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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN !! ( part 8)

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 8 )

Hi guys..thanks for the feedback…keep connected or i will stop writting…as i want to know is people really interested or not…thank you
Bihaan came outside with friends and at the same time thapki also came out to get something. she saw bihaan and thought to apologise for the past incident…she informed her friend that she is going for a while and then she left..


In a meantime..bihaan also went to get some snacks for the gang..on seeing rahul tshirt from the back thapki thought him as bihaan and started to walk towards him.
The gang gets shocked on seeing thapki towards them..she didnt notice any of them due to the darkness in the place..she came near to him. rahul was facing towards the friends side and didnt notice thapki at the back side.
Thapki : Bihaan I am really so..sorry for slapped you on that day..i started to re…re..regret once you left..please fo..forrgive me bihaan…
Rahul gets shocked on hearing those words and turned towards thapki…thapki gets super shocked on seeing someone else. Bihaan arrives there and saw both of them and gets shocked.
Gang member 1 : B for bihaan pandey…and you got slapped from this stammering girl…why dont you tell us ?? ( sayss funnily and smiles )
Gang member 2 : hahaaa…thats why he refused to come here na ??
Rahul : will you please stop this guys..this is not funny

They started to tease bihaan with the incident..bihaan fumes with anger and holds thapki hands and took her to a nearby tree.
Thapki : I am really so..sorry bihaan…i was con..confused with that guy..i came to apologise for the incident ( says worriedly)
Bihaan : stop your acting….(shouts loudly ) what have i done to you..why are you coming in to my life and spoiling my life ? ( says in a anger tone )
Thapki : no bihaan..you are a..allways taking it in a wro…wrong way..listen to me first.
Bihaan : why should IIII ? who are you to me ? did i ask you to apologise…i know you want to show up the world that B for Bihaan pandey got slapped byy chuk chuk gaadi. ( says angrily)
Thapki : bihaan stop your non..non..nonsense..i came here to apologise…but you are pro..proving again that you are a heartless person …
Bihaan : stop your drama..i didnt do anything to you eventhough u slapped me…now u calling me a heartless person..i know your bad intentions very well..
Thapki : what u me..mean by my intentions ? my intentions was not wo..worser like u
Bihaan : atchaaa….i know y u gave such a sizzled dance move…you just wanna trap any innocent guy and get a life…because u have weakness in your tongue na? ( smiles sarcasticallyO
On hearing this thapki started to cry…
Thapki : who are you to de…de..describe my character? i dont have such in…in..intentions..everyone is not li…like you in the world..My life pa..partner will come and accept me as the way i am…but Mr. Bihaan pandey mark my wo..words…no girl will ma..marry you because of your ar..arrogance.
Bihaan : i dont need any girl in my life…now leaveeee ( shouts at her )
Thapki left the placee…bihaan was stunned on hearing those words…rahul came there
Rahul : there is no mistake on her side bihaan…she came to apologise
Bihaan : stop it rahul…enough !! i need some time..i will leave now..bye..take care..bihaan hugs him and left the place sadly…

Bihaan reached home,
Vasu : how was your culturals? is it fun ? did you meet rahul beta ??
Bihaan : maa.. m really tired
Vasu : hmmm ok then go to sleep
BIhaan started to climb the steps and suddenly thought something and turned towards vasu and approached her
Vasu : kya beta…are you fine
Bihaan : m fyn maa.. i want to ask u one thing..u need to ans without asking the reason behind it..
Vasu : ok mera betaaa..(.hugs him)
Bihaan : will anyone marry me with the way i am ?
Vasu gets shocked as bihaan is talking about a girl for the first time..
Vasu : who will say no to my beta? Is anyone in the world.
Bihaan thinks thapki at the moment..
Vasu : wat happened ? u neva talked about a girl…tell me something is there
Bihaan : ma I already told u..nothing is ter..don worry much..m tired..
Vasu : ok go and take rest first..
( vasu kisses his forehead and leaves )
Bihaan reached his room and started to think how rudely he behaved with thapki today… ( in mind voice – why I am doing this to her…I am not control my emotion when I am seeing her…i hope that will be the last moment with her )

At thapki room,
Thapki tore up the dress which she was wearing during her performace…and started to cry loudly and says “ I didn’t dance to trap any guyyyy”
She felt very depressed by his words..and says why am I always getting worry…I don’t want to live in this world…she moves towards the balcony and sees the moon and her tears started to come continuously…she saw the moon and said..i am just like you..no one is there for me..( she saws the stars and said ) I want to become like you..u have everyone..i need atleast someone to be there for me..she cried again and again..( darmaiyan darmaiyaan song plays …)
KK and poonam were discussing…
Poonam : y are u so sad..did u saw the astrologer…
KK : ya I saw nothing to worry poonam ji..shraddha’s and dhuruv horoscope was matching perfectly..i am not worrying for that..i showed thapki horoscope to him
Poonam : what he told ?
KK : thapki has to get married at the same time when shraddha gets married or otherwise she wont get married in her lifetime. ( says worriedly )
Poonam : what you are saying ? ( started crying)
KK : I really don’t know what to do…why god is always worrying my daughter..people only notices her weakness not her blessed nature
Poonam : shraddha engagement has to be done quickly..what shoul we do now..
KK : lets start searching a bridegroom for thapki..if not we have to postpone shraddha wedding
Poonam : even I thought the same..but I have faith my god will answer to my prayers soon
Shraddha overhears this and gets shocked and started to make a evil plan.

Precap : Bihaan goes temple with vasu…while talking on phone someone patted his shoulder he turns and sees thapki…thapki says‘ Mr. B phor Bihaan pandey make your free sc..schhedule busy on my en..en..gagement day..i got a person for my life who ac..accepted the way I am..i told u earlier my pa..partner is arriving na…wat about u…still searching for a girl ( smiles at him ) and leaves..bihaan gets angry.

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