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This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!! Epi:-07

Hii.. Guyss so her comes Dhaani Kaur with her sweet diary…

The epi name is….
Now my turn.. To say..?


Epi starts with Dhaani sitting in front of the camera ? but is dreaming.. Thunder,lighting occurs… Dhaani shouts Viplav.. Viplav come running ? and hugs Dhaani too.. Dhaani shyly looks at camera ? Viplav looks at Dhaani and says bangayi Red rose ? and taunts her.. Viplav looks at camera ? and says oh,poor girl ? Got frightened ? U guyss will b thinking ? hw Cme I here na..thn have a look..

FB starts.. Vidha are lost in dreams.. In thr respective house ? Bth are thinking abt thr all hugging ? scenes,Proposing moments,red bangles scenes… Viplav calls ? Dhaani.. Dhaani answers the Call ?… Viplav asks Y not a dinner ? tonight together.. Dhaani smiles ? & says Just dinner ?.. Viplav says aur kya??(& wat)yup.. Only dinner or else em.. Speak out speak out.. Wat all u thought.. Naughty ?!!naughty ?!!! Dhaani shyly says Viplav… Viplav says yup.. I knw u became a red ? ross now… Dhaani looks at the mirror and says how come u knw I became red.. Viplav says I knw u just the way u knw me…. ? Dhaani says okay baba.. I’ll come and thy have a general talk later by and disconnects the call ? FB ends…

Wat come I knw a trouble was waiting for me… U’ll be thinking ? wat trouble na.. Viplav pushes Dhaani and says have a look.. Dhaani looks at Viplav.. Viplav smiles ? and ? winks..

Vidha are entering into a hotel ? Viplav is wearing a rare green T-shirt ? and jeans ? Dhaani and pink sleeveless top and shorts.. Waiter ? looks at Viplav and asks Mr. And Mrs. Viplav Tripathi.. Viplav whispers into Dhaani’s ears ? Red Rose ? math bano.. And laughs ? Dhaani looks at Viplav in a cute angry ? manner.. Viplav says bangayi bangayi red rose ? and laughs ? Dhaani says waiter bhaia hum hai Tripathi.. (Dhaani says to waiter.. Yeah.. We are Tripathi)
Come in sir ? says Waiter.. And takes them into a room.. Dhaani looks at Waiter & Viplav in a confused ? manner… Wait and watch says Viplav… Sir,this ur room says Waiter… Viplav thanksss the waiter and he leaves… Viplav says chalo.. Dhaani says watt ? Viplav says bharosa rakho bharosa (Keep trust)and laughs ? Viplav opens the door ? and says come in … Dhaani enters the room.. Rose petals fall on her… Dhaani smiles ? looking at Viplav.. And feels the love in the petals.. Dhaani moves on and sees the room decorated viplav says only me and u is here right now.. Viplav senses Dhaani being a bit uncomfortable and asks her.. Dhaani any problem… Hope u r comfortable here!! Or else I can reserve a table.. Dhaani says no it’s ? ? in a bit scared ? manner… Viplav gives Dhaani a cup of water ? and asks her to be comfortable.. Dhaani drinks ? the water and looks all around the room…

Viplav says wait and switches on the tv ? Dhaani looks at Viplav… Viplav keeps a channel and says now we are not alone… These TV ? stars are along with us.. Dhaani smiles ? and hugs Viplav… Viplav says I can understand ur ? fear… Every girl ? will have a fear ? whn she is alone with a boy ? Bt Dhaani I’ll make sure I won’t tat I’ll make u comfortable and never cross my limits… Dhaani smiles ? and says sorry for not believing in you.. ? Viplav says no need of sorry,because I know the fear ? and smiles ? Viplav says lets have food ? They both feed each other the food ? Ishq ishq plays ?After having there food… Viplav says now it’s ur time… Dhaani gives a confused ? look…

Viplav says ah,it’s now u have to confess ur love… Dhaani says.. I said Viplav says ah,bt in unconscious state… Dhaani says.. Bt.. Viplav looks at her sadly ? Dhaani says ok baba… I’ll say.. I.. I… I.. La… Laa…lov…viplav laughs ? and says come here… Dhaani goes close to Viplav.. Viplav says look into my eyes ? thy share an eyelock… Concentrate in to my eyes… See the love ? in my eyes ? which is a reflection of the love ? u gave me… And then say those wrds.. And mean it.. Bolna song ? plays ? dhaani looks In to Viplav’s eyes ?.. &says I love ? u Viplav and hugs him. Ishq bulava ? song ? plays… FB ends

I LOVE ? YOU ? the 3 magical words… Hw difficult it is to say but if u love ❤ someone deeply and truly those 3 magical words will become easy to say.. After that Viplav dropped me here.. And ☔rain started.. Kusum,the servant, was having some personal problems and went to her house ? since I’m not even afraid ? of thunder as u all knw I askd Viplav to stay to night ? and Viplav says.. Tats hw I’m here… And hugs Dhaani.. And leans to kiss ? her.. Dhaani says Viplav and points the camera ? Viplav says This is Dhaani says Dhaani Kaur signing off!!

So hw was the epi…. Hws the way Viplav behaved with Dhaani…

Dhaani being afraid.. Do u think it was because Dhaani didn’t love Viplav…

The way Viplav helped Dhaani say those 3 magical words.. ?

Hope u all love the epi..
Meet u with an another epi.. Till then meet u in the cmnt box?

I’m crazy!! I’M sweet!!I’M lovely ?

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