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The stupid lion and the cute lioness (chapter 20)

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Swara’s pov

I lied on the bed trying to relax. My mind went on journeying. I don’t know where I was ? I just wanted a place to relax and I went out. I walked a lot through the nature’s beauty. I didn’t knew that time went on and it was really late when I became aware of that and I rushed back here.

Here I saw Sanky tensed. He was tensed for me. But I somehow managed to give him an ultaseedha jawab.

I found Sanky also lying and decided to get some sleep.

I don’t know after how much time it happened.

There was a click on the door and a hooded person came inside. I screamed but that person rushed towards me and covered my mouth. Then he took me forcefully from there, while I went on screaming.

I opened my eyes and found myself on the bed. Oh god!!! It was a bl**dy dream. I really gets angry and upset. I tried to get back my sleep but I couldn’t as I really found a shadow near the window.

Oh god!!! Is the dream really gonna come true !!!

I got off the bed tensed and I moved towards the couch without making sound. I also found the shadow moving towards the door.

” Sanskar ” , I muttered as I reached the couch but I think he was far too asleep to hear anything.

I muttered his name 2 or 3 times but there was no use. I cursed him but I heard the sound of the key turning and I abandoned my efforts to wake him.

Why the hell I need his help ? I am a karate expert and I could manage all this alone.

And I took a flower vase in my sweaty hand and hide behind the door.

My heart beat was increasing with each second and at last the door opened. A hand came through it. Without wasting a second I hit that hand with the flower vase in my hand with all my strength.

” Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ”

That scream.. That sound’s really familiar.

I switched on the light as fast as I could to find Sanky with his hand bleeding really badly.

Oh my god!! What I have done ?

He looked at me and asked the same question.

I got tensed and I searched for the first-aid box. But it was nowhere to be found.

Shit !! Why things are never seen when we need them the most.

Atlast I lost hope on it and I dragged him and made him sit on the bed. Then with all my force I teared a part of the cloth I was wearing and tied it on his wound with my shivering hands. I looked into his eyes which was looking at mine while my hands were still working. He was not just looking at me simply. There was something that I couldn’t understand.

Nai Jeena Tere Baaju
Nai Jeena,Nai Jeena
Nai Jeena Tere Baaju
Nai Jeena, Nai Jeena
Nai Jeena Tere Baaju
Nai Jeena, Nai Jeena
Nai Jeena Tere Baaju
Nai Jeena,Nai Jeena

Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na Tere Bina Lagda Jee
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na Tere Bina Lagda Jee
Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera
Main Karoon Intezar Tera
Tu Dil Tui yon Jaan Meri
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na Tere Bina Lagda Jee
Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera
Main Karoon Intezar Tera
Tu Dil Tui Yon Jaan Meri
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na Tere Bina Lagda Jee

Mere Dil Ne ChunLaiya Ne
Tere Dil Diyaan Raahan
Tu Jo Mere Naal Tu Rehta
Turpe Meriyaan Saaha
Jeena Mera Haaye
Hun Hai Tera Ki Main Karaan
Tu Kar Aitbaar Mera
Main Karoon Intezar Tera
TuDil Tui yon Jaan Meri
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na TereBina Lagda Jee

Ve Changa Nahion Keeta Beeba
Ve Changa Nahion Keeta Beeba
Dil Mera Tod Ke
Ve Bada Pachtaiyan Akhan
Ve Bada Pachtaiyan Akhan
Naal Tere Jod Ke
Tenu Chadd Ke Kithe Jawan
Tu Mera Parchhanvaa
Tere Mukhde Vich Hi Main Taan
Rab Nu Apne Pawaan
Meri Dua Haaye
Sajda Tera Kardi Sadaa
Tu Sun Iqraar Mera
Main Karoon Intezar Tera
TuDil Tuiyon Jaan Meri
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki
Na Tere Bina Lagda Jee

Atlast I completed it and again raised my head and looked at him. His gaze had not left me. Without wasting another second I threw my hands around him into a bone crushing hug. He reciprocated and I didn’t leave him for a while. I rested in the same position which was the most comfortable for me in the world. Tears formed in my eyes and it started to fall. It’s only then I realised our position. I quickly fall back.

I quickly wiped the tears turning my head so that he can’t see me doing that. Buy when I raised I came to know he was staring at me through the reflection in the mirror.

Stupid !!!! How could I forget that there’s a mirror. I cursed myself.

Then I turned to other side not facing him but staring straightly at the wall.

” I’m not sry. ” I said trying to make my voice steady.

” For what ? ” He shot.

” For what ? For hitting u with that vase of course. ” I said without turning at him.

” I can see that. ”

I fall silent because I was not getting anything by which I could argue.

There was a dead silence for few minutes and it was broken by him of course with his groaning.

” Ah.. Its paining so much. ” He was saying.
It was clear that it was acting and I don’t know after knowing that too, why he’s doing it.

” You deserved it ” I shot. It was playing on my tongue for sometime. Whether to say it or not.

” Deserve ? ”

” U should have expected something like this to happen if u come in like a theif at midnight. ” I said.

” I didn’t come like a thief. ” He said.

” Even if u don’t, the time will make it seem like that. ” I said. ” And by the way, what were u doing outside, this much late. ”

“It’s none of ur business ” He shot just in the same I did when he asked me where I went.

” K then. Then maybe next time the target region may change from hand to head. ” I said and went over to the couch and crouched on it. I took a magazine and I slid under it. My sleep was long lost and I was not bothered to get it back.

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