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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 21

If anyone missed out the previous part;

Part 20


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All of them meet at the beach which was partly owned by the resort. Mahi wore a blue jumpsuit with floral print whereas twinkle wore a black comfortable maxi. While on the other hand, both the boys wore shorts along with shirts, kunj : a blue shirt and yellow shorts and yuvi : a whitish grayish shirt with orange shorts. They all went and sat on the mat which was placed on the sand. They started chit chatting and had a great time. Mahi picked up handful of sand and threw it on twinkle. Twinkle screamed in shock. She picked up another handful of sand and threw it on the direction of mahi but mahi bends and the sand hits kunj. This makes him mad and therefore he throws it back on twinkle but instead it hits on yuvi. Hence, in seeking revenge from one another .. they throw sand on each other and later realize their clothes are covered with sand. They were left with no option but wash it off from the beach water. All head near the water and again start splashing it to each other. They were having a quality time together. While splashing, twinkle’s leg gets stuck on the hard sand on the ground she was about to fall completely when kunj got hold of her. They shared an eyelock. They realized and quickly composed themselves. Kunj later picks up another handful of wet sand and throws it on twinkle which accidentally splashes on her face. She fumes in anger and tries to put wet sand on kunj’s face but fails miserably. But twinkle wasn’t a girl who would so easily loose and hence she climbed on kunj’s back and put all the sand on his face. She got down and everyone laughed at kunj. Kunj was angry in the start but later smiled seeing twinkle laugh her heart out. They were all dirty now.

Ma: okay guys! Lets go freshen up. We are so dirty right now. and honestly lets have some real rest for a while cuz i am very tired.

All agree and leave.

Twinkle’s room;

Twinkle takes bath and comes out. She comes out wearing a blue bathrobe with her hair open and wet. She hears a knock at her door and goes to open it. She finds kunj standing.

Tw: what are you doing? need something?
Ku: nothing! Just wanted to talk to you.
Tw: oh acha .. bolo?
Ku: Bahar khade khade baat karegi kya? andar nahi bulaygi? ( will you talk to me while i stand out? wont you call me inside? [okay, this translation was complete shit])
Tw: oh sorry, come na.

Kunj comes inside and makes himself comfortable on the bed. Twinkle comes and sits next to him/

Tw: haan bolo? what do you wanna talk?
Ku: firstly, could you get me water?
Tw: no man. Do self service.
Ku: Please?
Tw: (frustrated) okay fine.

She gets up and fills a glass full of water for kunj and hands it to him. She just about to sit when her bathrobe got stuck on the table next to the bed and was about to fall when kunj comes to the rescue and holds it and puts it back comfortable on her body, but all this time he had his eyes closed which was noticed by twinkle. Twinkle eyes him lovingly and they share an eyelock. This was broken by when a phone rang.

Tw: hello! Ji haan mumma
Le: Come in the breakfast area within 10 minutes .. okay?
Tw: okay! bye.
Le: bye.

She cuts the call. She tells kunj that leela has called her and says that she will talk to him later. He agrees and moves out.

Twinkle (POV):
exactly! this is why i love you, you idiot. It felt so good to see when though you helped me but with your eyes closed. This shows how good you are. If you wanted, you could do all this with your eyes open but your qualities are so good. This is exactly why i love you kunj. You truly are the best.

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okay, you all can curse me and give me as many slaps as you want. I know i totally deserve it. I am so damn sorry for posting so damn late. But because my schools started, i really had very less time to write. I was really very busy as i needed time to blend with my schedule. Now that i am better, i wrote this. But because of the hectic schedule i really would be posting in some gaps. Hoping for all of you to understand. But i have planned to post at least three times in this week as a compensation for this huge gap. Keep supporting me by commenting. Let me know how was this part. I know it was boring but cant help it. I really wrote it in a hurry. Thats all for now. Please keep commenting. Bye and love you all ? and also, ignore errors (if any)

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