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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with the family spending entertaining time. They all play a game. Bau ji convinces Vasundara by singing a song for her. Bihaan praises him. Bau ji tells him that its their chance next. Bihaan says shayari and describes Thapki. Dhruv comes and gets angry seeing Bihaan and Thapki. Thapki cries happily. Bihaan says she is no angel or fairy, but she is his Thapki Pyaar Ki. He gives her a pat. Everyone clap. She holds Bihaan’s hand.

She says you are love of me, you are my small world, the thread in which I put relations, you are my eyes innocence and heart’s goodness, I stammer to talk and you don’t stop loving me, this Thapki is of your love. They have an eyelock. Everyone clap. Bihaan wipes her tears. Family smiles.

Dhruv recalls Bihaan’s and Thapki’s words. She gets angry and throws the juice on Bihaan’s pic. He says Thapki you will be always mine. Suman comes there and asks Dhruv about the sound, did you break this photo frame, but why…. Dhruv says I have tension in office, I m working hard and not getting what I want, its difficult for me, I was taking on phone and hit glass on the frame, sorry, I will get new frame. Suman says fine, but don’t worry, there is always a solution to any difficulty, you think with cool mind. He thanks her. She asks him to take care and goes. He gets angry and says I have one way to make this problem get off my way, sorry Bihaan, you have to die. He cries and says I will get Thapki after Bihaan’s death.

Vasundara tells Suman that she is going to well to do rasam, and inform this to Bihaan. She leaves. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan gets ready to pick Vasundara. He looks for his wallet and keys. Thapki helps him and says I have bike keys and wallet. She gives him a new keychain and says it was whistle. He asks why this whistle. She says whenever you have to call me, whistle and I will come to you. He smiles and says Ghazab. She says I m going now. He whistles and she stops, asking what happened. He holds her and says I will whistle all day as I need you all the time. She smiles and goes. He whistles and says I was just checking. She asks him to go to Maa fast. He leaves.

Dhruv tells Suman that halwa is burning. She says how will I give Vasundara’s message to Bihaan. He says I will inform you, you go. She runs to kitchen. Bihaan comes. Dhruv asks him where was he, Maa is waiting for him and gives wrong well address. Bihaan leaves.

Bihaan comes to the well and thinks where did Vasundara go. He says puja items are here, where is Maa. He gets shocked seeing Vasundara’s saree inside the well and shouts Maa. He takes a bucket’s rope and ties to the tree. He throws his jacket away and ties rope to his waist. He jumps down in the well. He looks for Vasundara. He says Maa is not here, I will go out and see. He climbs up with the help of the rope. Dhruv comes there and says I bought saree like Maa wears, so that Bihaan jumps in the well, see that’s happening.

He gets a cutter and starts cutting the rope. He says I will not let you survive now, you can’t call anyone for help. He says sorry Bihaan and cuts the rope. Bihaan falls down in the well. He shouts for help. Dhruv says now Bihaan won’t be able to tell anyone, they will feel its accident, not murder. Thapki holds the diya and prays for her and Bihaan. Bihaan shouts for help. The diya flickers. Thapki worries and protects the diya flame. Bihaan calls for help.

Thapki asks Vasundara where is Bihaan, he left to reach you. She calls out Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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