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The power of love (Ishqbaaz,matsh,edkv and shakthi) epi-2

Sorry for late update.. Reena is not available!
???.. Now which scene for which show will be mentioned.. It is written by narendran.. So there will be little mistake pls adjust with it..

Scene-1 Shakthi!


The show starts with.. A girl holding her bag and runs inside hospital.. All patients sees her and tells her to stand in queue???She tells it is already late.. Harman gets into his room through back gate.. And. Sits on chair and presses button.. But no response.. Soumya comes there and sits. On chair.. Harman asks her why she is late? She tells silly excuse. He gets angry and scolds her.. He leaves inside.. Sumya scolds her.. As.. Sadist.. Patient asks what is the meaning of it? Soumya tells sadist means…… Thanks.. He tells sadist!! Other patients laughs.. Soumya signs them to be silent! Patient asks what does it means? Soumya tells u don’t believe me? He tells OK OK I trust u and leaves inside.. He sits on chair!! Harman checks his fever level and gives tablets.. Before leaving.. Patient tells sadist.. Harman asks him to tell what he told now? Patient repeats.. Sadist,sadist.. Sadist.. Harman slaps him… Soumya laughs.. She tells.. U told me to stand in queue? Now get nicely!????.. Hamran throughs him out!! Soumya laughs.. Harman eyes her lovingly!?????????????Aaj phir plays…

Scene-2 matsh..

Ranveer comes to office and sits in chair.. He thinks about his parents.. And smiles.. He starts the work.. He calls secretary and asks about new designer? She tells sorry sir.. There is no one ready to work in our company.. He asks what? No one? Single? She nods.. ????He tells her to announce.. Package.. More.. Salary! She tells sure sir.. He tells now all will stand line!!..

Ranveer calls out.. Harman and asks him what is he doing?? He tells checking patient heart beat!!?????He tells who?? Harman tells 75yrs.. Old lady?????ranveer tells I have work and cuts the call!!..

Scene-3 ishqbaaz&Matsh..

Ishaani and madhu walks on road.. Ishaani stops madhu and tells let us get some flowers?? Madhu tells to whom? Ishaani tells for me!! Madhu nods.. Ishaani searches her fav flower.. Ranveer also comes to same shop and gets flowers.. He tells shopkeeper to bring more white rose.. In kgs.. Ishaani wonders who is that? Mine also fav white rose..

Ishaani asks shopkeeper who is it? Shopkeeper tells he is regular customer!.. Ishaani gets a pamphlet.. She reads.. Job offer.. Ishaani calls out madhu and tells her to see job offer!! Madhu tells so!! ?? U gonna join?? Ishaani tells yes..
Madhu tells shravan will get angry!!????Ishani tells I will manage!

Madhu tells her to get flowers soooon! Ishani tells sure.. She takes white rose and walks out.. Om comes to his art shop! He sees all trees and birds.. And tells today.. Nice.. Scenery.. Madhu and Ishaani passes by!.. He gets mesmerized in her beauty! He does not seee both face but.. Notes her dress, lipstick,slippers,eyebrow etc,…. He tells next time.. While I see her.. I will come to know her ???

Anika waits for Shivaaay in office.. He comes there in hurry and throws bag at her???????She gets angry and asks how dare are u? He tells it is OK.. Bring it.???She asks what do u think of urself? He tells u came for what? She tells for catering! He tells her to come in! She tells him to take his bag! ???He tells do u know whom am i? She denies.. He tells Mr.Shivaay oberoi! Do u know? She denies?????He tells whatever it is!! If u want.. Contract bring it.. She throws bag at him???????She leaves.. He tells such an rude girl!!

Rudra dances in pub! With girls.. Suddenly he falls down.. One girl comes there and takes her up! Gayatri!(Asha negi).. She tells him to stand straight.. He gets up.. And then falls at her???????????????Allah warriyan plays..

Scene-4 Edkv

Shravan comes to restaurant with friends.. He starts chatting with them.. Suman also comes there.. She walks past shravan.. Shravan friends tells she s soooo beautiful???Shravan s not ready to see her and starts speaking.. His friends tries best to make him see but fails!

Suman sits on table and ordes food! She tells her friends.. Today for u all treat!! They asks for what? Becoz…. Today is my dog birthday???????Suman shows pics.. Her friends congrats her.. Shravan heard this.. And laughs.. Later..suman goes to washroom.. Suman friends speaks to each other.. They tells she is strange giving party for her dog birthday? They all runs away.. Suman comes back and sees none.. Shravan was sitting..

She asks who r u?? Shravan laughs… And asks r u mad? She asks for what?? U r asking?? U r the mad!! ??He stops laughing and tells about her friends speech.. Suman tells I did this becoz to forget my friends death day?? He asks what?

Suman tells I am and my friend was best!! And close friends.. One day.. We both were going on road.. One car came in high speed and hitted him! He also died.. He asks her does he have any mark?? In hand?? She denies.. First and tells he has mark at shoulder. Shravan asks he is not alive? Suman tells. I also don’t know.. She thnx him for hearing to her speech and leaves.. Shravan asks her name?

She tells him to find her name.. She smiles.. And dances with hand bag.. And walks out.. Shravan eyes her???Title track plays.. His friends comes there and asks shravan is he ok? He nods..

Precap: Harman tells soumya tmr se are going to do operation!☺☺☺She asks any big doctor is coming?? Harman tells I am! Soumya mind voice ( Who came for operation??) Nonsense.. He is already half dead now confirm death???

Sorry guys.. Only shakthi show precap I gave other shows I did not even think about!! Sorry.. I don’t know how the epi will be!! Pls best of there is any mistake??????Bye guys.. Next epi will be on Sunday….

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