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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bau ji telling Bihaan that he will name the house to Bihaan if he wants this, time changed but love did not change. Thapki stops Bau ji and says we all have memories with this house, I married Bihaan and came in this house. Preeti and Shraddha say the same. Thapki says our identity is by this house, we will not leave this house. Kosi says fine, I just want my son, we will leave. Bihaan says Thapki, if you decided then fine, don’t think we will leave, we will stay here in this house. Kosi says no, we can buy 20 such houses and give anyone. Naman says yes, we just want you, not this house, come with us. Bihaan says I will stay here in this house, my decision won’t change, roof will be same, but relations won’t be same.


Vasundara cries and tells Thapki that they

all don’t want to leave Bihaan. Thapki pacifies her and says Bihaan will soon love you like before. Thapki leaves and says I have to unite this house again, I heard Kosi and Naman’s entire conversation. She recalls hearing Naman and Kosi saying they want to take Bihaan far for some work. She gets shocked. FB ends. Thapki says whats their plan that they want to take Bihaan away, there is something wrong, till I know truth, I can’t tell anyone about this, I know I don’t have to let Bihaan go away from this house.

Kosi shoots at vases and Thapki gets shocked. Thapki asks what are you doing. Kosi asks what did you tell Bihaan that he stayed here. She aims at Thapki. Bau ji, Vasundara, Suman, Preeti and Shraddha aim at Kosi. Vasundara says Kosi, Thapki is not alone, if you shoot Thapki, you will get shot. Bihaan comes and asks whats happening.

Kosi starts her drama and acts. She tells Bihaan that they were hurting her. Bihaan says no one can touch you, I could give life for them and won’t move back from taking their life. They all get shocked. Kosi acts sweet to him.

Thapki gets minister’s daughter’s call, who asks her to come fast and meet her at icecream stall. Thapki rushes there and meets the girl. She hugs girl and asks re you fine, why did you call me here. The girl says Papa was beating mummy again. thapki consoles her. The minister’s wife comes there and asks about her daughter. Thapki says she got scared because of you. Thapki explains her to fight for herself, else the girl will learn to get scared like her. She says a mother will never wish her child to bear punishment which she has not done, and encourages her. Thapki leaves and sees a bike coming her way. Bihaan walks to her. She says Bihaan you…. He says I was finding you, I was calling you, I m already worried, why did you come here, what happened, why are you seeing me like this. She says you came here for me. He says come, we will go home. They leave. She looks at him.

They reach home. He takes pillow and sheet. She asks where are you going. He says our ways are different now, how can we stay together. She cries. Hamari adhuri kahani………plays…………He sees her and leaves. She sits crying.

Kosi asks Bihaan what is he doing. Bihaan does their Grahpravesh and asks them to wait there. Thapki looks on and goes after Bihaan. He fixes Jaiswal Nivaas board.

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