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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Thapki going to storeroom and seeing the bamboo sticks burnt. She lights the sticks again and gets shocked seeing the fire. She says it means mandap is made of these wax bamboos, so that it catches fire, I knew Dhruv will do something. She goes out. Bihaan does rituals and sprinkles gangajal in the mandap. Dhruv looks on and scares Thapki by lighting a stick. Thapki gets shocked and runs to save Bihaan. She pushes Dhruv and his stole catches fire. Bihaan sees this and runs to Dhruv. He removes the stole and blows off fire. He asks how did you fall. Dhruv asks Thapki why did she push him, is everything fine.

Thapki asks Bihaan is he fine. He says yes, but why did you push Dhruv, his clothes caught fire. She asks him to move away from mandap. He asks why. She says mandap can catch fire, it was something on bamboos which catches fire. He asks what is she saying. She says you won’t believe right, and lights a stick. She throws it near mandap, and there is no fire catching. Dhruv smiles and asks what happened Thapki, why will bamboos catch fire. Bihaan asks her why did she push Dhruv. Suman comes and asks Thapki to come and try her bridal dress. Thapki goes.

Dhruv says its okay Bihaan, Thapki is in marriage stress, it will be fine. Thapki wears the bridal dress. Suman compliments her and goes. Thapki recalls the fire incident. Dhruv comes and compliments her beauty. He shows the sindoor and says she will have sindoor of his name. She says I will better die. He says someone else will die. She says I know you wanted to harm Bihaan today, don’t dare to do this. He says I proved you wrong so that Bihaan thinks you are wrong, not me, now Bihaan will trust me. She asks what are you going to do. He says everyone cheated me in life, but I don’t want to cheat you, I don’t want to begin marriage with a lie, I will say truth, the truth is Bihaan won’t get saved today. She gets shocked.

Dhruv smiles and shows Bihaan’s car brakes. He says Bihaan has gone to get care decorated for your bidaai, the brakes failed and Bihaan will leave us forever. She says no, you are lying. He says good, my work will be easy if you believe so, I will get Bihaan away and then marry you tomorrow. She runs. He asks where are you running, you can’t save Bihaan. Shraddha hears them.

Bihaan is with his friends and getting car decorated. Thapki is on the way and calls Bihaan. His phone is in the car. She takes an auto and leaves to reach Bihaan. Vasundara looks for Thapki and says where did she go. She worries. Thapki is still on the way. Shraddha tells Vasundara that Dhruv is trying to break Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage, and breaks the truth. Vasundara slaps her and asks her not to blame her son. Shraddha laughs and says he is not innocent, he is a poisonous snake who is biting your family.

Vasundara gets angry and raises hand. Shraddha holds her hand and tells her that Dhruv madly loves Thapki till now and is ready to go to any extent to get her, what do you know about him, Dhruv has done many things to stop their marriage. Thapki did not break and saved herself and Bihaan, now Thapki can’t do anything, as Dhruv turned mad. Vasundara says you are lying. Shraddha says why will I lie against my husband, you go and find out. Vasundara gets worried. Bihaan is with his friends. The car gets ready. He sits in the car and starts. Thapki reaches there on time and stops him. He asks her how did she come here. She tells him not to drive the car, as the brakes are damaged. He asks what happened to you. She says someone wants to kill you, so he failed your car brakes. He asks what are you saying, who will try to kill me. She says Dhruv did this, he wants to kill you. He gets shocked.

Thapki gets ready as bride. Dhruv dresses as the groom, and hits Bihaan. Dhruv sits with Thapki in mandap and says this time, Thapki will be mine. Thapki and Dhruv take wedding rounds.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. interesting.keep it up dhurav.ur doing right.they cheated so u have to give punishment

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