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Thoughts within Life (KKB) Part 10


You are always getting hyper for no reason Bhai! You need to cool down your anger! And just count for how many times you have made pragya dii upset because of your behavior! You can not count because countless times you have did this! (sooraj was continuously talking to abhi but abhi wasn’t responding as he was all lost in his thoughts)


Abhi to himself in low voice: what bridge was she referring to? What joins two relations?

Sooraj comes near him and lowers his head to listen what he was talking about
Abhi: pragya is always like this ,can not she tell directly the name of bridge, now there are so many Bridges like london bridge and many but what connects two relations?

Sooraj slaps himslef mentally and says my dumbest bhai, she was referring to Trust and faith! Faith is the bridge which connects two relations! And when one person is not having faith in other, the bridge gets weeker!

Abhi says Exactly (gets up from couch) wow sooraj, you are so genius!
Sooraj: Again made pragya dii upset?
Abhi: yeah but i will cheer her up!
Sooraj: How?
Abhi: Just wait and watch!

Screen shifts to pragya working over some files!

Pragya: ughh so hectic! So much work! Someday i m going to die because of the work!
Abhi comes and says hi fuggy
Pragya looks up at abhi and says fappy , please leave me, i have much work! I need to design and then i need to complete some formalities and then i need to make a project for Mr Gurbakhshaani’s meeting! And then i need to finalise some more jewellery designs! And then i need to… Abhi cuts her off as she was talking without taking breath, stop, stop stop, miss pragya! How much will you talk! Who assigned you these much tasks?
Pragya stares abhi
Abhi: What? ….. Oh yeah, i assigned them, but you have 2 weeks for all these tasks!

Pragya: dont disturb me and go please!
Abhi: You know what day it is today?
Pragya: Tuesday
Abhi: No, i m it’s a special day today!
Pragya: it’s neither your birthday nor mine, and about sooraj, tania! Then there’s nothing special!
Abhi: everyone remembers what day is today and you forgot!
Pragya : yeah i forgot, now go and let me do my work! Wait wait i have some work with you, can we go to your cabin?
Abhi: kabhi ,kabhi aisa lagta h k jaisay m nhi tun boss ho! (sometimes i feel like you are the boss, not me)
Pragya: if your worst jokes are over so can we proceed to our work?
Abhi gets irked and says:fine come and they leave to cabin!

Screen shifts to Tania going to office by walk, she sees goon teasing a girl ,she observes that girl is screaming but no one is daring to go and save the girl, she says to herself: where is the hero of this story? Who would save tthis girl now! Tania looks around and says it seems no one is interested in what’s going on so make this scene more interesting! Tania looks around as a safety measure and crosses the road and stops infront of goon!

Girl screams: Help, Help!
Goon laughs and says she will help you?
Tania: who said i will help her? Bro watch me now!
(Tania slaps the girl)
Goon: what’s this?
Tania: bro look she deserved it!
Girl: what?
Tania: Help Help? Who the hell would come to help you? Your prince Charming or your King? Who is so free to help you! Look around , who would help you , that boy (points at a little kid) or that boy (points at a boy at mechanic shop) see sister don’t wait for your mister may be he is busy in creating his life or his identity! look at this goon, what will he do to you? Nothing na?
Goon: what do you mean by nothing! I can do whatever i want to!
Tania: exactly! You can do whatever you want to but this girl, oye what’s your name( asks from the girl)
Girl: Maria
Tania: so Maria be simple yaar, what he wants from you, this ring or the earings? Or the gold you are wearing?
Goon: Listen don’t interfere in our matter!
Tania: but what matter are you talking about?
Goon says listen carefully girl ,go from here if you love your life!
Tania: My life is in office! So you don’t know who my life is so better you don’t interfere!
Goon shouts Ayayyyyy

The people around gets alerted and looks at the goon ,they get together and as usual they made crowd near the goon!
Tania yells: Cheekh mat (don’t scream) kaan k pardey path jayengay, naye waalle mehngay padengay, i can’t afford! ( ear drum would get ruptured and i can’t buy new one’s as i can’t afford)
Goon gets irked and says sister please leave me!
Tania: once you will leave maria!
Goon: i won’t leave her at any cost!
Tania stares at goon, screen shifts to sooraj ,buying some medicines at medical store, he looks at the crowd of people and asks from shopkeeper about what’s happening! Shopkeeper says Roz ka h (it always happens) a girl comes and always insults the goon, don’t know why goon comes always here and gets insulted by the girl ,well girl is really stubborn always slaps the goon! And you know the goon always teases different girl passing by so whenever he does it the girl always insults him! Sooraj laughs and says she must be daughter of hitler! Shopkeeper says you must meet the girl! Sooraj says why not, sooraj leaves to meet Tania(the girl)

Screen shits to Tania saying: see bro, you are always coming here with different girls, i m always insulting you! Don’t you feel that you have self respect! Come with the girl who likes you, you are always forcing girls! Does it suits? No bro! Grow up, be a man!
Goon: I have my self respect but don’t you have!
Sooraj comes there and at same time Tania screems at goon, Ayayyyyyy! Aata maaji satakli (i m getting mad)
Sooraj: Tania?
Tania: I will kill you today!
Sooraj comes infront of tania and says stop it what you are doing?
Sooraj: I must ask you the same question! What are you doing! Leave this goon! Come with me!.
Tania: i would have tolerated if just would have chased this girl but what he said to me? Slef respect! I would kill him
Goon gets some fear over his face seeing Tania’s anger, as tania was looking at sooraj so taking advantage of the situation ,he left Maria there and went!
Sooraj: Calm down cupcake, calm down!
Tania: how can I ( Shw turns and end up seeing goon running away, she yells You will be back tomorrow ,i will kill you! Just wait and watch!
Sooraj holds Tania’s arm and takes her from there!

Screen shifts to Pragya and abhi:
Pragya: blue gems would be best for the earings!
Abhi: Yes Exactly! Why don’t we use blue and black color!
Pragya: Ahm well no i think blue and dark blue would make great combination!
Abhi: Blue and dark Blue.. Well yes we can think ab.. (there convo was disturbed by a knock at door)
Abhi: Come in!
Pragya turns her face and sees the person!
The person comes and hugs abhi!
Abhi: Sunil! Long time bro! How are you!
Sunil: i wanted a help from you!
Abhi: You didn’t answered my question and directly aksed about help! It means you want a help from me because of a girl!
Sunil: you know everything about me!
Abhi: Exactly ,you are my friend so tell me what help you need?
Sunil was about to tell But he notices pragya who was doing some work over files!
Sunil: i have seen her somewhere!
Pragya looks at him and says sunil? Sunil gupta?
Sunil: Pragya? Pragya Taneja? Abhi’s fuggy!
Pragya gets up from her seat and shares a friendly hug with sunil!
Sunil: sorry pragya but i can’t talk to you!
Abhi: tell me your problem man! What help you want?
Sunil: actually rekha , my girlfriend isn’t accepting that she loves me!
Abhi: Okay so meet me at night as seriously i m busy!
Sunil: okay bhai! I will come to your home! Bye pragya, bye abhi!

Abhi: yeh na girls ka hota hee aisa h, mane gi kabhi nhi k they love us! ( it’s always same in girls matter! They never accept about loving someone)
Pragya: excuse me, it’s nothing like that!
Abhi: it’s like that!
Pragya: it’s nothing like that!
Abhi: It is!
Pragya gets annoyed ,she takes her files and leaves from there shutting the door forcefully!
Abhi: Phir naraz (again she got angry on me) abhi smiles!
Screen shifts to pragya working over PC, she is having annoyed expressions over her face!

Abhi folds his arms and stands by the support of wall, he sings :
Ladki kyoon na jaane kyoon ladkon si nahin hoti
(I don’t know why women can’t be like men)
Pragya gets stunned and looks at abhi, whole staff’s attention gets diverted to abhi! Abhi smiles and shares hi fi with the staff and pulls the cheek of a girl (music is in background)
pragya nods her head in disbelief,abhi looks at her and sings:

Sochti hai zyaada, kam voh samajhti hai – 2
(They think too much, they understand too little)
Pragya stares him ,he continues: Dil kuch kehta hai, kuch aur hi karti hai

(Their hearts say one thing, they do something else)
Pragya continues her work, abhi gets annoyed and continues:
Ladki kyoon na jaane kyoon ladkon si nahin hoti – 2

(I don’t know why women can’t be like men)

Pragya gets up from her seat,takes her bag and leaves the office, abhi follows her and continues:
Sochti hai zyaada, kam voh samajhti hai

(They think too much, they understand too little)

Dil kuch kehta hai, kuch aur hi karti hai

(Their hearts say one thing, they do something else)
Ladki kyoon na jaane kyoon ladkon si nahin hoti – 2
(I don’t know why women can’t be like men)
Abhi takes example of sunil, and while following pragya, he sings:
Pyaar use bhi hai magar shuruaat tumhi se chaahe
(She also is in love, but she wants you to start things)

Khud mein uljhi uljhi hai par baalon ko suljhaaye

She is entangled within herself but she lets her hair loose
Abhi stops pragya and turns her, he with his voice says: I mean you’re all the same yaar
Hum achhe dost hain, par us nazar se tumko dekha nahin

“We’re good friends, but I haven’t seen you in that way”

Voh sab to theek hai par us baare mein maine socha nahin

“That’s all fine, but I haven’t thought about that”

Pragya nods her head in disbelief , she stops at bus stop, abhi continues singing:
Sab se alag ho tum yeh kehke paas tumhaare aaye

“You’re different than everyone else,” saying that she comes close

Aur kuch din mein tum mein alag sa Kuch bhi na usko bhaaye

And in a few days she won’t like anything unique in you

Pragya ignores him and turns her face, abhi comes infront of her and says:
Uff, yeh kaisi shirt pehente ho
(“What kind of shirt are you wearing?”)

Yeh kaise baal kataate ho
Look how you get your hair cut”

Gaadi tez chalaate ho, tum jaldi mein kyoon khaate ho
“You’re driving the car too fast, why are you eating so fast?”

Gimme a break!
Pragya gets irritated she leaves from there ,abhi continues: Tumhe badalne ko paas voh aati hai

To change you she comes close to you

Tumhe mitaane ko jaal bichhaati hai

To destroy you, she sets a trap

Baaton baaton mein tumhe phasaati hai

In words, she gets you stuck

Pehle hasaati hai, phir bada rulaati hai

First she makes you laugh, then she really makes you cry

Pragya gets irked, she goes at tea stall and sits there! Abhi continues:
Ladki kyoon na jaane kyoon ladkon si nahin hoti – 2

I don’t know why women can’t be like men
The man brings 1 cup of tea ,abhi pleads her to give her the sip, pragya takes the cup with her, she gives money to the person, she was about to leave but seeing abhi. She gave the cup. Abhi took a sip of it and ended up wasting whole tea as he didn’t liked the tea, pragya laughed at this, she took her bag and started singing:

Ae itna hi khud se khush ho to peechhe kyoon aate ho

Hey, if you’re so happy with yourself then why do you come after us?

Phool kabhi to hazaar tohfe aakhir kyoon laate ho

Why do you bring flowers sometimes, a thousand gifts after all?
Abhi looks at her, pragya while teasing abhi says:
Apna naam nahin bataaya aapne, coffee peene chalenge?

“You haven’t told me your name, do you want to go drink coffee?”

Main aapko ghar chhod doon, phir kab milenge?

“I’ll drop you home, when will we meet again?”

Abhi gets surprised ,pragya continuess singing:Bikhra bikhra bematlab sa toota phoota jeena
You lead a scattered, meaningless, broken life

Aur kehte ho alag se hai hum taanke apna seena

And you say that you’re different, crossing your heart

Bheega toya kahin farsh pe, toothpaste ka dhakkan kahin

A wet towel on the rug, the toothpaste cap lying somewhere

Kal ke moze ulat ke pehne, waqt ka kuch bhi hosh nahin

Wearing yesterday’s socks inside out, you have no sense of the time

Pragya gives the answer for abhi’s question for why women can’t be like man? She continues:
Jeene ka tumko dhang sikh laati hai

They teach you the manners of living

Tumhe jaanwar se insaan banaati hai

They turn you from animals into human beings

Uske bina ek pal reh na sakoge tum

Without them you cannot live a moment

Usko pata hai yeh keh na sakoge tum

They know that you can’t say that

Is liye ladkiyaan ladkon si nahin hoti – 2

This is why women are not like men

Abhi gets irritated of her answer and continues singing:

Jaane kaun kaunse din voh tumko yaad dilaaye

Who knows what days she will remind you of

Pyaar ko chaahe bhool bhi jaaye, taarikhein na bhulaaye

She may forget about love, but she’ll never forget dates

Pragya gets annoyed and slaps herself mentally , abhi laughs and says:
1st March ko nazar milaayi, chaar April ko main milne aayi

“Our eyes met on March 1st, I came to meet you on April 4th”

Ikkis May ko tumne chhua tha, chhe June mujhe kuch hua tha

“You touched me on May 21st, something happened to me on June 6th”
Pragya gives him a drastic look and continues:

Ladkon ka kya hai kisi bhi mod pe voh mud jaaye

Who knows about men, they may turn around at any turn

Abhi kisi ke hain, abhi kisi aur se voh jud jaaye

Now he is someone’s, and next he will join with someone else

Abhi signs no, pragya says:
Tumhaare mummy daddy ghar pe nahin hai

“Your mom and dad are not home?”

Great, main aa jaaoon?

“Great, should I come over?”

Tumhaari friend akeli ghar jaa rahi hai

“Your friend is going home alone”

Bechaari, main chhod aaoon? Uff!

“Poor thing, should I drop her off?”

Abhi continues:
Ek haan kehne ko kitna dehlaati hai

To say “yes” once, she makes you dance around so

Thak jaate hain hum voh jee behlaati hai

We get exhausted, she convinces us

Pragya again tries to give answer for abhi’s question:
Voh sharmaati hai, kabhi chhupaati hai

She gets shy, sometimes she hides

Ladki jo haan keh de, use nibhaati hai

When a girl says yes, she stands by it

Is liye ladkiyaan ladkon si nahin hoti

This is why women are not like men…
Pragya sings the last line for about more than 5 times, abhi gets annoyed and says Stoppppp!
Pragya says i already stopped! My house has came now you can go!
Abhi: this is cheating!
Pragya says byeee!
Abhi: Ridiculous you are!
Pragya smiles and while going into her house she says That’s why girls are not like boys!

Abhi smiles a little and says crazy person!

screen shifts to sooraj and Tania:

Sooraj: you are seriously mad! What if something would have happened to you!
Tania:Nothing can harm me! Nothing can happen to me!
Sooraj: tu toh karan h MAHAbharat ka ,kawaj pehn kr dharti pe jo utra h (Exactly you are Karan of Mahabharata na, you were born with the divine armour)
Tania laughs and screen shifts to Pragya writing something over her diary!

I know diary, it’s still evening and i do write my thoughts at night but what do i can not resist myslef from telling you the thought that arose in my mind today! Okay it is Being Thankful! Today i observed everything of my life and ended up saying Thanks, Thanks and Thanks! To whom? My Savior! The Omnipotent ,The omnipresent , My God!today i really observed everything and ended up seeing numerous favors that God has given to me and still i ask Him for the little things! I m not always being thank ful, I complain to Him for not being with me but today i realised that He was always with me but i wasn’t with him! God says to which of My favors will you deny! i m dumbstruck with the favors he has given to me! these favors are countless! He gave me this day to live! He gave me this moment to enjoy, he gave me the parents, the siblings. The cousins ,the friends! He gave me a normal life,He gave me that much potential through which i can fight the world, I can Talk, I can write. i can read, I can listen! I can do everything! And now which of the favors of Lord will I deny? I m much Thank ful to Him so let’s take a moment and Thank Him for the favors ,He has given to Us! And His one of precious favor is that he has turned each relationship into friend! I can be friend with mom, dad, siblings! With everyone i can be friend! And the one best friend He has given to me is the one Who would never betray me at any point of life and He is Himself(God) , Who is always there to support me no matter what! Okay diary byee! I need to go now!

Pre recap: it means abhi is realted to pragya!


Okay so first of all sorry guys for not very frequent updates and wrong pre recap! To neutralize it, I just made this epi much longer! Hope you liked it! Prathi seriously sorry because of assignments i forgot to mention the name! But thanks to everyone out there! You guys are truly awesome! And yeah it’s friendship day so Happy friendsip day! Make your friends feel special about how much they matter in your life! Aytac and Riya ,thanks for making this day special for me! I already said no one ever did but you guys are best! Maya, Nivethitha ,sharaya, reji, Reshma ,Maahi, trisha, Shriti, Nirmal , Fatima, durga, sandhya, mukund, durga,elinor, aditi roy, Roli, sugan, abhigya, pinky,Prathi, Rose, Monesha, Seethidisha, vigan, nonosh, nannu, Saakshi, Varsha, Tharu, Riyadcruz, Aaushi Jain, Anjalyk, I hope now i have mentioned each person’s name who motivates me! Thanks to all of you guys for making me feel that my dumb creativity is somehow up to mark, haha! Thanks to all of you and sorry if i m forgetting anyone! Enough of my bak bak, i should leave now! Haha bye guys! Wait Happy friendship day and now Thanks to the person of my life who makes me feel the way I m, i mean special. She is always there for me to handle my senseless dramas, the first random person whom i m in contact with each day! She is the girl who has always inspired me and bore every senseless argument of mine! Of coarse Surbhi! Thank you so much Surbhi! Thanks! Thanks, thanks, thanks! I love you sis!

Trisha: i read your all updates ,but Tu isnt accepting the comments so as usual you rock!

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