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The soul of my life…. Episode 8 ” I love u ragini “

Hi guys missed me. Yeah me too… But m back now. I will try to give regular updates from now on. Guys if u want anything in the epsiodes plz tell me ill try to write.K I’ll start the episode now.
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Recap: sanky mesmerized to see swara, shemish return. Swaraglak meeting.


Here is the episode.
Sanky: ha Mr. Varma. Tomorrow new PA is coming tell her abt work. I’ll come somewhat late tomorrow.
Varma:yes sir..
Sanky: ha how is ur sister
Varma: good sir. Aakhir she got another bro like u.
Sanky: kk now u may leave.

Varma: sir….
Sanky: yes Mr.varma
Varma: tq sir…
Sanky: varma if she is my sister then r u not my brother. Koyi brother ko tq boltha hai…
Varma leaves….

Scene shifts to raglak clg
Lak: arey Yar when will he go. He is taking class since 45 min… When will he cmplt his boring lecture.

Karan: ha laksh he isn’t going now.
Here rajeev is seen sleeping.
Lak: arey see his work is good. Kamse kam he is sleeping.
Karan: arey Yar see he is going.
Lak: thank God.

Rag: guys he has gone come let’s go to canteen.
Karan: yeah guys come.
Rajeev: ha guys come let’s go.
Lak: ohh hooo majnu apna laila ko dekhna hai.
Reena: guys wats going on…
Raj: ntng Reena. He sees karlak n gives plz keep quite look.
Rag: guys come na.
All goes to canteen.

Rageena goes to counter.
Lak: arey rajeev cant to express ur fee ngs to her.
Raj: no Yar. I can leave by staring her but if I propose her n if she break our frndshp I can’t bear it.
Lak: I don’t know why u people think like that. If u love someone u shld express it. Show some courage man.

Karan: yar lucky if u have loved then u will come to know how it is difficult to express ur feelings.
Lucky: Yar when will I love na I’ll definitely tell her my feelings.
Raj: but karan r u hiding something from us.
Karan: y r u asking like that.
Lak: ha rajeev I also think the same. Karan do u..
Karan: what lak
Raj: do u love someone.

Kar: what made u think like that.
Lak: karan if u have anyone tell us.
Kar thinks abt someone n unknowingly smiles….
Raglak: ohooo see someone is blushing thinking agt their love.
Kar: ntng like that yar.
Raj: arey karan why r u hiding from us. We r frnds right tell us who she is.
Karan: ragini…..

Lak was shocked to hear that.

Scene shifts to Bose mansion.
Mishti: m happy that u r working to achieve ur identity but don’t take too stress plz. Now tell me how is ur health. Feeling better.
Swara: yeah mom
Shek: all the best. Do well in the office. I know my daughter will do the best. Aakhir khun kiski. Swashek hugs each other.
Mishti pouts: aww how mean u both forgot me.
SWA: maa…..
All three have grp hug.

Scene shifts to clg
Raj: wow that’s a great news..hai na laksh
Laksh(fake smile): haaaa great news guys.
(In mind) what is happng to me why m not happy with this news. I should be happy after all my frnd is in love. Lucky kya ho rah hai…
Raj: laksh what r u thinking.
Lak: ntng
Kar: arey Yar once listen to my whole talk..
Raj: kk tell.
Kar: I thought I love ragini becoz I can’t stay even a second not thinking abt her.
Lak( with a hope): then…
Kar: but then I realised that she is not my better half.
Laksh felt relieved….

Raj: then whom u r thinking abt.
Kar: well I don’t know who is she but I saw her thrice near the jogging plot.
Lak: u don’t know abt her. Then what made u think that u love her.
Kar: frst when I saw her in the park I was mesmerized to see her. I thought as she was beautiful it’s an attraction. But after when I saw her helping some poor children I used to see her in my dreams.
Raj(interested): when did their meeting happen
Kar: yesterday she was fighting with a pani Puri stall person
Laksh: what she is fighting n u were saying u like that
Kar: arey lucky u are always in a hurry.
Lucky: arey m not in a hurry but u r slow. Now continue

Kar: actually she is fighting for a kid.
Raj: arey she has a child n u love her. Sharam kar karan
Kar: shutup raj she is not married.
Lucky: then before marrg only she has a child. Now I got it. He don’t love her he wanted to help her. Wahhh m proud of u mere Bhai..

Kar: shutup u both. Frst listen to the total conversation. Actually she is fighting for a kid who is a beggar the stall man tried to fool him by taking more money. So she helped.
Lak: ohhh u fell for her helping nature. But u said u don’t know anything abt her na…
Kar: though I don’t know abt her I’ll find out.
Raj: determined.. Good.

Soon rageena(ragini+Reena) joined them n they left for their houses….

At ngt mm
Lak: lucky what happnd to u why u felt sad when karan told ragini is his love… He then remembered his n raginis moments with her.. Then he smiles remembering her unknowingly.do I love her…
Lucky: lucky I think u r thinking more.. No no no u r thinking less(his heart says)
Mind: no more how can u love her don’t u remember how u both fight.
Heart: but love starts from fights n frndshp only…
Mind: no Yar it’s not true. It’s just an attraction. Dnt name it as love
Heart: no it’s love. Think lucky how u feel when she is with u. How do u felt when karan told her as his love

Mind: I said na it’s just an attraction.
Heart: no love.
Mind: no attraction
Heart: no love

Mind: attraction
Frustrated with this he suddenly shouts to stop…
Lucky: lucky I think u can’t sleep with this confusion. Only one person can help u….yes go to her…
He goes to someone’s room
Lucky: arey meera get up..(yes she is his sis meera)
Meera(sleepy): what hppnd Bhai…why u woke me at this time.
Lucky: I need help meera.
Meera: help OK but tomorrow now m sleepy…
Lucky: arey kumbhkaran ki behen listen…
Meera: Bhai pls dnt disturb me.
Lucky: plz meeru darling I have no one to help in this matter…
Meera: OK….jaldi bathayiye

Lucky: meera if u have a dbt that u love someone how to confirm it.
Meera(shocked as well as happy): wow my Bhai is in love… It’s a great news…
Lucky: arey meera ntng like that..plz tell me what should we do to confirm it.
Meera: sry Bhai I don’t know….
Lucky’s face became pale

Meera: but….his face lits up
Meera: I heard from my frnds that if u truly love someone then u will feel happy around them n will feel jealous when u see her with someone close. If u close ur eyes she will come before ur eyes. Now tell me who is she.
Lucky: ntng like that just mg frnd asked abt this so I asked u as I don’t know I will tell him. He is so confused abt this now it is clear..
He leaves to his room

In his room
Lucky: it means that I love ragini…yeah…….
(Shouts): I love u ragini……….

Screen freezes…

Thank u guys for reading… Hope u line it.
Do comment plz if u like it or not

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