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The 4 am phone call || ShraMan || EDKV (Intro)

Hey guys…its me NIKITA.. Okay, So I thought, that before I post the last episode, I come up with the intro to my new ff…
It’s called , “The 4 am call”
Okay, now this is based on the movie “Karthik calling Karthik” okay??
Here’s a promo, followed by the intro.
(The whole ff’s based on Sumo’s POV.. Okay?)

I woke up again… As usual, suffering.. That dream does not seem to leave my mind. 5 years, 5 years passsed by yet I tend to think about it every night.. Cause, that’s the reason why I live my life lifeless!


A blurr vision of a girl holding another girl is shown, suddenly the girl’s hands slips and the other girl falls down shouting “Suman”

I killed her, I killed my sister, Sumo.. Why? Why did I leave that hand? Why did my hand slip off??

I tried to sleep, when I heard my phone ringing….

This time of the day? I knew it was mysterious, as the time was 4 am.

I picked up, and when I heard the voice, I trembled. It was her’s .. It was Sumo’s voice. That bold, charming thing , that always made me fond of her voice, I could feel that.. But how can she call me? is she alive, no she can’t be, she died in front of me, if thiss is not her, who is she?

Girl on the phone: Don’t think much. Its me Sumo only, your sister

I dropped my phone when I heard that voice again… It was her’s.. Definitely her’s…

End of the promo.

Suman: is a very shy girl,lives like a lifeless body after that trauma
Sumo: is a bold,charming girl.. (You can only hear her voice)
Shravan: a guy who is sweet, funny, loving and caring..

Okay, here Sumo works in an office and Shravan’s her colleague…

How’s the ff? If you’ll like it, I’ll continue..and yea, the promo might have been lenghty so here’s the basic storyline: Sumo helps Suman to get over the trauma.. Sumo realizes that Suman loves her colleague, Shravan, and helps her to confess it to him

Jaake zara use bol de chahta jise tu raha, Kahin teri khamoshiyan jeet na jae pyaar se MIL JAANE DE DIL JO BANE EK DUJE KE VAASTE.. #ShraMan #EDKVian #NiMik..

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