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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 21 )


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 21)
hiii guys…thank you for your support…
will you guys tell me..how much episodes you guys need to have…pls type in the comment box..i will make it accordingly.


Here it goes
at college
swetha comes out of the exam hall and see his boyfriend prem standing there
prem : how did u done
swetha :so badd…i dont think i will pass
prem : its ok leav it
swetha : everything happened because of u..u forced me to have time with u
prem : oh atchaa..why did u come then
swetha : because i love u
prem : ( smiles )how did thapki done..she studied with u na??
swetha : she done so well..bihaan helped her a lot
prem’s was bihaan classmate..and his arch rival was bihaan he never liked him
prem : wat??
swetha : he came to my home and helped thapki
prem : how can he come to ur home..without ur consent
swetha : he came to help thapki..wats wrong with this
prem :ok come lets go
swetha : wait here..i will come ( she gives her phone and bag and leaves ).. he opens the gallery and started to see her selfies and saw bihaan and thapki picture…..
prem : ( smiles ) ghajabbbb….Mr. B for Bihaan pandey….i was actuallly waiting for a moment to win over bihaan…and its going to happen..see Mr. B for Bihaan pandey..you going to regret for what i am doing now
prem left the college with the smile on his face

On the next day,
thapki comes to the college and everyone stared at her and smiles..she was confused and entered the college and sees her pic with bihaan all over the walls…cries continuously..everyone comes near her and tried to tease her to the extent…varun comes there to her rescue and saves her…and tears the pic which was posted in the wall
varun : stop crying thapki
Thapki : ( cries loudly )
swetha comes there..
Thapki : i know u would have done it…are u happy now…u spoiled everything…i am going to die for this
Swetha : i am really sorry thapki…i took the pictures but it was did by prem…he dont like bihaan..so he done..i am really sorry
Thapki : will ur sorry going to heal my pain..i lost everything today..please leave ( shouts )
varun : thapki stop crying..u should b strong now…
Thapki : pls varun i need sometime..pls leave me ( cries continuously )
swetha and varun left eh place..varun asks bihaan number to swetha..he calls him…he picks up the call
Bihaan : hello
Varun : i am varun..thapki friend..
Bihaan : i know u..now tell me wat
Varun explains everything…bihaan gets shocked and gets worried for thapki…
Varun : pls come here..we are not able to console her..
Bihaan : pls be with her..she would go to any extreme..i will come within 10 mins
Bihaan reaches the college..
thapki was crying again and again..varun consoled her to his extent..she never stopped crying..he went to get water…thapki was sitting in the stone bench..prem and his friends comes there
prem : hello mrs. thapki bihaan pandey..how are u feeling now
Thapki : (slapped him without a second thought)
Prem : how dare u slap me? cant u see what i done to u..i done it for bihaan…but i feel now really happy u should be punished equally
thapki : u r the cheapest person till I came across…now leav me…
prem : mrs. bihaan cool down…ur market has been increased in our college..everyone regards ur beauty..u should thank me…wat say
thapki : (slaps him again and again).if u utter any word..i will kill u
Prem : don dare to touch me again…I wont leave u
prem and his friends laughs..
bihaan reached the spot

prem : Mr. B for bihaan pandey finally u are here..see he has a sparkle in his eyes.he may enjoyed so much last night..
bihaan hold his collar and beats everyone…bihaan friends arrived and beats everyone ..bihaan made prem to touch thapki feet in front of the college and tears the posters everywhere
bihaan holds thapki hands and said ‘ she is my girl..if any one raised a finger against her…i will kill him..i dont worry about the posters…the one who posted should worry about that..i dnt want to clarify anything..its our personal thing..i am going to marry her…stop thinking too much ‘
bihaan holds her hand and they both sat on a bike and left the place..
they both went to a park nearby..thapki was depressed…bihaan sits near her
Bihaan : why are u worrying still ? i am not able to see u like this
Thapki : ( put her head in his shoulder and her tears was continuously rolling from her eyes )
Bihaan : ( wipes her tears ) pls stop crying for my sake
Thapki : ( stops crying ) and stands
Bihaan hugs her from the back…thapki gets shocked and turns..bihaan hugs her tightly..thapki too hugged him..
Bihaan : are u okay now?
Thapki : did anyone told hugging someone will relieve their pain
Bihaan : then wat will do?
Thapki kissed him on his cheek..and hugs him and says ‘ thankyou for everything ‘ bihaan was stunned over her act..
Bihaan : Ghajabbbb ( smiles )

Thapki : ( smiles ) thank you bihaan for these moments..i will take sometime to relieve..bye
thapki started to leave..and thought of something and comes back and hugs him tightly…
Thapki : don say anything…i need this.. (raanjhnaa…ranjhnaaa plays )
bihaan too hugged her…they both hugged for more than 30 mins..then thapki smiles at him and left the place (raanjhnaa…ranjhnaaa plays )
bihaan said nothing and he sits in the stone bench and remembers everything and finds him more happyyy and shouts…
bihaan reaches home and he messages thapki
Bihaan : thanks for everything….
he didnt get a reply from her..he started to think about thapki…and he was very happy as he got his first kiss…( omg what is happening to me..did i falling for her or already fallen for her..she is so disturbing me…did i love her…so confusing)
( why don she text me back..is she alright now..m worried)
bihaan gets a call from thapki…and shouts seeing her name and attends the call

Bihaan : hello
Thapki : i want to meet u
Bihaan : sure where
Thapki : i will send u the details
bihaan reaches the spot…and waits for thapki..he saw thapki coming towards him…he felt nervous
Thapki : sorry for the wait bihaan
Bihaan : its okay…why u called me
Thapki : i called u for apologise
Bihaan : for wat
Thapki : for watever happened in the morning
Bihaan : wat u mean
Thapki : i really was not in sense this morning..thats why i did like that..okay coming to the point..i kissed you and hugged you unintentionally..i guess i would have done the same if someone like varun was there..i think u understand what i mean…
bihaan gets shattered with her words….
Bihaan : did u speaking with ur senses now…
Thapki : yaa
Bihaan : u would have done the samething with varun right ?
thapki : u misunderstood…wat i actually meant was
Bihaan : i understand everything..now pls leave me
thapki : bihaan pls
Bihaan : will u pls leave me (shouts )
thapki left the place…bihaan keeps thinking ( its my fault..rahul have told already..no one is true..i should focus on my life rather than looking in to others)

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  1. Heyya.. I’m a silent reader .. but I wanna admit that I really like and admire ur work.. its awesome.. and I would like u to continue as long as possible.. and also a request.. I’m fed up due to the CVS separating thahaan again and again.. I would really love it if u could bring back thahaan together in the next episode and show some romance between them without separating thahaan unlike CVS ??.. really love ur work ?

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