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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 20)

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 19)
hiii guys…thank you for your support…
Here it goes
the conversation continues…
B : dont u have brain??…why are u going to her home?
T : she told that she will help me
B : she is not having a good conduct…why dont u ask any other friends..why don’t u went to varun home ? ?
T: shut up bihaan..don behave like a brainless kid
B: ok cool…what she is doing
T : she is not here..she went with her boyfriend

B : ( gets shocked ) are u alone
T : ya..anyway tat would help me to study na
B : thats not a good area to stay alone…why are u always doing this
T : its ok..i will see it..thanks for ur help..now sleep bye
bihaan gets thinking and suddenly he gets his bike keys and start moving..
Vasu : bihaan where are u going in this time
Bihaan : ma…rahul was alone..so i just going to stay in his room..i will come in the morning..don worry
Vasu : ok go safe..
bihaan reaches swetha home…and presses the calling bell..thapki gets shocked and goes to the door and sees through the hole..


bihaan got an idea and hides…thapki gets worried and shouts who is that..bihaan changes his voice and screams..open the door baby..i came for u..thapki gets scared..and asks who is this again..but this time no one said anything..thapki opens the door slowly..bihaan was hidden near the flower pot..she slowly steps out of the house…bihaan screams suddenly…thapki shouts and sees bihaan and hugs him tightly..bihaan smiles.. ( darmaiyan..darmaiyan song plays )
Thapki moves a distance and gets shocked on seeing him
Thapki : tum…wat are u doing here??
Bihaan : i came here to help u
Thapki : i dont need ur help

Bihaan : atchaa i am leaving..u enjoy ur stay
Thapki holds his hand…and says
Thapki : come inside..
thapki sits in the bed…bihaan also sits near her..thapki gets uncomfortable..on seeing this bihaan gets a chair and sits near her
thapki got relieved..
Thapki : i never thought ur brilliant in studies
Bihaan : not only in studies..chuk chuk ghaddii

Thapki : atchaa
Bihaan : now come..lets finish the chapter together..and then i will leave
thapki opens the book..bihaan started to teach her..he teaches everysingle step…like teaching to a kid..she keeps staring at him..and listens him carefully..bihaan teaches his smart tricks what he had used in the exams..and gives some ideas which seems to be very useful for her..and also helps her in memorising the formulas by funny stories…
Thapki gets impressed with the way he taught…they finishes the remaining two chapters withing one hour..to be surprise..thapki felt very strong in the last two chapters when compared to the first 3..
she ask him to teach the first 3 chapters too…he nods and started to read the chapters with her..he gave a brief introduction about eveything..and he also shared some funny stories while reading each topic..which was happened during the college time…they finished everything within two hours..

bihaan gets sleepy as he was speaking continuously for the past 3 hours…thapki sees him and asks him to lay down in the bed…bihaan felt uncomfortable
Thapki : dont worry Mr. Bihaan pandey i wont do anything to u
Bihaan : ok chuk chuk ghadii..finish revising the chapters fast..
Thapki nods..bihaan lay down near her..and he slept soon..thapki started to revise the chapters…she finished revising 4 chapters..she felt very thirst so she went and drank water and comes ..she saw bihaan…she was mesmerised over his innocence on his face while sleeping..bihaan never looked innocent before..she puts the bedsheet over him..and taps him on his back…she started to revise the last chapter..she started to feel sleepy..unwitttingly she fell on the bed beside him..

thapki puts her legs on bihaan and bihaan puts his hands over thapki..they both hugged and slept together..( music plays na..na..na…)
swetha comes home at 4 o clock..she opened the home with her key..and gets shocked on seeing bihaan and thapki sleeping together…she slowly puts the light and takes picture of both of them in her phone..and leaves to her room
at morning..

thapki woke up due to the alarm..and sees bihaan beside him..and realised that she slept with him last night…she removes his hand from her waist and takes her legs from him…bihaan too woke up and gets shocked on seeing her..
Bihaan : why did u slept beside me?
Thapki : i really dont know when i slept..i was actually reading
BIhaan : don do drama here

Thapki : stop it..i dont have any such intentions..
thapki gets shocked on seeing swetha bag..
Thapki : bihaan swetha was here..maybe she would have saw us
Bihaan : everything happened because of u
Thapki : cries
Bihaan : stop crying…what she will going to do..don worry..go and write the exam well..i am leaving now bye
Thapki : ( nods )
thapki took bath and start to revise the chapters..swetha comes there
Swetha : oh wow thapki..u were looking so good..what happened yesterday night?
Thapki : now stop it swetha..i know u saw bihaan with me..he came to help me..nothing happened between us..

Swetha : oh hoo…do i want to believe this
Thapki : stop it pls…he is going to my husband..whats wrong in it now ? i have the rights to do anything with him..now clear…get ready fast..otherwise i will leave
Swetha : ok then be happy…i was jus kidding..i am ready can we leave
Thapki remember what she said ( omg..how did i telll those words..what happend to me )
thapki and swetha goes to the college…thapki recieves a text from bihaan saying ‘ all the best ‘ thapki smiles and send him thank you ?

she started to write exam…she stares the question and writes and remembers everything what bihaan told her..she smiles…she finishes the exam too fast…using bihaan’s tricks..she finished tooo fast..she gave her paper and left the halll…swetha sees her surprised..
thapki messages bihaan by saying “thankyou soo much..i done it really well ”
he replies ‘ pleasure is mine’

Precap : thapki comes to college and sees her sleeping pic with bihaan all over the college..and cries continuously..everyone teases her…swetha too shocked on seeing that pics and thought his boyfriend would have done this

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