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The Love We Have For Eachother Will Never Change-Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Episode 1

Hi guys i am Siddhi so let’s start the first episode but will start with character Sketch.

Dev Dixit:He is a little rude but loves his cousin Shravan’s and he is Shravan’s business partner.

Shravan Malhotra:He is Dev’s cousin and loves him like his own brother.

Sonakshi Bose:She is Shravan’s friend.

Suman Tiwari:She is Sonakshi’s best friend and loves Shravan when saw him for the first time.

Shravan is coming downstairs in hall.He comes to hall and says to a boy

Shravan:Dev yaar come on how much you will work.

Dev:Shravan only little is left.

Shravan:No Dev come with me.

Shravan catches his hand and takes him to their lawn.

Dev:Shravan you wanted to show me this.I always see this.

Shravan:You always see this but you have never seen its beauty.Look carefully that how much beautiful this tree and flowers are.

Dev carefully looks and then he realises that he had never seen the beauty of the lawn.

Shravan:Dev I don’t know why you are always in work.When you are in work then you can’t see the beauty of this world.

Dev:Shravan when my father died then all colours of my life’s fade away then how could I see the beauty of this world?

Dev goes inside and Shravan gets sad for Dev.

Sonakshi and Suman are playing badminton with eachother.

Suman:No one can win when I am there.

Sonakshi:Let’s see.

Both play and finally Suman wins the game.

Suman:I told you know that no one can win from me.

Sonakshi:Not this time but next time I will only win.

Sonakshi gets a call on her phone.It’s of Shravan.

Sonakshi:Hello Shravan

Shravan:Hello Sonakshi I need your help.

Shravan tells something to Sonakshi and she tells to Suman and all the three get happy.

Precap:Dev gets inside the house and lights get off.
I know that this episode is short but I will try to write next episode long.

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