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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhruv shouting Thapki and looking for her. He says why are you doing this and making me helpless. Bihaan shouts for Thapki. Thapki runs away. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv and hides. Dhruv catches her and says I m sorry, you know I don’t like this, come with me. She cries and says please let me go with Bihaan. He asks her not to take Bihaan’s name. She cries.

Bau ji asks Vasundara how could she hide such big thing, that Dhruv is in mandap. Dadi asks how could she do big sin. Shraddha says I told Vasundara to tell everyone, what will happen now. Vasundara cries and says I thought I will explain Dhruv, he aimed gun at his head, how could I let him die. Bau ji asks how could you sacrifice Bihaan and Thapki’s happiness, Dhruv turned into animal, he is not your son,

you should have left him to die. Sanjay asks Bau ji to call Bihaan.

Dhruv gets Thapki to some place. She cries and says your love will be left incomplete as the marriage and rituals. He says wait, no rituals will be left incomplete, my love will get completed, will you go anywhere. She shouts Bihaan. He ties her with the rope and asks her to stay here. She cries. Bihaan looks for Thapki and calls her name loud.

Dhruv gets mehendi leaves and says I told you none of our marriage rituals will be incomplete. He takes a stone and grinds the mehendi leaves. She cries. Bihaan is still in jungle and calls out Thapki. He says where did Dhruv take her, how shall I find her. Dhruv says now we will do mehendi rasam. He opens the rope and frees her hand. He asks her to come for rasam. She cries. He makes her sit. She asks him what is he doing, did he go blind. He says person gets blind in love, I love you. She says don’t come close, I will shout. She calls out Bihaan. He gets angry and breaks a bottle. He asks her does she has to shout more, or is she done.

She says forgive me, let me go. He shouts just sit, I fold hands to you, don’t do this, times have changed. Bihaan shouts Thapki……………. Dhruv says I m sorry, you behave such way and I feel hurt, I m fed up, stop it now. She calls out Bihaan. He asks when will Bihaan die, stop crying, we will sing and dance. He plays Mehendi laga ke rakhna in his phone and dances. He smiles and says now I will apply mehendi to you, you enjoy the function. He gets angry seeing B written in her mehendi. He says I will make this D, D for Dhruv.

Bihaan cries. Thapki recalls her mehendi and cries. Dhruv applies mehendi and writes D on her hand. He ties her again and goes out to get haldi. Thapki takes a glass piece and cuts the rope. She runs outside. Dhruv comes with haldi and does not see her. She hides. Dhruv senses something and goes to check. He gets shocked seeing Thapki missing. He throws the haldi and says why do you do this with me Thapki. He sees her running away and smiles.

She shouts Bihaan. Bihaan hears her. She sees him standing far over the bridge and is about to shout. Dhruv stops her and takes her away. Bihaan turns and does not see them. He shouts Thapki. Bihaan leaves.

Dhruv gets Thapki’s back to the place and shouts on her. He asks her not to cry, he can’t see her crying. Thapki acts like fainting. He holds her and asks what happened. He checks there is no water, and says be here, I will go and get water. He goes. She calls Bihaan from Dhruv’s phone. Bihaan stops the bike and sees Dhruv’s call. Thapki says Bihaan, I m scared, come soon. He says Thapki, tell me where are you, I will come there. She describes the place and says I saw you over the bridge, come soon. He says all family members are finding you, police is also helping, don’t worry, we will come. Dhruv comes and she hides the phone. He asks whats in your hand and takes his phone. He gets angry seeing she calls Bihaan.

Dhruv aims gun and makes Thapki and Bihaan take reverse rounds. Vasundara comes and shouts Dhruv. She shoots.

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