don’t you dare to play this prank again!
Pragya: fine Sir!
Abhi: so let’s go! (toh, chalain)
Pragya: Kahan (where?)
Abhi: Park!
Pragya says we are already near park, look at your left side!
Abhi looks at it and says Dekh teri prank ki waja se raaste bhi bhool raha hun, ( see because of your pranks i m forgetting the ways also)
Pragya: Stop Taunting me!
Abhi: Okay, come let’s go!

Screen shifts to Tania, working at laptop.
Tania: pay gaya siyaapa, iski toh, presentation toh bana li per itna confidence kahan se aayega k sab k saamnay present karun! ( I have already prepared the presentation but how will i present it infront of staff, i don’t have much confidence in me)
The voice comes: You have much potential in yourself beta!
Tania looks at door and sees Karan standing there! She ignores him and continues working at laptop.
Tania:Papa ,i didn’t asked your views!
Tania realised what she said and within the moment she changed her sentence and says Mr Karan i didn’t asked your views!

Karan: I will like it if you call me papa!
Tania: but i won’t like it, you can leave!
Karan: Okay not as a father but i can give you advice as a stranger so can I?
Tania picks the files from bed and place them at side, so karan sat there and said: beta listen ( tania was ignoring eye contact with him and was so continuously working over laptop) you have full confidence in yourself but you are trying to not show it, i was also like you, confused for how would i present my topic infront of everyone but then Dad told me that you have enough confidence in yourself but the thing is you are afraid of showing it so what you need to do is whenever you have to present any presentation just think that the people who are listening to your presentation are trees! Trees have life within them but they can’t talk, speak, listen! So the people who are listening to your presentation are also like trees, they would just listen to you but won’t show any kind of reaction inbetween your presentation!
Tania was looking at laptop but was listening to Karan’s words carefully! Karan felt that Tania paid attention at his words so he smiled and got up from bed,
Karan: Thanks for listening to my words, i hope now you will think in the same way!
Tania nods her head and karan leaves!
Screen again shifts to abhigya who were eating ice cream!
Abhi: pragya don’t you think that you are hiding something from me!
Pragya: No
Abhi: Uncle has came back?
Pragya threw her ice cream wrapper in bin and said yeah!
Abhi: So why are you sad about it?
Pragya, i m not sad but…
Abhi: But?
Pragya: Fappy , you know i m eldest sibling , after me it’s virat and then Tania! You know till 5 years i ws the only child,papa used to pamper me alot and after that Virat came, and after that Tania, in early years of our childhood papa and mummy used to spend their whole time with us, but then papa and mummy parted ways, i was just 16 by the time , virat was 11 and Tania 10! They never realized thar their sepration would have impact on us, after RD, i mean dadu came to know that Mom and dad had already parted ways, he took us trio with him to delhi and then i met you! After 3 years you got shifted to Mumbai, you know it was so painful for me and hard for me, i had no one with whom i could share my secrets! RD used to give his whole time to us, papa and mummy used to visit us time by time, like after 1 week, or 2 or after 1 or 2 months! But their whole love was for virat whenever they used to come to meet us, Virat was the reason, but after virat turned 20, dad sent him to Australia! And then mummy uses to rarely visit us may be 2 or 3 times a year, and papa was also same, they both used to rarely visit me and Tania, Tania got disturbed by this, but soon her love for dad and mummy changed into hatred! Tania is now 22, and she is now able to understand all the matters! Now whenever papa and mummy visit us she calls them by their names and i have never stopped her by doing so because Papa and mummy doesn’t deserves to be called Papa and mummy! I know about their fake concern , They both are always busy in their business! You know na papa is a famous business tycoon but still i joined your company because simply i didn’t wanted to join his! Mummy is also famous Business women, but joining their companies is what i hate, RD has always asked me and tania to join family business but we can’t!
Abhi who was listening to all this held pragya’s hand as he knew pragya needed someone with whom she could share her thoughts and sadness!
Pragya in brittle tone: I know fappy ,you are with me, that is why i shared everything with you!
Abhi:i know pragya, your thoughts are right at your place too! So leave this emotional drama tell me where is RD? I haven’t met him!
Pragya wipes her tears ,smiles and says: Oh yeah he was out for a trip with YOG for 1 and half week, he will be back by day after tomorrow!
Abhi: YGO?
Pragya: Young Old Group!
Abhi laughs a bit and says i m damn sure that you are also the member of that group!
Pragya says Mr, Abhi is related with pragya! So Abhi is aslo the member of group!
Abhi after listening to her sentence got a special feeling within him and screen shifts to the next day!

Pragya was already at home as virat was about to come back ,karan was sitting with her, pragya was busy in her phone! And suddenly Tania came runningly which made karan and her confused!

Tania tightly hugged pragya and said Diiii,finally i did it!
Pragya hugs her back and says i knew it that you can do it! But tell me what you did!
Tania says Dii, presentation without any fear! Finally with full of confidence!
Pragya breaks hug and says That’s great cupcake!
Tania turns to Karan and says Thanks Mr Karan!
Pragya smiles and screen shifts to abhi working in office!

Abhi recalls pragya’s words : As Abhi is related to pragya!
A lone smile forms at his face!
Sooraj comes and says akele akele muskra rahay hain janab, aisy kya baat h( you are smiling within yourself? What’s the reason?)
Abhi: Nothing sooraj! Tell me any work!
Sooraj: Mr Gurbakhshaani is here!
Abhi pats his head and says okay ask him to come in!
Sooraj leaves and the person comes:
Abhi: Mr Gurbakhshaani ,please come, have a seat!
Mr Gurbakhshaani sits and says: Thanks Mr Mehra!
Abhi: I asked Pragya for the presentation ,she said it would be ready after 1 day! So we cam have meeting tomorrow!
Mr Gurbakhshaani: Com’on it’s fine Mr Mehra, we can have meeting any day! I trust you, you are a brilliant person, creative too! All your jewellery designs are always perfect!

Abhi gives a fake smile, Mr Gurbakhshaani continues:
It’s always my pleasure to work with you, the kindest person ever on earth! You are my inspiration ,my motivation! You are my everything , you are a tre business man!
Abhi thinks: Abhi beta, he has starting praising you now he won’t end it, do something or he will praise you even more and you won’t be able to digest!
Mr Gurbakhshaani: You are very friendly and honest person, you are, abhi cuts him off and says Mr Gurbakhshaani that’s so sweet of you, you are always praising me, that’s really sweet! But i have a meeting now so we will have our meeting tomorrow!
Mr Gurbakhshaani gets up, abhi in low tone says Thank God!
Mr Gurbakhshaani: spending quality of time with you was amazing experience! You inspire and motivate me! Thanks and bye! Saying this he leaves! Abhi takes deep breathe and says Finally he went!

Screen shifts to Abhi writing something on Diary!

Hey Memo! Good to see you after days! Today i again met with Mr Gurbakhshaani ,the same person who fakely praises me i mean may be those sentences aren’t fake but the way he praises me makes me feel that he praises me for nothing! There’s a limit for everything , we need to praise the person to that extent that he can digest! Too much praise can harm a person.My teacher used to say, “praise is poison”, because of how it can ruin a good intention into a corrupt one. When we are constantly praised, our weak souls begin to rely and covet this praise, so good deeds are then done solely to hear those words of praise. We should be careful when over praising others! sometimes we praise people in extravagant way and this only hurts the person more! Well bye Memo, i m already so tired well yeah will see you again soon!

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Sorry guys for very irregular updates but what to do i can’t make them regular! Mukund i already told study is my first priority ,i can’t neglect it and that’s why my updates are always irregular ,i m not getting enough time to give you guys regular updates but when i m getting time i m trying to And i can’t even promise for weekend updates! I can’t do anything about it and for about songs that i m adding, it’s because of adding mellow sweetness to text! So yeah i will add them randomly!


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