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The dare that changed my life -Ragsan os

Hey guys,I am Shipra,the writer of the ff SILENT LOVE.I know i am not posting my ff since a long time and i am extremely sorry.i will try to post the next update
soon.Anyways here’s my new os “The dare that changed my life”.I hope you people will like it ?

The sun rays passing through the window are disturbing a girls sleep.Seeing the girl disturbed another girl stands as a barrier between the light rays and the girl.The
girl smiles and goes to sleep.But in sometime she feels like drowning and ets up being scared.
Girl 1:Flood,cloud burst,tsunami HELP!!! . She realises that the second girl had thrown water on her to wake her up.She frowns while the other girl laughs seeing her


angry expression.
Girl 1:SWARA!!!!!! What’s wrong with you???? You could have woken me up in a better way.
Swara:Ofcourse Ragini,but nothing is better than waking up the birthday girl in a unique manner,special start of the day you know ? . Happy birthday Ragini :*
Ragini(Smiles):You are mad,you know that don’t you??? She hugs Swara and goes to the washroom.She comes out and wears her school uniform and goes down to have breakfast.Swara is already ready and having breakfast.
Janki:Happy birthday Ragini!!!
Ragini(hugs her):Thank you maa.Swara looks at them and smiles.Then becomes teary eyed.Ragini notices it and goes to her.
Ragini:Cheer up butterfly,Sharmishtha maasi will come as soon as she finishes her business tour.
Swara(sad smile):How does that even matter?She will not have any time for me…as usual…it doesn’t make any difference if she is there or she is not there.
Shekhar:But it does make a huge difference when we are there.Swaragini smile and hug him.Janki smiles.He wishes Ragini.They have food and Swaragini go to school.

As soon as they reach school,Kavitha comes and hugs Ragini.
Kavitha:Happy birthday Ragini.
Ragini:Thanks a lot kavi ? . Sanlak enter the class.Sanskaar looks at Ragini but she doesn’t notice him.Laksh goes to Swara and hugs her.Yes,they are in a relationship.
Laksh:How are you baby?
Swara:I am fine,but what about your fattu bhai?
Laksh:He will always remain fattu only.Uska kuch nahi hoga.
Swara:Come on yaar,today is the perfect day.
Laksh:I know.Lets see.
Ragini goes around the class distributing chocolate.Everybody wish her.She goes to Sanlak.
Laksh:Happy birthday rags ?
Ragini:Thanks Lucky. Sanskaar was about to go but Ragini calls him.
Ragini:Sanskaar…She forwards the chocolate.
Sanskaar(Forwards hand):Happy birthday.Ragini shakes his hand.Both feel a current passing through their body.Ragini avoids eyecontact,gives a faint smile and goes.

In the evening Swaragini along with Janki and Shekhar go for a movie and enjoy dinner outside.Then at night Ragini opens her fb account and chats with Kavitha.Suddenly the gets a friend request notification.She sees that Sanskaar had accepted her friend request.She is on top of the world.The next moment she gets a message from him.
Sanskaar:I am sorry for not talking to you much.You must have felt i keep ignoring you.Happy Birthday.I love you. Ragini becomes shocked.She becomes numb and doesn’t reply for 3 minutes.Her hand starts trembling.She couldn’t believe what she read.With trembling hands she texted back.
Ragini:Its ok.We hardly knew each other.Thanks ? . She didn’t have a reply for his i love you.But soon she realised she didn’t require a reply.
Sanskaar:Sorry,woh actually..Lucky logged into my account and did this. Ragini was relieved.But at the same time sad as well.
Ragini:Lol,lucky bhi naa . Its ok chill maar.Thank god i actually freak out.I am definitely not gonna leave him tomorrow xD .
Sanskaar:Hahaha yeah…meri taraf se bhi do thapad maaro ? . Ragini didn’t reply to his message.Soon she realised that he had unfriended her.
Ragini(angrily):Uff..itna attitude,friend request bheja tha marriage proposal nahi.Acha hua i don’t talk to him.Out of frustration she blocks him.

Sanskaar was sitting over there looking at his phone with a hand on his head,while Laksh was angrily walking in the room and givng death stares to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:Baith jaa lucky,u must have walked a mile now.
Laksh:Shut up Sanskaar,who told you to say it was me??? Acha khasa himmat karke propose kiya…now she and Swara will kill me tomorrow.You had to blame on me???.
Sanskaar:Sorry naa,she didn’t reply to my proposal so i thought i made her unconfomfortable.She blocked me now.What should i do?
Laksh:Take her pic like always,atare at it till you go to sleep.Fattu. He goes to sleep.Sanskaar takes Ragini’s pic and looks at it and goes to sleep staring at it.

NExt day,

Swaragini enter the class.Swara gives death glares to Laksh.Sanskaar looks at Ragini but she ignores him and goes away.He feels sad.
Ragini:Kavitha,i am crazy right now,ready to take a dare ?
Kavitha:Ofcourse,go on
Ragini:Ok go and say Ami tomake bhalo bashi to Sanskaar.
Swara:Ragini are you mad?
Ragini:Chill Swara its just a dare.
Kavita goes to Sanskaar.
Kavitha:Sanskaar,ami tomake bhalo bashi.Sanskaar was shocked and Laksh almost choked on the bread piece he was chewing.Swara gave him water.HE eyed her lovingly while Swara stamped his leg and gave him a death glare.
Swara:Chill Sanskaar,it was a dare.Sanskaar was relieved.
Laksh:Aise bakwaas dares kaun deta hai.
Ragini:Main…if u can play senseless pranks,i can surely give bakwaas dares.
Laksh:Woh toh…he glares at Sanskaar while he looks away.
Ragini:Usko kyun dekh rahe ho?You did the prank,seriously if you were not Swara’s boyfriend i would have banged your head with something.Who does this with your own brother.
Laksh:Ahaa,since you are in the mood to give dares,are you ready to take a dare?
Laksh:Kiss Sanskaar.Swaragini sanskaar and kavitha are shocked.Swara looks at Laksh with disbelief.
Laksh:You can’t backout,you have to do it.
Ragini:Ok i will do but if i do it you will have to stay away from Swara,like no texting or meeting etc for next 15 days.Agreed?Laksh was shocked.Because he knew that if Ragini agreed to do a dare she will do it.But still he agreed to Ragini’s condition for Sanskaar’s sake.Ragini goes to Sanskaar.Both their hearts are beating fast.Ragini gave him a flying kiss from far and began to leave.
Laksh:Hey you cheated.
Ragini:You never said if i had give him a kiss from far or actually kiss him on cheek or lips.So i did my dare now your turn.She leaves.
Laksh(keeping his elbow on Swara’s shoulder):Badi chaloo behan hai tumhari.
Swara(Jerks his hand):See you after 15 days.Laksh gives her an are-you-serious wala look.She leaves.Sanskaar smiles seeing Ragini’s smartness.He decides to woo her back.
Sanskaar:Give me a dare to woo Ragini and confess my feelings?Laksh looks at him with disbelief.But seeing his courage he gves him the dare.

Sanskaar goes to Ragini.
Sanskaar:Unblock me.I want to chat with you.
Ragini:Yeah so that Laksh plays a prank again?No thanks (-_-)
Sanskaar(Smiles):Sorry for all that,can we be friends?Ragini thinks for sometime and smiles.She forwards her hand and they smile and shake hands and become friends.After that day Ragsan chatted a lot and became best friends.While Swalak maintained distance thanks to Laksh’s stupidity but were happy to see the developement in Ragsan relationship.One day Ragsan played a prank on the school watchman and hid in a small room to escape him.After he goes they look at each other and burst out laughing.Then they have a deep eyelock.Something goes into Ragini’s eyes.Sanskaar blows into her eyes.A drop falls from her eye due to the dust n her eye.Sanskaar wipes it.They now have a deep eyelock.He kisses Ragini’s eyes.She holds his shirt tightly.He kisses her cheek.She blushes.HE kisses her neck and keeps one hand on her waist.She feels current passing thorugh her body.Both are lost in each other.Sanskaar comes closer and kisses her lips.He sucks and bites her lips while she hold his shirt tightly and moans.The kiss last for several minutes with both of them completely lost in it.They came back to their senses when the bell rang.Ragini was in shock with what happened.She ran away while Sanskaar cursed himself for not controlling his emotions.Swalak get to know.Swara was extremely angry with what Sanskaar did.She goes to Laksh and scolds him.
Swara:What the hell is your problem?First you did that prank and then your brother became my sisters friend and kissed her??What was he even thinking?
Laksh:It was not me,it was him who texted her that day.But told it was a prank so that she doesn’t get uncomfortable.
Swara:What???? I think they need to clear their misunderstanding.Talk to Sanskaar.
LAksh:Not needed.He took a dare from me to woo Ragini and confess his feelings.He himself will do it.Swalak smile.

Next day Ragini ignores Sanskaar when he tries to talk to her.He pulls her to the terrace.She tries to go away but he pulls her towards him.
Sanskaar:Why are you ignoring me?I love you idiot.That day it was me who sent the text.I just said it was a prank because you regected me.I didn’t want to loose your friendship.I am sorry.Ragini was shocked.
Ragini:Can you open that convo we had.He opens and shows it to her.
Ragini:Did i say that i don’t love you?If i had to say i would have told directly.I didn’t know how to react.So i didn’t reply to that.I love you too.Sanskaar become

happy and they hug each other.Swalak see this from a distance and smile.

Ok guys i know this is stupid but thik hai,i am anyways not that good.Jo man mein story aaya likh diya.Hope you guys liked it.Drop your comments ? .

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