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The soul of my life epi 17 ” ham kabhi na honge jhuda”

Hi guys. Thank u so much for ur wonderfull comments. Now I don’t want to talk stupid things so I’ll directly write the episode.

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Here is the episode

Sanky pov
What hppnd to her. Something different I noticed in her behaviour. She used to talk to me freely. But I don’t know what hppnd. In the car also she didn’t utter a single word. Something is wrong I have to find out. But……. Suddenly his trance was broken by a voice….
Voice: thinking abt me…
Yes she is our swara
San(confused): u…..how come u r here… I mean u here in my room
Swa: y can’t I come here…
San: no no not like that… But how u know my house
Swa: mein tho tumhari dil mein jagah hi le li. It’s not a big thing to find ur house.
San: what???? Dil mein jagah….(confused)
Swa: haa…. She comes closer n points to his heart. If u want u can ask ur heart….come on close it…. Sanky also closes….
Sanky sees swara playing with kids. Soon he opens his eyes in astonishment. He then sees that swara is nowhere…
San: swara where are u….where r u…. Now only I saw her na…. But why I have seen her when I closed my eyes… It means it means….. I love her….(happy n Shocked): do I love her…. Yes I love her….
Scene shifts to swara
Swara was seeing yash photo with teary eyes.(guys the photo is not shown)
Swa: yash I miss u a lot… U know what yesterday sanskar has proposed me. I don’t love him. Becoz I can’t forget u. Even If u r there r not there but I can’t give ur place to sanskar. Not only sanskar anyone. No one can take ur place…. She doses of holding the photo.

Raglak are faces are dull. It was noticed by their friends.
Ree: raj y ragini n laksh are so dull.
Raj: even I don’t know reena.
Mee: guys seems something happnd….
Kar: yeah I also think so. Orelse this devil can’t live without talking.
Mee: oyyy don’t call her devil…she is my honewali…..
Karrajree: honewali…..(confused) says in unison
Mee: I mean to say my di….
Kar: guys we should find out the reason.
Just then someone closes meeras eyes
Mee: who is this….
Voice: tell me if u can.
Mee recognised the voice but pretend to be unknown.
Mee: cant u plz tell me. I can’t recognize. Karan was fuming seeing them.
Kar: areyy oyyy she is telling na leave her….
Voice: who r u… This is the matter between me n her.tell me cutiepie…
Mee: sry banty.
Voice: no.
Mee: arjun
Voice (angry): no
Mee(smiles):haaa who might he be…..haaa virat…
Now he removes his hands from her eyes.
Person: u remember all of them but not me……meera smiles n hugs him.
Mee: aww mera bacha…. Kitni cute lagte ho gusse mein
Kar: ye nayi musibath kaun hai…sab isi ke peeche pad rahe hai
Mee: sry murali….this was it for karan..
Kar(shocked): murali…….(slowly)
Mur: go i wont talk to u. U remember all of them. But u forgot me…
Mee: yaar I was just kidding. How can I forget my handsome hunk. Karan can’t bear it he goes from there stamping his foot.
Ree: ise kya hua….
Raj: I don’t know…..
Mee: vaise murali these are my friends….reena, rajeev. Guys this is murali my childhood friend.
Ree: hoe come he is ur childhood friend. I mean u live in Kolkata n he is in ooty.
Mee: guys I have studied here only… Till last year. My n his parents are friends. His parents loves me a lot. More than him. So u stayed here. BTW where is karan
Ree: donno what happnd to him suddenly he went from here…
Mee(in mind): what hppnd to him…..

Raglak were lost in their own world ie grief.
Rag was seeing lucky with teary eyed.
Lucky has lost his charm….
Karan comes to lucky
Kar: lucky what hppnd why r u dull…is there something which is bothering u.
Lak(fake smile): no yaar ntng like that. See I’m fine. Kuch bhi soch the ho.
Kar: lucky tum kuch chupa tho nahi rahe na..
Lak: why will I hide anything from u karan. U r my best buddy. So chill there is ntng like I think.
Mee n ree goes to ragini
Mee: di what happnd. Aap khoye khoye se kyun lag rahi hai.
Rag: meeru ntng happnd. Just small headache.
Ree: ragu u have headache n u even didn’t bother to tell us.
Rag:arey reena just a small headache. I took tablet. I will be fine don’t worry.chalo chalo mangalsoothra pehnane Vale hai.we should not miss it.
She drags them to the mandap. On the other side raj drags lakkar to the mandap. Raglak sees eachother in between. Rags turns her face. Lak gets teary seeing rag ignoring him.
At last all rituals get completed.

Scene shifts to swasan.
Swara comes to office n see that sanky is in his cabin doing some work.
Swara remember his confession.
Shebgoes to her cabin.
Sanky sees her going. He rings the bell.
Swara comes to his room.
Swa: yes sir….
San: who r u?
Swa(confused): huh! Sir…..
San: I asked u something miss.
Swa(in mind): if u drink alcohol then the person will not be in his senses that too for a short period. But I don’t know that memory loss bhi ho jatha hai. Strange…
San: hlooo madam I asked u something.
Swa: sir swara Bose.
San: that’s it name. I’m asking what is ur job in this company.
Swa: sir ur PA.
San: haa then u remember. Well then what is ur work…
Swa: sir adjusting ur meetings….n informing abt ur meetings. Framing ur work.
San: then what should u do.
Swa:(in mind): what should i do. Yeh Banda kya chahtha hai.
San: arey madam phir se kho gayi ho.
Swa: sry sir..
San: u have to be with me. Ok. N haa shift ur cabin infront of mine. I have doubt on u. Let’s see how will u work.
Swa:(in mind)is he thinking to test me. Ise tho mere kaam par mere upar bharosa hi nahi hai.
Swa:yes sir….
She turns to go.
San: haa swara
Swa: yes sir.
San: get ready in the evening.
Swa(confused): y sir…
San: don’t u remember….. U promised me to come to my house.
Swa: sry sir but….
San: no but vut…u r coming that’s it.
Swa: yes sir….

San: get ready to meet ur mil.i love u swara till death. Hum kabhi na honge jhuda.
Sanky gets an idea…..
San: yes …… Swara now get ready to receive biggest surprise of ur life.

Scene shifts to raglak
Raina again comes to laksh…. But laksh was not in a mood to play the drama again.
Lak: raina plz leave me alone..
Rai: baby what happnd. U r looking so dull.
Lak: plz raina leave me alone…
Laksh friends are seeing all this. Ragini is also seeing this n feeling bad for lucky.
Rai:no…Today u will go so i won’t leave u. Lak(shouts): I said leave me alone….
All are surprised to see him angry.
Raj: I didn’t see him this angry.
Kar: but what would have happnd.
Rags was feeling sad seeing him n also guilty thinking laksh is angry becoz of her.

Screen freezes on guilty face of n ragini n angry face of laksh.

Guys thank u for all whoever commenting on my ff. But plz silent readers do comment.

Guess…… What is running in sankys mind?
Do u need raglak to unite soon?
N guys m writing as I think is right. If u want anything in ff I’ll try to write as per ur request. But it’s not sure that I’ll write definitely what u want. I said I’ll try to.

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