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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 18)

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 18 )
Hi guys..m suhana here…readers pls do comment after u read..i value it more…
Here it goes
Vasundra comes to bihaan room and sees him worried
Vasu : wat happened beta ? why are u seems worried ?
Bihaan : ma nothing happened..i am just tired
Vasu : ok then sleep soon..actually I came to tell u one thing
Bihaan : what ma ?
Vasu: get up early tomorrow..u need to go with dhuruv , shraddha, thapki to choose ur wedding card
Bihaan : pls don’t involve me in this..

Vasu : what are u saying ?
Bihaan : I don’t have any interest over this…go and select for my sake
Vasu : why should I ? I have important work tomorrow…u should go
Bihaan : pls don’t compel me
Vasu : atchaa…then don’t go..u have to bear with wat thapki selects…u can do ur work
Vasundra leaves angrily…
Vasundra calls poonam and informs everything and ask both of her daughters to get ready in the morning ..dhuruv will come and pick them up and also says bihaan was quite busy so he cant come
Poonam informs shraddha and thapki
Shraddha was very happy on hearing this and thinks ( this time I should choose the costliest one over thapki )
Thapki gets sad as bihaan is not coming and thinks ( I know he is doing it intentionally…he needs to bear the one which I am going to select…but what should I do there…dhuruv and shraddha will enjoy together..i will be alone )


At morning,

Dhuruv comes to chaturvedi home and gets blessings from shraddha parents…thapki and shraddha gets in to his car..shraddha sits in the front..thapki sat at the back…shraddha and dhuruv stares at each other romantically..dhuruv holds shraddha hands..they didn’t noticed thapki is too in the car..thapki felt uncomfortable..and pretends to be unaware of the happenings..
They reached the shop….the shopperson welcomed them
Shopperson : welcome saab..vasundra madam already told about ur arrival ? congragulations for ur marriage
Dhuruv : thank you sir..u should come with ur family ( smiles )
Shopperson : sure sir…see if u want to go for a simple cards u can see it in the ground floor..if u want to go for luxurious cards u can visit the first floor
Dhuruv : can we see here first?

Shraddha : dhuruvvv ( shouts slightly )
Dhuruv : ok then shrads..we can go the first floor
Thapki : jiju u can go..i will see here itself
Dhuruv : thapki u can see it in the second floor also
Thapki : I will see here first jiju
Dhuruv : then ok..if u need any help..call shraddha
Thapki nods her head..dhuruv and shraddha reached first floor..shradhha thinks ( thank god thapki didn’t come here..she is going to choose a simple one…now I am going to get a big one..everyone will appreciate me)
Dhuruv and shraddha start to see the cards..and shraddha gets an idea ( I will send these cards pics to vasundra so that I will get a good name..i need to win her heart now itself )
Shraddha sends pics to vasundra…

At pandey nivas,
Bihaan was having breakfast…vasundra serves him..vasundra phone vibrates…she saw the phone and says ‘ bihaan shraddha is sending me the photos of the wedding cards..see how good she is…but what thapki is doing..she will be alone na ?’
Bihaan checks his phone and says ( this chuk chuk ghadi didn’t sent any of the card pics..what the hell is she thinking? Will she able to get a card without my consent…its about my pride too..what should I do now )
Vasu : what are u thinking ?
Bihaan : nothing ma…where they actually went?
Vasu : why should I tell u ?
Bihaan : ma please…

Vasu : are u going there..
Bihaan : ya..i need to select my card..i cant simply bear with her selection
Vasu : atchaa..it was near oly ( tells the address )
Bihaan started to leave the house fast..on seeing this vasundra smiles ( I know bihaan..i am ur maa…I know u will go )
Bihaan reaches the shop and sees thapki talking to the shopperson and hides and overhears their conversation..
Thapki : bhaii..choose any of the card..i don’t have any interest..i am going to marry a heartless person..
Shopperson : ( gets shocked ) mam..what are u saying ?
Thapki : don’t take time…regard me as ur sister…and select one
Shopperson : are u in sense mam ?
Bihaan gets angry and moves towards her..and sits near her..thapki looks at him and gives a shocking reaction..
Bihaan : what are u seeing ? she is talking about me only..now leave…I will select the card
Shopperson : ( leaves and says ‘ what happened to both them ‘ )
Bihaan : oh mahan aatma…will u ask the shopperson to select a card for ur wedding ? and ur saying me as heartless to him ( asks angrily )
Thapki : see bihaan…I am mahan aatma..i will only tell truth to everyone..( smiles )
Bihaan fumes in anger…

Thapki : now stop giving that look..i saw u from the mirror when u entered the shop…I was just acting..i already selected a card for us now see
Thapki shows a red card…which was rectangle in shape…it was printed with floral designs and was tied with saturn ribbon…and also the card has a picture of bride and bridegroom holding their hands..it was so simple and royal
Bihaan : ( happy on seeing the card ) it was sooo good…and its my favorite color..i always wanted everything to be in red…it was nice
Thapki : are u in sense…for the first time…u appreciated me
Bihaan : I appreciated the card maker not u…anyway thanks for choosing the card
Shopperson comes and gets the card and tells there was no stock in their shop…they said that they will deliver it tomorrow..
Dhuruv and shraddha comes down…on seeing bihaan dhuruv gets shocked..
Dhuruv : tum…u told u wont come?
Bihaan : ahn..my work got finished so I came

Dhuruv : ok its nice u came here on time…now see my card shraddha choosed it
The card was in baby pink color with all the stones on it..it was quite heavy…it shows a image of bridegroom carrying a bride…the crystals in the card glitters so much..it was quite clumsy..but it looked like a costliest one..
Bihaan : nice one babhii jii ( bihaan didn’t impressed with that card but he just said for her happiness )
Thapki : ahnn di..it was nice
Shraddha : thank you bihaan and thapki..where is urs?
Bihaan : it was out of stock..it will reach home tomorrow babhii
Shraddha : ok then can we leave
All of them get in to the car..dhuruv sat in the driver seat shraddha sat at the front…bihaan and thapki sat at the back..
The car started moving…bihaan saw shraddha and dhuruv romantic stares..and smiles…and sees thapki also smiling on seeing a phone

Bihaan thinks ( why she is smiling this much by looking at a phone )
He tries to sit near to her..so that he can see what she is actually doing…thapki observes his mannerism and hides the phone and smiles continuously
Bihaan grabs the phone and sees she is chatting with someone called ‘ varun’ …he regards her beauty of her current dp…bihaan gets irritated on seeing their conversation
Thapki shouts at bihaan…bihaan came out of their conversation and stores his number as emergency
Thapki : what are u doing ? give my phone
Bihaan : I didn’t do anything…I saved a emergency number
Thapki checks the number..
Thapki : why are u saving ur number as emergency?
Bihaan : ( gets shocked ) how did u know my number
Thapki : I memorized ur number
Bihaan looks at her

Thapki : I memorized it only for the sake of not attending to ur calls…
Bihaan gets angry and grabs her phone and saves his number as bihaan
Bihaan : don’t dare to delete my number
Thapki : why should I have ur number?? U should realize that u r t reason for deleting ur number
Bihaan : stop ur speech…u r already having some irritating person numbers…why don’t u have my number? ( shouts )
Thapki : whom ur talking about?
Bihaan : that varun….u smiled for his lies right
Thapki : it means..did u read our conversation
Bihaan : mahan aaatma..stop ur nonsense…I didn’t intentionally do that…I know everygirl girl in the world will fall for any guys false words..i can see it in my eyes now..such a shameless act ( smiles at her )
Thapki fumes in anger on hearing his words

Thapki : how can u call him in that manner..will u have any quality to compare with him…he is everything to me…he was my best friend…he was with me during my ups and downs…he never teased my weakness for fun also..he also never let others too..he stands with me when the whole world against him…I value him more than anyone in my life…I am blessed to have a friend like him…I want my phone to be filled with the numbers of the person whom I value more…
Bihaan listens silently and looks at her…for t first time thapki noticed tears in his eyes…he turns and kept silent for sometime and then grabbed her phone again…
Thapki : bihaan what are u doing?

Bihaan : I deleted my number..i think now ur phone will have those numbers of those important people…sorry for saving mine
Bihaan gives her phone..bihaan was quiet and very depressed over her words…he thinks about her words again and again
They reached chaturvedi home..shraddha hugs dhuruv and leaves..thapki sees bihaan..but bihaan never turned to her…
Thapki realized her harsh words made him worse…dhuruv car left the place…they reached their home..bihaan was very depressed he didn’t say anything to anyone…he goes to his room…and he takes his phone and deletes her number…

Precap : thapki comes to bihaan room…on seeing him she ran towards him and hugs him & cries continuously…bihaan was stunned (ranjhnaaa…ranjhnaaa…plays)

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