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This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 24

Hiiiiii guys …..hw u all
Cant just explain how much overwhelmed I was to get ur wishes thank u so so sooo much only u guys made my day tht day I m really feeling guilty for nt able to cmnt to each nd every 1 in personal….but pls pls pls do trust me tht each nd every single word just goes directly to my heart. Thank u guys

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Episode 11

Episode 23

So now let’s start the epi

Present day
Taneja mansion (Amritsar)

#Twinkle’s room

Twinkle’s POV

“Mahiiiii!” Was the word I screamed when I saw her. Without even wasting a sec I hugged her as tightly as I could. After 5 yrs yaar ofcourse I would hug her like tht. She too was not willing to leave me but ws both disparted after a while “my cute little angel…..I missed u a lot” said mahi. “Even I missed u” I said holding back my tears. “After 5 years twinkle…..can u just believe tht!” Said mahi “hmm….then I went to California nd u….” I said “to Paris” completed mahi but suddenly smthing strikes me “where is he!” I exclaimed “here my love” I heard a voice from the door “UV!!!!” I shouted nd ran to him for giving him a bone crushing wala hug….I literally jumped on him. He spined me around nd kept me down “how r u uv….oops….sorry sorry jija ji (brother in law) !” I exclaimed teasingly “o cm on twinkle don’t call me dat if a hot girl will make me her brother in law then it will be my insult” said uv pinching me on my waist

“See see mahi….he is flirting with her sali (SIL)” I said “arre yaar u both started ur fights again” said mahi which made us laugh….it was so good to remince the past

Leaving one moment of past.

“So for how much time u guys are in Amritsar?” I asked “at least 6 months” replied mahi “what!” I exclaimed joyfully ” why! I mean is tht possible…leaving all ur work in Paris” I said still doubting them ” arre arre we r hear to visit yr concerts re! Nd the song which ur writing right now….. Ur first Hindi song right?” Said uv “the really sweet if u guys but my concerts in india will end within 2 months it is not gonna last till 6 months” i said ” ya twinkle actually uv has got a contract here thts why 6 months” said mahi.

End of twinkle’s POV



@ Kunj’s mansion …….in his room

Kunj’s POV
I was there….. In my room remebering all the moments spent with twinkle. It was all so overwhelming ….how I wish tht moments got freezed then nd there only…..atleast I would not hv to stay far from my life…..from twinkle. Not matter how much I try but still I m not able to forget tht day of my life…..the secret which I had to hide from twinkle.
……..End of Kunj’s POV……
Kunj closed his eyes nd a tear felt from his eye.

End of present

#taneja mansio

……..Kunj’s POV………

Yuhi went to mandir to visit leela aun….maa. Twinkle went to upstairs to discuss smthing with chinki. Now me nd unc…..dad r left. “Thank u so much dad….” I said but was interuppted by him “sir” he replied “sorry!” I exclaimed as I didnt understood anything “call me sir!” He said in a quite frustrating voice “but from now u r going to be my father in law as I m going to marry twi….” I said “don’t even speak my daughter’s name from yr dirty mouth” he said…..all the while I was boggled…..numb….not knowing wat was happening

“Vaise I m looking for a good life partner for my daughter……….. For twinkle with whom she can be happy…..will u pls help in selection” he continued swapping pics if few guys in his ipad. It seemed as if I was not standing on ground. My heart…..my heart was beating as if it was struggling to get out of my body. I felt like sm1 stabbed my life. “S.ss…ir but I and twinkle r already g…getting married….aren..t we!” I said choking world’s in my trachea “ofcource NOT!” he said throwing the iPad on sofa. “How did even u though in yr wildest dreams tht u will marry my princess The twinkle taneja! Hv u ever seem yr position…..ur just my right shoe!” He said in a completely harsh voice making my eyes to spill out tears “sir….pls don’t say tht…..we both love eo truely” I said with a shaky voice “love….haha….love is just a four word letter Mr kunj sarna……money…..

it is the word which is needed in a relationship….. What do u know abt twinkle’s needs…..50,000…….50,000 is her weekly shopping cost. She needs a new latest phone every 2 months…..she cannot even sleep with ac in her room…..she doesn’t have a need to cook…she has a habit of sleeping in her cosy double sprinted mattress……nd u….just ask ur heart will u be able to give her this comfort….if ur heart says yes then I m ready to give u my daughter’s hand….” He said. The feeling which I was going through cannot be explained in words. It was sobbirepliedS a maniac. My hear knew tht I will not be able to provide her all the comforts. “say na! Will u be able to provide her all the luxuries SPILL IT OUT KUNJ SARNA” he shouted making me scared nd I simply nodded my head in no. “I like ur honesty” he replied

“But sir…..what abt our love….what abt twinkle….will she be able to live without me?” I said

“U don’t need to worry abt that” he replied quickly. I only knew how I much efforts I had to make to speak at tht tym. I just wanted to lock myself into a room nd cry my heart out.I cannot afford to loose my twinkle….never ever. I will not be able to live without her. I closed my eyes for a moment nd just thought of the moments tht me nd twinkle spent together…. Ya tht was tht best thing I did…..it really provided me with strength to sag those words which I was going to say “I need a chance to prove myself” I said. Be thought for a while nd “OK….given” he said. I think the confidence I my words….the confidence in my love for twinkle made him say tht…..I closed my eyes tightly to gather strength to sy tht next sentence as it was the most difficult decision for me “I m leaving Amritsar…..

Twinkle……for smtym……I will cm back only when I will be as rich as u….then I will proudly ask for ur daughter’s hand” I said “okay” he replied….”.how much time do u need ?” He continued “the tym will cm very soon” I immediately answered. “Till then u will hv to ditch twinkle……nd mind u ….if u will tell anything abt our this conversation…. Tht very moment I will snatch yr chance from u…..moreover I will snatch yr twinkle from u….I don’t want my daughter to be miffed with me….D. I. D. U. GET. THAT?” he exclaimed…. I nodded in yes…..I was really feeling helpless at tht tym. “Dad….how can u do this to kunj!” I heard a girl’s voice.

To be continued….

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