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the soul of my life (promo)

Hi guys missed me……. Sry for making u people wait. Actually I had my exams so couldn’t give u updates. So before going to story I want to give u promo hope u all like it. So here we go.

Mishti: yash…..
Shek: what mishti why r u remembering him now. I don’t know where he is?
Mishti: no shekhar see there…(pointing to someone)
Shek: where… He also sees that side n was stunned to see him.
Shek: yash….. Is he really yash…omg…mishti m I dreaming…pinch me.
Mishti: shekhar it’s not a dream he is here I can see him…
Shek: come let’s go to him. Today I’ll give him left n right for leaving us n especially shona….
Mishti: calm down shekhar we will meet him come…
They go to meet that person…..
Shekhar keeps his hand on his shoulder while he sat on a chair facing opposite to them….
He turns towards them..
Person: yes…..
Shekhar immediately with out waiting for a second takes him into a bone crushing hug…..
Shemish sees him with love mixed expressions…
Shek: where have u gone yash we were waiting for u. U know how much we missed u….
Mishti: shekhar give him a chance to tell u.
While all this the person was staring them confused.
Mishti sees him.
Mishti: what hppnd yash why r u looking at us like that.
Shek: n where were u all this while. Why r u not speaking?
Mishti: I think by seeing us his happiness has no bounds. He is not getting any words…..right yash.
Person: who r u????
Soon shemish faces become blank.
Mishti: yash what r u talking. U don’t know us…
Shek: I think he is joking….
Person: sry to say but I didn’t see before. N by the way m not yash. My name is sanskar…. I don’t know who this yash is….
Shemish: what???
Sanky: n yeah sry to say I think u have mistaken me for someone.
Shek: what u don’t remember us. At least not we do u remember shona…
Sanky: shona…..
Shek: ha shona…. U used to stay with her.
Sanky(in mind): how did they know shona…may be I think they r talking abt other girl. So many people have same names……


Sanky: sry but I don’t know who is this shona….
He gets a call….
Sanky: ha Ravi ok… Excuse me… He leaves to other side to talk.

Screen shifts to ABC clg…

Lak: ragini I dont know any cheesy lines. So m coming to the point straightly….ragini I don’t know when where why but I fell in love with u. With ur behaviour. U attitude ur naughtiness. I have no words to describe u because u r so special. I can’t imagine my life without u…. I want to walk with u talk with u for hours n play with our children. I want to make u happy by my love…. I just need ur hand. I laksh maheshwari is asking the great ragini whether she woukd like to take the privilege of holding my hand.
All this while ragini was standing numb….
Lak: ragini I was waiting for an answer…
Rag: sry laksh but I can’t love u. Sry for breaking ur heart. I think we should discontinue our friendship. U r getting me wrong.
Lak: ragini ok u don’t love me but don’t break our frndshp.
Rag gets a call…..
Rag: sry laksh its over plz understand. Saying this she goes from there….

Laksh left heart broken.
Rags goes on her scooty. She stops the scooty on the way on a lonely place….
She cries remembering laksh…
Rag: sry laksh I can’t tell u how much I love u. But we can’t be together. M sry laksh m sry. U don’t know how much it is difficult to say no. Plz forgive me n see another girl…..

So guys what do u think why shemish are calling sanky as yash?
Do swara know sanky before?
Why is ragini rejecting laksh? What may be the reason?

Hey dudes sry for being late… I hope u like this promo…. Sry if I disappoint u. Tell me ur opinion through comments. M waiting…

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