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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 14 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 14 )
Hy my friends..thanks for the support..keep supporting me and stay happy 
And here it goes,
Finally bihaan and thapki were engaged…
Thapki family left the place..

At night,
Thapki keeps thinking about bihaan and their moments ( whats happening with me…I don’t want to get married with him..but this day made an impact on me…I slightly enjoyed this day..hope everything goes fine..who knows Mr.Bihaan pandey turns in to a evil within a second..thapki laughs )
Thapki started to pack her things…and she saw the lehenga ( this was soo good on me..everyone loved it..if I choosed the green one..i don’t think everyone liked my dress this much..this is due to that Mr.B….i should thank him..but how…. she keeps on thinking )
Thapki remember kk got bihaan and dhuruv numbers from balvinder on that rokha day..she thought to get his number from her dad phone..she saw kk phone was left on the table..she goes near that…she searched bihaan in his contact list and she didn’t get it..she was disappointed..and sees his recent dials..it shows mera beta dhuruv…and she searched mera beta bihaan..and she got his number..she felt happy for how he saved his number she smiles and started to memorise his number..
kk comes there and asks what she is doing?
Thapki : pa..i don’t have ba…balance in my phone..so I thought to ca….ca…call my friend in your phone.
KK : sry beta..even I don’t have balance…wait I will get poonam phone.
Thapki : no need pa..i will call her tomorrow…she might have slept now..
KK nods his head and takes the phone and left for some work..
Thapki comes to her room and saves bihaan number….and messaged him


Their phone conversation……
T:‘ hi this is vaani.. thank you very much for the lehenga…everyone found it good…I thought to tell it in the rokha itself but you never gave me a chance ‘
B :may I know who is this? I don’t know anyone named vaani ? ? (Bihaan smiles and says this chuk chuk ghadi going to kill me now…)
T : ‘ thanks for your reply..dont ever try to know vaani..leave it ‘ ( texts him angrily )
B : I was just kidding chuk chuk ghadii…even I wanted to thank you for the shirt which you have selected for me.
T : ( smiles ) ok then..i know that you are brainless and heartless but never know that you have good taste.
B : no ms.thapki I don’t have good taste….on everything
T : what you are saying?
B : if I have a good taste..why would I marry you ?
T : bihaan you are crossing your limit
B : chuk chuk ghadi..u r t one who called me heartless and brainless.
T : ok leave this..
B : how did you got my number ?
T : I don’t have to tell u
B : ok mahan aatma..bye
T : bye

Thapki keeps thinking ( such an irritating person..dont even know how to talk with a girl..i should have not messaged him )
Bihaan on the other end smiles and seeing their texts and say …she is the first girl..whom I texted this much time.
Poonam enters thapki room…and was having a worried face..
Thapki : what happened to u ? why you are worried now?
Poonam : shraddha went to see her friends..she didn’t turn up..see it’s 8.30 pm..i don’t know what should we do..her phone is switched off
Thapki : there is nothing to worry..she may be with her friends…I will call her friends and let you know..
Poonam : fast thapkiiii
Poonam leaves…thapki calls her friend and asks about her they told that she went with dhuruv to a pub…( on hearing this thapki gets shocked ) her friend didn’t know where she went..
She cuts the call and keeps on thinking ( what should i do now..i don’t know dhuruv number…how will I get them back )
She called bihaan…bihaan was surprised as she is calling and says( what happened to her?? She texted first and now she is calling me…is she trying to flirt with Mr.bihaan paandey )
He attends the call…
B : hello chuk chuk ghadi..why are you calling me at this time..what happened to u ?
T : bihaan stop your non….nonsense..i called you to get dhu..dhuruv number.
B : ( gets shocked ) why you need his number ?
T : whats your pro..problem..give me fast
B : I wont tell until you tell me..
T : ( thapki tells about their date..as she was worrying about her sister..she asked dhuruv number )
B : chuk chuk ghadi..wait I will call him and get the details and will call you back.
Bihaan cuts the call…thapki ( in mind voice – why he is not giving his number..what am I going to do with that )
Bihaan calls dhuruv…he is not picking up the call…and he calls his close friend and he tells about where they went..
Bihaan calls thapki,
B : hello..i know where they are right now..i will go and get them..u don’t worry
T : tell me the ad…address..i will also come.
B : thapki listen…see the clock its too late..i don’t want you to come to that place…
T : I need to take my di…didi back…I was wo..worried..pls tell me
B : teekay..i don’t know when you will listen to me..
He tells the address..she notes it down and cuts the call..she goes to poonam and says she will go and get her sister back..as her phone is not reachable.
Poonam nods her head and ask her to come back within his dad arrival..she nods and left the place…she reached the pub..everyone was dressed in miniskirts…and jeans and dress..she felt very uncomfortable…she was scared…

Bihaan comes in a bike..he saw thapki..and approached towards her..she got a relief after seeing him..
Bihaan : I told you to not to come…
Thapki : its okay…where is sh…shraddha and dhuruv
Bihaan : They will be inside…I will go and get them..pls don’t come inside..its not safer place to be..i don’t know how bhai came here..
Thapki : pls don’t le..leave me alone..i was af..afraid. (hold his hands )
( thapki in tears )
Bihaan : ( his heart broken on seeing in her tears ) he wipes his tears..why you are worrying so much..nothing will happen to you till I am here..now come with me
Bihaan and thapki gets in to the pub..everyone stares at thapki because she is the only one who was in churi…she was afraid on seeing the goons..they stared at her weirdly..thapki holds bihaan hand tightly…bihaan got stunned…and patted her shoulder… ( darmaiyan..darmaiyaan plays )she got relieved..and they both saw shraddha and dhuruv lying on the floors…they were completely drunk..they run towards them.
Bihaan took dhruv and thapki takes shraddha in to the car…they were not in senses..they started singing love songs on seeing each other…
Bihaan : ghazab…If I get him home like this…everyone will panic.
Thapki : ahn..bihaan what should we do now..
Bihaan thinks something…and ask her to get in to the car..he started to drive…

Precap : thapki sees 3 of them coming towards her…she was afraid and started to run from the place..she saw bihaan and runs towards him and hugged him tightly and cries.. ( ju mera humdard hai…plays )

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  1. Beautiful…You are just awesome writer…Really commendable..plz update soon..I have never felt this excited for the serial too that I am feeling to read your next part….Plz dont stop after marriage..Continue …Love your OS to the core…:)

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